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  1. Oh yes but Ryan will win
  2. even I could use a diff profile
  3. suxs peeps here listen cause ppl been here
  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................Miller,you can do it,,,,,hahahaha
  5. Holy christ...been giving a waring 4 words used....whateva I got words on my side...comps never lie
  6. OK SAY WHAT...Its miller tyme.....comon Nucks...were all cancks ain't that right...wish BURE was here...yea yea..whateva peeps NUCKS 3-1
  7. Its duck season!!!
  8. Not attacking Ameter just responding to his posts....and I saw a vid on global bc or could've been nucks misconduct where cowtown fans n Nuck fans had a scuffle after game 3. F fans started it.
  9. And why should we take ur word 4 it....I would never go to cp I'd rather go to the oiler forum.
  10. I checked websters and a troll definition is Ameter can't doubt whats sarcasm to a cowtown fan anyway.
  11. You should just go bk to ur cowtown chat board...ur just a troll anyway. Your site won't allow any canucks post so wtf are u doing here trolling.
  12. Yea well Elvis said it 1st.....rag on him
  13. Including