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  1. Granlund has been a true bright spot for me this season
  2. He certainly got some air there.
  3. Looking for a hard fought game, go Canucks go! YES labate!
  4. Joey Kenward asks the DUMBEST questions! Half the time there isn't even a point, there is only one obvious answer.
  5. Very well said. Lynch mob indeed.
  6. I believe there is a better chance of him being back than some would like. Both the GM and President appear to be pleased enough with his over all performance, though who knows who else may be available in the summer. Also we'll have to see how the remaining games left in this season go down for a clearer verdict.
  7. If he dived why penalize the other player?
  8. So many of you Vancouver "fans" simply need someone to hate. Some of you people are like rabid, mindless, drooling dogs the way you ignorantly go after players or staff without a shred of common sense or knowledge in your vindictive hyperbolic spittle. I hope Willie is back next year, not only because he has done a good job so far in bringing along our young players, but also so some of you morons suffer damaging mental breakdowns over it.
  9. He was always overrated by this fan base anyways.
  10. What is Sutter's injury?
  11. On a side note, could somebody explain to me how the tying touchdown in the Super Bowl game worked? He never stepped foot over the touch down line, was pushed back but it counted to tie the game. I don't know all the football rules...
  12. 1. Similarly to most, 2011. The highest of highs turned so quickly in to the lowest of lows and one can still feel that horrible feeling in the gut from the mere remembrance. 2. The second isn't any particular moment, but more the arc in the story line of our team and fan base in the following years following the 2011 loss. The 2012 loss to the Kings was a moment when I realized that it was, in all likelihood, truly over. And the fan base became so hostile and embittered. Then the torts year. But there was a change in the wind when management was overhauled, and I'v been hopeful ever since that we are indeed back on the upswing. My only wish, against all odds I know, is to win the Cup while we still have the Sedin's; Burrows too even, and yes tanev. Then we, or I at least, could truly lie 2011 to rest.