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  1. Don't know what to expect from the Comets this year. I don't think I'll expect much. They'll have solid goaltending, though, in the tandem of Eriksson and Cannata. I think they'll need very good seasons from the AHL regulars like Hamill, Stuart and Ferriero. I obviously have high hopes for all the Canucks prospects but I don't think they're ready to carry an AHL team yet. It'll be up to the aforementioned guys to lead the way while the likes of Jensen, Archibald, Mallet, Blomstrand and Grenier develop. On defense is where Canucks prospects will likely carry the load. Sauve, Polasek and Andersson will be expected to play big roles and even the rookie Tommernes will likely be a go-to guy on the PP.
  2. Game 1 of the OHL Eastern Conference Final (Belleville Bulls vs Barrie Colts) will be aired on Sportsnet 1 today at 4 so we'll be able to watch Gaunce play.
  3. Game 4 against Sudbury goes today folks. Let's hope Gaunce and the Bulls complete the sweep!
  4. Good to see Kitchener avoid going down 3-0 in the series. Glad that Corrado and McEneny picked up points as well.
  5. The Bulls defeated the Wolves 4-1 in Game 2 and now lead the series 2-0. Gaunce finished with the lone powerplay assist, 2 PIMS and a -1 rating.
  6. Looks like another solid game for Gaunce in his quest for a Memorial Cup. Can't wait for the opportunity to actually watch him play.
  7. Stage 1 of the Memorial Cup run complete!
  8. Corrado finished pointless and +1 for Kitchener in a 2-1 win in Game 4 of their 1st round playoff series. Kitchener now leads the series 3 games to 1.
  9. This is exactly the point I made in one of the prospect threads awhile back. Agreed completely. The Wolves have a disgusting amount of players on AHL only contracts, which means there is a disturbing amount of Canucks prospects in the ECHL (7, by my count: Sauve, Rai, Anthony, Friesen, Grenier, Mallet, Myron). Rai and Anthony are pretty much busts, so I'm fine with them in Kalamazoo, and Myron unexpectedly dropped out of college so you can't exactly fault the Wolves for not being able to accommodate him. Sauve, Friesen, Grenier and Mallet, though, really should be developing in the AHL.
  10. I definitely see your point, but maybe we should take the word of the guy who actually watches these games in person. He's not slamming Gaunce or anything. He's just reporting on what he's seeing. That being said, I hope Gaunce becomes a factor in turning his team around. Would not be good at all if the Bulls end up losing this series after leading 2 games to 0.
  11. I think it's a simple matter of him not being good enough to get in the lineup.
  12. Found this mentioned over at HFBoards. It's basically saying that Tommernes is currently in contract negotiations with the Canucks. The Canucks want him to come over right away if possible and are encouraging him to get a work permit. Tommernes is quoted as saying "the NHL is a dream for me".
  13. The seedings and brackets for the NCAA tournament were announced yesterday. Wisconsin will go in as the #4 seed in the Northeast Regional and face UMass Lowell, the Hockey East tournament winner, the #1 seed in the Northeast Regional, and the #3 seed overall in the NCAA tournament, in the first regional semifinal on March 29. The Northeast Regional is taking place in Manchester, New Hampshire. For those that are wondering how the NCAA tournament works, I'll try to sum it up here. The tournament is divided into four regionals: the East regional (in Providence, Rhode Island), the the Northeast Regional (in Manchester, New Hampshire), the West Regional (in Grand Rapids, Michigan) and the Midwest Regional (in Toledo, Ohio). Each Regional is comprised of four teams who play a semifinal / final format to determine the regional winner. Then, the four winners of each regional play in what's called the 'Frozen Four', which is basically where it's for all the marbles. The winner of the Frozen Four is declared the NCAA champ. Labate and the Wisconsin Badgers are going to have a tough test right off the bat with UMass Lowell. If they can win that game, I like their chances of winning the regional and advancing to the Frozen Four.