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  1. I don't think the Blues did it on purpose. They looked upset when they lost and I just don't think they'd do that lol The Stars however, sitting out a bunch of guys, makes me think they didn't mind drawing us. I would've preferred that.
  2. Lol I like how canuktravella “thanked” your post not realizing you were clearly being sarcastic. Clueless.
  3. I don’t “love” Tanev any more than other Canucks. He’s just a regular player to me. You’re just underselling him so significantly it’s laughable.
  4. Are you kidding me? The fact that he’s +43 is honestly insane to me, given how bad the Canucks have been most of the time during his career. You listed that stat to show how he “isn’t good,” but I think most of us would agree that’s phenomenal. Also the fact that you cited +/- as a legit stat is laughable - as if it’s not something that’s heavily affected by surrounding factors.
  5. Based on what? I feel like it became apparent that JT drove that line towards the end of the season. EP wasn’t a passenger, but JT made things happen himself rather than being a Burrows type finisher. I think if you go through all his points, you won’t find many that were completely a credit to Pettersson. I would put Marky as #1, with JT and QH tied for #2, and EP ever so slightly behind. You’re not wrong though because it really can go any number of ways haha
  6. When you put "pound for pound" in the poll, how could anyone vote against Petey?
  7. It seems as if some posters would rather a prospect gain 20 pounds and grow an inch or two rather than actually become a lot better at hockey. The point is that Madden has elevated his game significantly since being drafted, into perhaps a first round grade, yet there are posts like this that suggest he "stalled out" merely because of his physical attributes.
  8. That really wouldn't be hindsight though. Everyone knew it was a possibility that Toffoli wouldn't re-sign. If your logic stands then is it also hindsight to say that it's a good trade if he does re-sign? JB took the risk and we'll see if it pays off. Fingers crossed.
  9. Henrik. Even though I would contest that Daniel was the better player.
  10. I am thinking about that scenario, and I can't even begin to imagine that losing Hughes would hurt less than losing Edler. Having a guy like Hughes for the next 10 seasons definitely gives you a better chance to win it all, compared to hypothetically having this year's Edler for the next 10 years. To each their own I guess.
  11. I don't think anyone knows tbh. Just three days ago, no one was even entertaining the idea of cancellation. The apex of the crisis could very well be months ahead, it could also be better in a few weeks. Regarding if the Canucks will miss the playoffs this way if the season resumes, I HIGHLY doubt it. If anything, the NHL will be forced to go off of point percentage I would think.
  12. People might take this as a joke, but I would agree. I would think there's a ~90% chance that the games are suspended in the coming hours. Edit: nvm, in the coming seconds apparently
  13. I have a strong feeling this game won't be played, and that we're hours away from a league wide cancellation. For what it's worth, all 5 major college conferences have cancelled their basketball tournaments that were set to play without spectators. There hasn't been a confirmed case yet amongst college basketball circles, and yet the cancellation has been made for preventative measures, many of which were done minutes before game time around noon Eastern. There is next to no chance in my opinion that we see games in the next month starting tomorrow. Tonight, maybe, but even that is in doubt.
  14. At my school (University of Michigan), classes have been shut down for the rest of the year (~45K students). Everything is shifting online. A few weeks ago, it was ignorant to believe that the virus was anything but fear mongering and mass hysteria. Now it's ignorant to believe that this we're not in a crisis right now.