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  1. You have spent your past 6 posts or something like that sarcastically attacking people with different opinions than you. This is an online discussion forum, everyone will have differing opinions, if you think that makes them trolls then might as well ban everyone. Also not sure why you put quotation marks on "hockey."
  2. lol ok so I'm supposed to stop talking the moment you want me to stop right. Got it.
  3. Once again, none of the 31 teams would trade the 5th overall pick in the this year draft for Goldobin, I would literally bet millions of dollars on this. No one. Why? Because Goldobin has lower value. Having Goldobin ahead I would argue is laughable.
  4. Generally people rank prospects by their potential. Not by how good they are at THIS moment in time. By your logic might as well rank Alex Grenier our #1 prospect.
  5. 1. Pettersson 2. Boeser 3. Demko 4. Dahlen (very high on him) 5. Juolevi 6. Gaudette 7. Goldobin 8. Lind 9. Lockwood 10. Subban
  6. You would rather have Demko, Boeser, Goldobin, or Juolevi than a 5th overall pick in the draft. Hard to believe. Especially Goldobin, no way anyone would trade the 5th pick in any draft for him.
  7. Ultimately think it'll be Chabot, Connor, and Boeser/Keller. I lean towards Keller though I obviously hope Boeser.
  8. Keller, Connor, Boeser, Hischier, Patrick, Chabot off the top of my head are some guys that come to mind
  9. People say he's a risky pick but as long as he gets to 180-190 pounds which I'm fairly sure he will, I think it'll be hard for him not to succeed with the height, skill, and instincts he has.
  10. You're expectations are higher than the 2nd best dman in our history? Oh boy.
  11. Haven't been following the draft a lot. Is Heiskanen supposed to go in the top 4? If he's there for us at 5 would the consensus be to take him?
  12. Personally I couldn't give a crap what style we play and what players we have; we can have a team full of midget Russians who can skate and I'll gladly take it if they make us contenders.
  13. Ovechkin prime >>>>>> Malkin prime. Malkin now >>> Ovechikin now.
  14. Ahhh my bad. It's been a long time though! We had the oppurtunity in 2011 ugh. I've always imagined Burrows or Kesler scoring that game 7 SCF OT goal for us. Oh well.