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  1. lol..... thats true 2
  2. Nevermind just realized I have a 1/2 hr to go
  3. Ok thats ur story an ur sticking to it but I'm bored with this stalement agruing so u win. Happy now....l gotta give my undivided attention to Mtl vs Ott . But I'll be back l8r to see ur answer. Thread 7 I won't 4get...hahaha
  4. I'll wait on Thread broad have things to do...ppl to call all that shyte.
  5. What the hell is google doing here ? Spying I suppose.
  6. I have to agree with ya....
  7. I luv my post so much haveta replicate.
  8. I'll always have "the homer glasses on" just like u do.....the door swings both ways dude.
  9. They were taking cheap shots against the Nucks refs just looked the other way.....the way it always has big surprise that they chose the other team over us. So the Nucks haveta play against a team + the refs. True story...I won't say bro because ur not.
  10. Well Miller is in tomorrow...unless untold circumstances
  11. I am a Canuck fan I bleed blue an green....but I watch the other series too. In fact I'm gonna watch Montreal vs Ottawa but only because Cary Price is a BC I forgot so is Ottawa's goalie.
  12. It sure is'nt consistent to Pit vs Islanders the refs don't call as much penalties against 1 team,or even Det vs Lighting. Thats what u call "letting them play the game".
  13. Could it be that Miller has more clout with the refs ??? Being sarcastic now in case u missed it.The refs have missed all the shyte that calgary has pulled so far.