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  1. The Canucks need their version of John Schneider/Pete Carroll. A management team with a vision and the smarts and scouting to execute it. I have lost all hope for this team with Benning, Linden and f**cking Weisbrod behind the wheel. Dark times are coming to Vancouver. 

  2. The canucks are entering a new age of mediocrity. Seeing this terrible product win pointless games at the expense of our future is just heartbreaking and downright sad.
  3. In rainbows <3

  4. The korra finale has left me in an emotional void.

    1. AriGold


      I went to Korras for breakfast once, pretty good. Lots of food.

    2. BanTSN


      What's a korra?

    3. cs2016


      Legend of korra - amazing series

  5. So does this mean Horvat will be staying with the big club?
  6. Princess Mononoke 10/10 ... absolutely beautiful.
  7. Haha thanks. Love listening to it when I'm in that kind of mood.
  8. Radiohead <3

    1. brilac


      One of the most awesomest bands ever!

  9. Anyone have a Jansport backpack? How is it?

  10. WOW now this will be one of the more memorable US Opens in recent memory.
  11. Extremely disappointing for Djokovic though he probably cares more about his wife and baby.
  12. Not so confident Nole is going to win this match
  13. Djokovic is playing really bad right now.