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  1. this will be a rout just like game 3 of the SCF except we won't score a goal
  2. [PGT] Jets 4, Collapsers 3

    this was the only game they had a chance of winning oin this road trip. they will go o for
  3. this team is not making the playoffs
  4. [PGT] Jets 4, Collapsers 3

    he should be allowed to play for a real contender not the pretender that fluked its way to the scf in 2011
  5. Change Needed!-Aquilini's Please Fire Gillis!

    anybody who thinks gillis is the best gm this team has ever had needs their head examined
  6. [PGT] "Down with the Sickness"

    the real stupidity is paying to watch this team play
  7. watching the ease with which the hawks and bruins score just punctuates how out of touch gillis is with how to build a contender
  8. really liking the moves gillis has made since 2011. he's got this team poised to win multiple cups.
  9. Change Needed!-Aquilini's Please Fire Gillis!

    I guess mg has to blow his own horn to keep his job
  10. how many times have we made a deep run since gillis got here and we were only shot away from a first round elimination on that occasion. so much for the Detroit model he said he would bring here.
  11. one fluke run to the SCF in 6 years. we're no different than the 04 flames and the 06 oilers. all his talk about bold moves and changing the history of this team has amounted to nothing. it will take decades for his successor to clean up his mess.
  12. hawks expose us for what we are and what we always have been......a less than average team
  13. gillis has done a masterful job of ensuring that the cupless streak is never broken. well done mg. well done.
  14. Change Needed!-Aquilini's Please Fire Gillis!

    yeah all those snipers we have on the farm are really going to light it up next year
  15. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM