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  1. I could possibly see a goaltender interference call, but the intent to blow whistle... I don't know about that one in this case.
  2. One would think a prerequisite for landing a gig like that would be the ability to sing on key.
  3. It's as though it never occurs to most of our players that they can and should hit when possible. Particularly against these scum.
  4. What a delightful surprise! And sorry guys I'll admit to harsh jinxing the shutout for a while there, I truly felt Tampa wasnt going to score...
  5. You honestly believe that the Sedin's are inconsequential to the progress we've seen from our younger players? Face, meet palm.
  6. Go Canucks Go! We need to string some wins together, the time is now!
  7. Hahaha, I enjoyed it too.
  8. 3-0 Coyotes or 5-1 Canucks. Make us proud, boys
  9. Anybody who is a hockey fan as opposed to merely a Canucks fan has known how good Miller was before he was ever signed here. The majority of vocal Canucks fans over the last half dozen years haven't known a good goalie even if they watch one play every bloody game. The fact that there were fans who legitimately believed Lack would give us a better chance to win every night over Luongo, is frankly...I'm at a loss. I dont know know what it is but people here have harsh rose tinted glasses when it comes to backups (and players in the press box). Schneider aside. Its always the player not getting the ice time who could have and would have been our saviour.
  10. Don't let the local jaded Nancy's drag you down OP; the positive vibes are a welcome change. I've been fairly excited this summer for the season to start so we can see what it really is we have. My only real regret in this process of reinforcing our core is that the sedins may not be around long enough to finally accomplish their ultimate goal. In that sense I wish we could have sped things up faster, but all in all I believe we're headed in the right direction for renewed success.