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  1. I got to the point in martial arts after many concussions that I would get woozy even if lightly hit in sparring and wearing full head gear. 20 years later, and I can’t be in loud places, have to wear sunglasses all the time, and have almost no short term memory. These things come home to roost when you get older. If this is another concussion he really does need to stop. He gets the rest of his contract in insurance and can be comfortable his entire life.
  2. Might be a hint why he made it through waivers...
  3. Getting Pouliot was a good idea. We got some use out of him, but he didn't work out, but that doesn't mean doing the same sort of experiment again doesn't work out. I think Rafferty is probably the RD on our farm with the most likelihood of becoming a regular NHLer, but in no way guaranteed. Sautner and Brisbois play the other side. I hope to see Tryamkin by the end of the season, but am not counting on it.
  4. Ya, I think the people demanding he be a saviour are pretty off the mark. Starting as a 7/8... moving to a third pairing when we get an injury... if a team gets really lucky, he can find his way to be a #4 at some point. His salary is nothing and he isn’t in a poison to ask for a big raise. He has a good resume as a third pairing guy in Washington... he has been terrible in Detroit playing more minutes. It is probably a function of too much responsibility and a terrible team that doesn’t let him play within a structured system. I will be surprised if he doesn’t get picked up by someone, but there may be things we don’t know about. For is, he seems like he can fit within a Green style system. He can play a fast game that pushes the pace as well as a heavy, hard to play against game. We also may be looking at not being able or willing to re-sign one of Tanev or Stecher in the offseason, so some added club control depth on that side helps us in negotiations. It feels like Benning probably wouldn’t want to add more bodies right now, so his scouts would really have to push the idea. I don’t know how Ottawa and Winnipeg don’t put a claim in anyways... we will see in a few minutes.
  5. You keep changing your tune with every post. You Are honestly ridiculous at this point. Teams pick up waiver wire players all the time. Their only consideration is whether those players are an upgrade to their existing roster. The decision will be made on whether the pro scouts decide he has enough upside to carry on the roster compared with our other depth guys... not that his low salary cost is too much to bear.
  6. None at the moment. Bowey has faltered in Detroit as a 17-18 minute guy but did just fine in Washington as a 13 minute 3rd pairing guy. None of our depth guys have done close to that level of play and resume as of yet.
  7. Again, you are confusing cap space with actual dollars. I never suggested that we would sign Bowery just to save cap space... I just told you that you are wrong in saying we couldn’t pick him up because we didn’t have enough space and would have to make a trade to fit him in.
  8. We are not in cap hell at all. I would suggest that you go out and play with an armchair GM program. Any iteration of a healthy 23 man roster leaves us under the cap, regardless of who we have to bury to get down to that mandated roster. Don’t conflate actual dollars with cap space, it seems to confuse you and you are all over the map. This is all math, not opinion. Do the actual math rather than spouting off. The stuff you are saying about a Bowey making our cap worse is literally mathematically impossible, so yes you are wrong.
  9. According to the practice lines today: Miller-Petterson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Leivo Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen Ferland-Beagle-Sutter Until they have a bad game, they aren’t going to split up that 3rd line.
  10. Basically any iteration of a healthy 23 man roster with extra guys partially buried leaves us with cap space. No emergency at all. The only worry is trying to keep well under the cap so we don’t have to push ELC bonuses into next year and cost us cap space next season.
  11. Benn not on the ice today. Initial word is “illness” and will be re-evaluated later on. Things get scary on D pretty quick with a couple injuries, especially on the same side.
  12. That is pretty much the decision. It has nothing to do with cap implications and only about what specific bodies are on your 23 (or 22) man roster. The short term decision would be whether Bowey is better to have than Eriksson. Pretty easy decision in my mind who I would rather have. The longer term decision is exactly what you suggest, the other bottom end roster players Schaller or Fantenberg... except that decision may never have to happen as it would necessitate us being fully healthy without anyone on LTIR. If anyone has been following the team for the last decade or so, they know that is quite possibly never going to happen. IF that decision ever has to be made, we still have the ability to ditch Bowey instead of Schaller if we don't like what we have seen to that point. I would argue that Fantenberg has looked fine and we are better off dropping forward, we have carried 8D for years because of how often our players have gotten hurt and how difficult it is to get an extra body here from our farm team in the case of a last minute illness or injury. Today is a perfect example. Edler is not back for next game, and Benn is now ill and a question mark to be re-evaluated later... which uses up our 7th guy Chatfield already. If anyone else gets sick or can't suit up for any reason on short notice, we have to start the game with 5 D and pray no one gets dinged up during the game. Compare that with the same situation on forward and it is really easy to cover the 4-8 minutes of that 12th forward.
  13. Yes... Detroit possibly claims him back... which means no negative implication to us at all if it doesn't work out.
  14. You are literally factually absolutely just wrong. There are no negative cap implications to picking up Bowey, it is just not true any way you spin it. I already explained it as fully as any person could possibly do. The only move we would have to make is a roster spot move to waive a forward... and we have the ability to do that easily. NO TRADES HAVE TO BE MADE TO FIT A GUY MAKING A MILLION DOLLARS! Biega was not traded because we couldn't afford him. He had already been waived and was costing zero on the cap. ZERO, nothing, nada. Benning even said he traded him to give him an opportunity. We actually took back a useless contract in order to be respectful and good to Biega who had been a great guy in our organization. The only even remote implication I already explained... if we ever become fully healthy we may have too many bodies and have to waive some guys. In that case you have seen Bowey for a while and can decide if he is better to keep than a guy like Schaller... if not then you waive Bowey. Even in that situation, you save money by keeping Bowey over Schaller... every possible situation equals Bowey being neutral (waived) or saving cap room rather than costing it. You are just completely missing the fact that Bowey is making less than what can be buried in the minors and anyone making more than him who is sent to the minors for that roster spot is going to save MORE than his salary.
  15. Not true at all, we traded Biega because the team wanted to try to find him a landing spot where he could play in the NHL and not AHL. There are no cap implications to either Biega or Bowey. Their salaries are less than what can be buried in the minors so there is no cap downside at all. They simply replace another player who has that much or more salary buried and gets waived to the minors. As a matter of fact, there is slight cap relief by waiving a guy like Eriksson and carrying 8D instead of 14 forwards. You get to bury $1.075 million of Eriksson's salary and replace it with $1 million of Bowey's salary for a cap savings of $75,000. The only possible cap issue is if we find ourselves needing to only carry 22 players on the roster and not 23 players... so having both Fantenberg and Bowey would mean we couldn't carry a 13th forward. In that case, we can waive Bowey with no cap implication anyways and aren't worse off than if we didn't claim him.