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  1. might or might not work but if you're building one now, might as well try...I'll leave it here (20$ off 150$ @ ncix)
  2. If you still need help and on ps4 give me a shout. I can help with most things (nightfall,heroic,raids).
  3. agree. The worse thing Benning had to handle when he arrived was no doubt Kesler. The second priority was staffs...and we got WD...then our prospect pool,which is probably one of the worse in the league...He did some signing and I agree most of the AAV are on the higher end, but as far as I know, aside from Miller he did not hand out a single NTC/NMC
  4. Sorta like Kings. Cruises during regular season and turns into a wrecking ball come playoffs, though they were bounced out of a spot last season.
  5. I too think Flames over achieved a bit last season, we all saw what happened to the Avs 2 seasons ago...however though, if the Flames continues their effort+the newly acquired D they got...they might be able to squeak in the playoffs.
  6. Size wasn't even a factor in game 2 though..Many of our guys can deliver crushing hits...they just opted not to in game 3...Kenins was doing what Ferland did when he was first called (remember Kenins running at the big bad bruins?)
  7. yea..they will refuse to take it back even for store credit
  8. so much negativity lol, 3-1 my guess
  9. suck it #63
  10. Great effort! good win!
  11. absolutely agree. I noticed Kassian more than our 4.25million dollar David Booth.
  12. screw the refs. side note, I really think Kassian is developing quite nicely.
  13. You first need the desire to win the cup. The team showed nothing close last season. I don't want another president trophy..I want them to win the cup!
  14. excited to know who will replace AV.