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  1. Ohlund is the closest to being one, and RIP Luc but I would argue against the fact that he was even close to being on track.
  2. Cory Schneider leads NHL history in SV%, and that's playing behind a terrible team for the most of his career. I think achievements aside, he's honestly one of the, if not the best goalie in NHL history.

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    2. Grape


      @canuktravella Would you take a guy like Shawn Thornton over the Sedins because he's won a cup? I specifically said achievements aside (cups, medals, wins, even personal awards) as they are affected by the team in front of him.

    3. Grape


      @canuktravella Also I wouldn't call me a homer as Scheider doesn't play for Van lol...


      @Green Building Right now if I said Price or Lundqvist or Rask is the best goalie in the league you wouldn't say that's a stretch would you. Now just put Price or Lundqvist or Rask in Schneider's situation: If they were traded 3 years into their careers to New Jersey to play behind a bottom dwelling team that gets barely any news coverage, would they still be recognized as "the best?" 


      In fact, in that case if I called them "the best" you'd be saying THAT's a stretch.


      That being said I totally understand the usual person's point of view on this. A lot of stuff is being placed on achievements and Schneider doesn't have too many. 

    4. Grape


      And regarding being the "best in history," I do believe the best goalie in the NHL today, whoever it is, would most likely be the best in history (once again achievements aside), just due to the fact that today's goaltending is so much better than before.

  3. im getting erect looking at his stats
  4. Hutton iced the puck. Horvat definitely could've played that better.
  5. What else is he supposed to say. People crap on Henrik too much for these post-game interviews. It's inoffensive and doesn't affect the product on the ice. Just because he doesn't blame himself for every loss doesn't mean he isn't taking accountability and directing it towards his teammates. I'd rather him be cliche than start spewing his frustration out.
  6. Horvat and Hutton with terrible coverage in the last 15 secconds, especially Horvat... you'd expect that from maybe the Sedin's but they looked disinterested defensively and it led to 3 chances. Good thing is that's probably one of the first times I've said that about Horvat.
  7. His English is pretty broken so I think we can attribute some of his "cockiness" to that. He'll need to learn though because he might rub some people the wrong way sometimes especially in Vancity.
  8. 100000000000% hank
  9. swaggy g
  10. Went to the same school as him and was pretty good friends with his brother. Just watching him play floorball in our gym might have been the most dominant thing I have ever seen from a hockey player with my own eyes. Don't think he was the biggest Canucks fan though... if I remember correctly he cheered for the Bruins
  11. I'm so rattled I can't figure out who the guy beside Tryamkin is help me plsss

    Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 11.30.31 PM.png

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    2. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      Stecher looks like somebody's little brother and Larsen looks like the newest member of One Direction.

    3. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      And why does Marky look the same height as whichever twin that is beside him? Then the Sedin in the back row looks like hes 6"9 standing beside Biega.

    4. ShakyWalton


      Gaunce looks like the guy in a class pic that just cut the cheese.

  12. How did the Sedins give up the go ahead goal...