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  1. This game can be a ton of fun, especially when playing with friends. But man, do I ever suck at aiming whereas everybody else just one shots me.
  2. He used a different word, the NHL is calling it an "inappropriate remark" not a "homophobic slur".
  3. Should be called the "Lame Ducks". That was incredibly lame.
  4. Gibson always looks so dopey inside his mask
  5. Yeah, last I checked you're not allowed to skate full rambo in to the goalie and it not be goalie interference.
  6. Kesler is an absolute warrior, I'd love to see the ducks win this and possibly the cup so as to witness the crybabies/haters drown in their tears.
  7. It feels good to have a team one can really get behind and cheer for. How awesome would it be to see Burr hoist Lord Stanley's cup? Next best thing to the Canucks winning it I'd say. Take my energy Ottawa!
  8. He's been injured.
  9. Lucic is such a poor sport, can't get hit without throwing a hissy fit. I truly want to see him get clocked, HARD.
  10. One would hope so, but who knows with these ducks, they just can't be trusted to show up. And you can bet Edmonton will come out hard for sure.