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  1. I'm so rattled I can't figure out who the guy beside Tryamkin is help me plsss

    Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 11.30.31 PM.png

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    2. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      Stecher looks like somebody's little brother and Larsen looks like the newest member of One Direction.

    3. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      And why does Marky look the same height as whichever twin that is beside him? Then the Sedin in the back row looks like hes 6"9 standing beside Biega.

    4. ShakyWalton


      Gaunce looks like the guy in a class pic that just cut the cheese.

  2. How did the Sedins give up the go ahead goal...
  3. Trying to be as unbiased as possible: 1. MacKinnon 2. Jones 3a. Barkov 3b. Drouin 5. Ristolainen 6. Wennberg 7a. Horvat 7b. Monahan 9. Domi 10. Lindholm While MacKinnons stats don't show a #1 pick I truly believe he is the best player that came out of this draft still. If he plays on a good team he will put up close to ppg stats. I think it's a bit homer to put Horvat in the top 3, although I can't see how he drops either. I lean towards Horvat over Monahan because of some intangibles but as Zhukini pointed out, Monahan's having an incredibly bad year and Horvat is having an amazing year, yet their stats are about equal. Same goes with Drouin and Barkov, as Barkov isn't having the greatest year and Drouin is having a career year, although they're similar in stats.
  4. If he played the 20 or so games he missed in the 09-10 season which was in his prime I think he'd be right up there at around 995.
  5. I respect and love to hear optimism but IMO this is borderline fantasy and doesn't seem really realistic. Especially your thoughts on the first line, fourth line, and defensive play in general. I too think that the media is undervaluing our team because I highly doubt we'll be 30th, but we have a tendency to overvalue and be biased as well.
  6. And then he messed up Oleksiak with Overholt.
  7. How do you not have Luongo in your lineup... I would take Lu, Schneider, and Miller all before Markstrom in a heartbeat
  8. That celly is gold.
  9. Hahaha it seems like some of the biggest goals In Canucks history were all scored by despised players-Lappy, Torres, Cooke, Bieksa, Kesler, Burrows.
  10. I wouldn't mind Virtanen for Kane at all if it weren't for Kane's issues. I think many of us would be pleased if Virtanen turned out to be someone like Kane as a player, so why not trade for someone who's already reached that potential in Kane.
  11. I'm just afraid that if we ever considered trading Tanev, that Benning would look at him as some kind of throw in. As in "yeah okay we'll give you Chris here instead to work out this deal." Instead, Tanev is and should be a deal changer. If he's included in a trade for whoever Benning is targeting, then the other team better be giving us extra draft picks/prospects as well, and if not, we better not have given anything else up that's even half valuable.
  12. Might not be a popular opinion but I think Kyle Connor deserves 4th TBH
  13. Most of this list based off of draft positions. Hell they could draft me 5th overall and BR would still have Tkachuk after me. That kinda explains why Boeser is so low.
  14. I know we're all complaining about Boeser's ranking and rightfully so, but how is Sebastian Aho not even on this list...?
  15. i believe Samsonov was at 25