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  1. this man has said it all. nothing more should be said about Jones refusing the fight.
  2. caan someone give me the update? greatly appreciated if someone could help.
  3. through one month of play, the team has a .500 record with 6-6-0. Good for 9th in the east. Number goalie 1 goalie Jose Theodore has been lost for 10 days due to a thigh strain. he current has a record of 3-3-0, 3.51 GAA and a 0.864 save %. Semyan Varlamov is currently 2-3, 3.54 GAA and a 0.877 save %. Joe Corvo has missed a few games due to injury. Dave Steckal was out for a month with ankle sprain ligaments. Eric Fehr and Brendan Morrison lead the team with 6 goals a peice. 3 others are tied at 5. Mike Knuble leads the team with 8 assists. 4 others tied at 7. The leading point getters are Brendan Morrison and Mike knuble at 13. Eric Fehr is 2nd with 12. Now hopefully its time to accend in the standings in November.
  4. so i just recently downloaded the torrent. The cap is set to 1 billion but no team spends that high as they like the stay in budget so if it aint broke dont fix it right? but whatever, i started with the Washington Capitals. i believe roster are 08/09 or 09/10. this is my roster Ovechkin-Backstrom-Semin Walker-Morrison-Knuble Chimera-Belanger-Fehr Fleischmann-Laich-Steckel Corvo-Green Poti-Morrisonn Schultz-Jurcina Theodore Varlamov
  5. so fun fact since this thread has been created he played 236 games scored 86 times assistes on 77 goals for a total of 163 points. Or an average of 79 gp 29 goals 26 assists and 54 points. And thats just the reg season
  6. Next ufc looks pre decent. Hopefully Chad Mendes can beat Jose Aldo
  7. I won so much money on the fitch ko nd aswell as overeem
  8. anyone else excited for the 2012 Euro Cup? im hoping Germany can bring it home, ive always been a German soccer fan. Muller <3
  9. Can anyone help me out and give me a code for this game? ive had it for my PC and my PC crashed so i dl'ed it for my laptop but i cant get it s i didnt know 2010 is the latest you can buy it, so it will be greatly appreciated if someone can help me out