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  1. That celly is gold.
  2. Hahaha it seems like some of the biggest goals In Canucks history were all scored by despised players-Lappy, Torres, Cooke, Bieksa, Kesler, Burrows.
  3. I wouldn't mind Virtanen for Kane at all if it weren't for Kane's issues. I think many of us would be pleased if Virtanen turned out to be someone like Kane as a player, so why not trade for someone who's already reached that potential in Kane.
  4. I'm just afraid that if we ever considered trading Tanev, that Benning would look at him as some kind of throw in. As in "yeah okay we'll give you Chris here instead to work out this deal." Instead, Tanev is and should be a deal changer. If he's included in a trade for whoever Benning is targeting, then the other team better be giving us extra draft picks/prospects as well, and if not, we better not have given anything else up that's even half valuable.
  5. Might not be a popular opinion but I think Kyle Connor deserves 4th TBH
  6. Most of this list based off of draft positions. Hell they could draft me 5th overall and BR would still have Tkachuk after me. That kinda explains why Boeser is so low.
  7. I know we're all complaining about Boeser's ranking and rightfully so, but how is Sebastian Aho not even on this list...?
  8. i believe Samsonov was at 25
  9. Kyle Connor is pretty insane, I think most would have him above Boeser. A guy I think matches Boeser potential wise is Clayton Keller.
  10. I would say you're not familiar with any of them
  11. More Ls than Ws recently
  12. Black noises matter too
  13. Absolutely agree. Too many times we tend to focus on how promising our prospects are and how good we will be and that becomes our expectations. And when expectations don't become reality there's ALWAYS excuses as to why it didn't go our way. People will look for excuses, it's part of our behaviour to analyze and justify accordingly. We need to look at the big picture, and perhaps become more realistic. The thing about CDC is that there's almost too much positivity that that in the future people will very likely be disappointed with what reality brings. We shame "negativity," even though at times they're really just realistic expectations. The big picture is looking at other teams, as you said, and perhaps in their perspectives as well. For every Adam Gaudette, Tate Olson, Thatcher Demko etc. that we get excited about, many other teams possess these assets as well. When you put yourself aside as a Canucks fan, and look at the situation in an unbiased hockey fans perspective, IMO that's when your opinions are most justified and precise.
  14. This is Tanev's 'Burrows thread'
  15. You say Miller's contract is up but isn't Bachman's as well next summer?