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  1. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    Sorry for missing the start of the season , have missed the GF where my team threepeated , my mum's 88th birthday and have barely seen my family for the last week . October is always really busy but the weather has been really hot and has been frying one of my biggest crops , been doing 16-17 hour days and have been really stressed, have lost thousands , this on top of the winter frosts have really fracked me over this year. CS texted me this morning and reminded me about hockey ,He told me Wilbur set my line up , thanks mate . Still have to push hard until next week then I get my life back and will be able to look at my team, I am literally working and sleeping until then.
  2. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

    . Kemppainen will not be going anywhere. Kids will kids
  3. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

    He was placed in minor league team with out my knowledge , I have been working 12 hour days and have not checked my minor league team since drew added the players to fantrax. For now I assign Kerby Rychel to my minor league team and recall Joonas kemppainen to the senior team . I am not giving away a player I drafted and who will play for my team this season
  4. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

    . I have not placed Joonas on waivers , if I wanted to do this I would post it up .
  5. AriGold's *Real Money* Fantasy League Hockey Pool

    Derrick Pouliot
  6. AriGold's *Real Money* Fantasy League Hockey Pool

    Douglas Hamilton
  7. AriGold's *Real Money* Fantasy League Hockey Pool

    Patric Hornqvist
  8. DD did not conflate your statement you clearly had no idea of what the word secular means. That govt you are so in awe of , it is their actions in the middle east that has set the stage for isis to become what it has. Backing corrupt, murdering dictators and terorists such as saddam and osama bin laden when it suits their ends then illegally invading iraq in retaliation for 9/11.
  9. Freedom for all ? all except the indigenous people who already lived the places the christians colonised and " civilised" , Slaves and homosexuals for starters. It was despite christians actions that we now live in relatively free countries. Secular people have and still are forcing them to clean up their act. I brought christianity into the conversation ? I replied to your post that contains the erroneous statement about christians in the post above this. Do you even realise what you have stated ? Where I have said anything about sharia law , let alone it being good ? Christians , Muslims , they both believe in the same god yet they are willing to kill themselves and each other and others and persecute them in his name.