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  1. In rainbows <3

  2. The korra finale has left me in an emotional void.

    1. AriGold

      I went to Korras for breakfast once, pretty good. Lots of food.

    2. BanTSN

      What's a korra?

    3. cs2016

      Legend of korra - amazing series

  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks 4- 2 Calgary Flames | OCT 8

    Oh Danny, why did you have to take a slapshot on that semi-breakaway
  4. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks 4- 2 Calgary Flames | OCT 8

    Sbisa has been giving the puck up a lot so far. I don't like him a lot.
  5. Bo Horvat Talk

    So does this mean Horvat will be staying with the big club?
  6. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Princess Mononoke 10/10 ... absolutely beautiful.
  7. What are you listening to?

    Haha thanks. Love listening to it when I'm in that kind of mood.
  8. What are you listening to?

  9. Radiohead <3

    1. brilac

      One of the most awesomest bands ever!

  10. Anyone have a Jansport backpack? How is it?

  11. Young Stars GDT [Canucks v. Oilers 730pm]

    Joey Kenward is really not fit for play by play commentating. He gets way too excited.
  12. Tennis

    WOW now this will be one of the more memorable US Opens in recent memory.
  13. Tennis

    Extremely disappointing for Djokovic though he probably cares more about his wife and baby.
  14. Tennis

    Not so confident Nole is going to win this match
  15. Tennis

    Djokovic is playing really bad right now.