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  1. Expecting a lot more from Boeser this year, last year I was pretty disappointing with his play considering all the hype he gets.
  2. You're right Gaunce isn't complaining, but hes not producing either with those 7 minutes and we already have people calling him a bust too.
  3. Linden will be around for a long time, he's just the face of our management so if things go downhill he'll just replace JB with someone else that'll make all team decisions
  4. Really seems like WD issue with Virtanen is a personality one, what does he really expect Virtanen to do with his 7 minutes of ice time? Why don't you give him ONE FULL GAME with around 15 minutes of ice time to really see what he brings? I'm sure its hard for Jake to get into the game when he plays like 3 shifts a period on different lines. Give him a fair chance or send him down until we get a new coach that will.
  5. 5-2 leafs, we blow a 2 goal lead in the third and the leafs get a few empty netters
  6. Going to their next game against toronto, please score.
  7. Really don't want to see stecher lose his spot, hes been our best defenceman since he joined the team
  8. Exactly, mayb if Skille looked good but he hasn't so I don't understand why he's getting more time over Virtanen.
  9. Skille above Virtanen really?
  10. I reallly dont think Tryamkin's trade value is as high as you think it is.
  11. Virtanen being from BC was definitly one of the major reasons we picked him. It was Bennings first draft with us right? He wanted to pick up the home town kid and make the fans happy. I remember I was a huge Ehlers fan at the time with Nylander behind him but I knew we were gonna pass on the BPA and pick up the home town kid. Not saying I don't like Virtanen I think he can become a 20 goal scorer in this league but he needs more opportunity hes not gonna do it playing 10 minutes a night
  12. 6-4 canucks Loui, D. Sedin, Baerschi (2), Hutton, and Horvat with the empty netter
  13. Oh yah that's right, I remember all season hoping we'd get going on a streak at some point and it never happened, until it was too late.
  14. Did we even have a 3 game winning streak all of last season?
  15. That's how nhl hockey teams work, this isn't pond hockey where we let all our friends play so we don't hurt anyone's feelings, you improve your team with someone better whenever you can.