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  1. Now THAT is a trade WOW
  2. Was there honestly not a better deal out East for him? If thats what Hall gets then Burrows or Higgy would have got us a bag of pucks wow. I always get worried when you take Dmen/Goalies from teams that are structured like NJ and ARI. Defense first etc. Dont think Larsson is bad by any means, however having Schneider definitely helped im sure.
  3. NEWS 1130 Sports ‏@NEWS1130Sports 2m2 minutes ago #Canucks confirm Thatcher Demko has signed an entry-level contract Vancouver Canucks ‏@VanCanucks 3m3 minutes ago #Canucks sign Thatcher Demko, 2014 2nd round draft pick, to entry-level contract. Was never really worried, however reading CDC makes you over think everything! Glad the kid is signed, and excited to see him grow as a Canuck!
  4. TSN Radio Vancouver ‏@TSN1040 6m6 minutes ago As per @TSNBobMcKenzie, expect G Thatcher Demko to sign his entry level contract with the #Canucks this afternoon. More
  5. Radically Tubular. Amped to see what he can bring next season.
  6. Good trade for Nashville, wow. We defs didnt have anything we could give up for Ryan, unfortunately. dayum!
  7. ahaha well said!
  8. best news ive heard all day
  9. I honestly can't wait for when these young guys start coming up! Its a long way off for sure, but its still exciting! Better to have begun to figure out our drafting sooner rather than later. This "rebuild" has been a couple years late but hey thats sports. We'll be good again! Every team in every league goes through these periods! We were lucky to have such an awesome team for as long as we did! Wish all the rookies the best!
  10. I love how we still in every single trade overrate our players this comes from the website where Raymond, Ballard at a 1st could get us Ovi. Give your &^@#ing head a shake people. I loved kass and had high hopes from him but he was so inconsistant. Everyone cries that they want a culture change, but complain when it happens. THIS IS IT! for good or bad. the issue with our franchise is we hold on to players to long cause we're scared of change. Embrace it and grow up. Or go cheer for another team. WOW.
  11. ahahah it's finally over! Glad we locked him up! Lets see what he can do! Very excited, and hoping for the best!
  12. News1130 Sports ‏@News1130Sports 1m1 minute ago #Canucks sign 2013 4th round pick Jordan Subban Jordan Subban ‏@jordansubban 6m6 minutes ago So thrilled to sign my first NHL contract today! Great to officialy be apart of the canucks family!!…
  13. There we go! Another for Shinker!
  14. Love seeing the kid continue to run train! Good stuff! Hope Utica can make a push, and develop some winners! Love it.