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  1. philly AND dallas? This is complete garbage!!!
  2. No! This is terrible news, I greatly enjoy 650 cisl. Where will I go to hear great relaxing oldies?
  3. It's debatable if Wideman's hit was intentional/malicious, but that was never my point. I was merely pointing out that some of the injuries he's claiming in this suit could possibly have stemmed from other points in his career, and presented a few such instances. It's all pure conjecture though, obviously; I could not care less either way in the end how much he gets or doesn't.
  4. You start high, throw everything you've got and work your way down to see what sticks in cases like these. Obviously he'll never get anywhere near 10 million, nor should he IMHO; but that's neither here nor there. It's also of note that this particular referee has been dropped on the ice more than once in his career.
  5. A most entertaining series this should be! My bro is cheering for oilers, I'm going for ducks; would very much like to see KB3 hoist a cup.
  6. To anybody watching the game tonight I encourage you to keep tabs on the Calgarypuck GDT for some good laughs. If the Ducks win the PGT will be a smashing good place to be. QUACK QUACK!
  7. Augh. I'm disappointed to hear that.
  8. Granlund has been a true bright spot for me this season
  9. He certainly got some air there.
  10. Looking for a hard fought game, go Canucks go! YES labate!
  11. Joey Kenward asks the DUMBEST questions! Half the time there isn't even a point, there is only one obvious answer.