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  1. Not a fan when people use pride or passion as the reason some players, including Edler, play better in different settings. IMO it's just a very narrow opinion/perspective of everything, especially since these guys are professionals.
  2. Yeah Kesler really slowed down. I don't think it has anything to do with him gooning it up as that's just his style of play. He just had a bad series, that's all.
  3. Man what a series. 6 goals on like 19 shots or something boy Anaheim should be kicking themselves. I wanted Kes and Bieksa to win and I genuinely do believe Anaheim is the better team but Nashville absolutely deserved the series. A couple of questionable refereeing here and there that the Ducks will lament but nothing that doesn't exist in every single series. Now I really hope the Pens win so that I can cheer against them and for Nashville, I won't be able to with the Sens because of Burrows which would suck. I'm a little bummed that Johansen and Fisher are out since it lowers the quality of play. I think ANA-PIT would've been one of the most entertaining series in recent history but it's nice to see a cinderella story in Nashville too.
  4. Not the biggest soccer guy, but Bolanos is one helluva player. I remember watching him play for Costa Rica when they made that run in the 2014 World Cup, and being so impressed with skill. He makes plays for everyone around him, and the team is so much better with him on the pitch.
  5. When the refs have missed multiple penalties on a team that's lead directly to a goals for the other team, I'd say the ducks deserve to win.
  6. Damn I think the ducks deserve this one
  7. I don't think I've seen kesler come off the ice in this second period. He played 3 straight minutes at one point jeez.
  8. cheering for pittsburgh so that I can have someone to cheer against in the finals

  9. He's the #2 ranked player anyway unlike Lindros so... it's likely it would've worked out for him anyway
  10. honestly just those two make it a good draft. like a very good draft
  11. That's like calling Taiwanese people Chinese. Sure it's not definitive but it's widely accepted and perhaps would be offensive to a Taiwanese/Finnish person. Just my 2cents.
  12. Brooo, reading comprehension. That means Scandinavia is part of Fennoscandia, nowhere does it say that Finland is part of Scandinavia. Takes a simple google search to find out that Finland is not part of Scandinavia.
  13. Finns aren't Scandinavian.
  14. oilers will get 1st overall even though they're still in the playoffs tbh