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  1. There is zero way we are getting anything of positive value for just Eriksson. ZERO. No team is in the right mind to even give up a conditional 7th for him. We are in the position giving up picks/prospects for him. So for that reason Benning isn't really in the strong position here
  2. I doubt it. There's good potential on this team and perhaps more talent since the 2015 team overachieved, but I doubt they'll do better. If I remember correctly that team got to 100 points. I think sneaking into the playoffs would be cool for this year's squad. The fact that there's even a new topic discussing this is a good thing though and a sign that we're getting close.
  3. Of course it isn't self defense on the "mob" part, but premeditated murder? Are you kidding? This is the furthest thing from premeditated murder and is honestly closer to self defense than what you think it is.
  4. Love Danny, but when you leave expensive stuff in a luxury car unattended in East Van you're asking for serious trouble. I think some research before coming to Vancouver may have helped
  5. I mean why would you hope not? If the only thing that prevented us to get rid of Louie was swapping JV for Ferland I would totally do it
  6. You're right, he hasn't signed yet. But it's definitely not just a rumor at this point.
  7. Honestly I think putting him definitively on the 2nd line shows recency bias over a very small sample size. I would bet that he doesn't end up on the 2nd line at the end of the season. His production is worse than Baer, even though it's understandable to put him ahead since Sven has been injured. I think EP, BB, JT, Bo are top 6 locks. Between Ferland, Sven, and Pearson, two of them will play in the top 6 as well
  8. I mean we signed Ferland to 4 years so it would be odd to not want to see him play
  9. I wouldn't call it selfish. I think that's a big stretch. Unless having an opinion is selfish. I mean I see his point even though I don't agree at all personally. Not sure why we have to resort to calling the opinion selfish or attacking him the way many on here have. IDK, should we never have negative opinions of, let's say, players we just drafted because their families might be reading? This is a forum for the reason and I think everyone should be able to express their opinions. If Brad Marchand would to ever do this and there was a thread about it @MystifyNCrucify 's opinion would be popular lol
  10. Honestly I'd rather go 5 years and spend less money. I have confidence that Brock is loyal enough that he'd stay anyway. Of course, I'm not sure how much less money this means, so a 4 year deal that's reasonable will be great.