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  1. Holy christ...been giving a waring 4 words used....whateva I got words on my side...comps never lie
  2. OK SAY WHAT...Its miller tyme.....comon Nucks...were all cancks ain't that right...wish BURE was here...yea yea..whateva peeps NUCKS 3-1
  3. Its duck season!!!
  4. Not attacking Ameter just responding to his posts....and I saw a vid on global bc or could've been nucks misconduct where cowtown fans n Nuck fans had a scuffle after game 3. F fans started it.
  5. And why should we take ur word 4 it....I would never go to cp I'd rather go to the oiler forum.
  6. I checked websters and a troll definition is Ameter can't doubt whats sarcasm to a cowtown fan anyway.
  7. You should just go bk to ur cowtown chat board...ur just a troll anyway. Your site won't allow any canucks post so wtf are u doing here trolling.
  8. Yea well Elvis said it 1st.....rag on him
  9. Including
  10. luv it
  11. I doubt the refs got intimidated they have the power on the ice to make calls...and in this case cowtown fans ain't exactly Jets why be intimidated by hicks lol
  12. Gary Buttman is in the grassy knoll.....
  13. They know the diff its just that the refs are kissing calgary's ass because they were told to do so. Its like JFK conspiracy against the canucks.
  14. That is disgusting....a cheapshot to be sure.
  15. Let me call a friend or 2 to fix this guys clock,would that make every1 happy