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  1. I actually think it would be perfect to add Erickson to that equation too. Two guys to make space and drive to the net, and a finisher who does his best work close in snapping in rebounds and short passes. All three of them defensively responsible enough to also play match up/shut down against opposing top lines.
  2. He is by far my favourite storyline and the biggest reason I am watching games right now. I am enjoying the fact that no one has any idea of what player he is going to become... probably including himself. With most other players you know what their game will be and it is just a question of how good they will become at it. He has shown flashes of serious physicality, and some really good offensive ability. Those times when you see the opposition back off a step and he takes a lane right to the offensive zone... wow. I am not saying he IS going to become something special, but that is legitimately inside of him with his skillset and he has a chance to become a true #1 in the league. There are only a handful of those. When was the last time we could say that about a Canucks defenceman?
  3. It makes sense for sure... Virtanen was a missed pick, Inwas horrified at the time thinking he should have gone like 12-15. If we wanted that type of player Ritchie was there too. Hutton signed to a cheap bridge deal making him more attractive to teams. He seems like the odd man out. Tanev would be worth more but is also a steadying influence on the blue line and it is a lot to ask of Stecher to be a permanent top pairing guy already. Edler-Tanev Sbisa-Stecher Tryamkin-Gudbranson Biega Not too shabby really, especially thinking of Juolevi in the mix in a couple seasons starting to take over from Edler.
  4. They are also doing what they said they would do. Compete for a wildcard spot. We are doing that more than halfway through the season even with a ton of injuries. Our schedule gets awful in a while. Hopefully we are healthier and can keep up the pace.
  5. The only likely interesting thing about this is Bennings comments over the past few weeks about moving a D. There could be serious ongoing discussions that are reaching a head (doesn't mean they will actually happen)... and he doesn't want to get caught short a D if someone gets shipped out on short notice in the coming days.
  6. ... or Boston... or Chicago. Otherwise I am with you. I would tune into a series just to watch him, and root for his team. it "would" be momentarily entertaining to see him play with Marchand though.
  7. I suspect Burrows would only waive to a real contender. Maybe one of: Montreal, Pittsburgh, Washington, or NYR (AV, knowing Burrows' compete level and character, would probably go to bat to get him). I think it would take a lot for Burrows to decide to move on. Not just family considerations, but also just being a team guy and not wanting to jump ship if we have the remotest chance. I can see him so quickly becoming a fan darling in Montreal (do they have any francophones left aside from Desharnais who hardly counts)? His style of play is perfect for the playoffs and he would have an extra jump in his step as the new guy on a team.
  8. Just want to point out that it is great that we are even having this discussion. If he lives up to even half his potential, he is exactly the D we have needed. Someone who makes opposing forwards worried about making plays in our zone because they may get pasted. That makes a huge difference because they take an extra second or two to look around the ice and see if he is there and if they are going to get hit.... that little delay takes away lots of fancy plays. We saw from the Chara debacle in the playoffs that our forwards just wilted as soon as they approached the blue line and got rid of the puck as fast as they could. A bridge deal would be in the Hutton range... a longer term deal pays him a million more per year. Neither will be terribly bothersome for me. Somehow we have a deep defence, and it is ludicrous. Hutton comes in from nowhere and becomes a top 4... next year Stecher comes in and against all odds does even better and is doing fine with over 20 minutes per game. In that time Tryamkin slowly develops into someone you think can legitimately be a game changer. Sunny days my friends... sunny days!
  9. The "I will bolt to Russia" card is kind of overplayed here. The KHL salaries are not that great, aside from a couple of guys at the top. The 9th top salary in the entire league is $1.5 million.... the 30th top salary is a million. Tryamkin would almost certainly fall under that range as he isn't a big established name stolen from the NHL. The working/travelling conditions there are also pretty horrible, especially compared with how NHL players are treated. Unlike Hutton though, Tryamkin IS a player that has a unique skill set and could come back to burn you with a bridge deal. If you can add significant term and keep him under $4 million per... it is probably worth it to do. I would have zero heartache with a 5x$3.75 deal. If something goes entirely off the rails, you waive/play him in the AHL until he decides to pull the plug and go home. Things would have to go pretty badly for a D to not be worth that salary though. Sbisa had never been a + player in his career and commanded those kinds of dollars. The worst case scenario with that kind of deal is you are overpaying a 3rd pairing D by a million or so. The worst case in a bridge deal is that we save cap hit in the short term (which we don't really need), and get held at gunpoint at the end of 2-3 years if he is a top 4 guy... and that could be at a time when we really need that cap space to start really contending again.
  10. Learn to move contrary to the herd... If we can pick up assets at a deep discount because of teams worrying about losing them for nothing, then we can easily come out ahead. We can only lose one player to expansion. At the moment it will most likely be one of Granlund, Baertschi, Sutter, Sbisa, or Gudbranson. If we can get 2-3 similar players in on the cheap, then we have automatic replacements and then some. Then when the dust settles and a bunch of teams are looking to fill some open roster spots because they got rid of them in anticipation of the expansion draft, or actually lost them in the draft... we also may have an extra couple and then the asking price is at a premium. It is a way for us to improve the bottom half of our lineup from guys like Megna, Skille, Chaput, and Gaunce.
  11. Probably a fair comparison as to their ceilings and current play. Both were rushed into the NHL too fast. The mitigating factor for Lazar is we was better in junior AND he had a bout of mono hampering him. Virtanen had a bout of the Roxy flu.
  12. Sutter is a decent player but he is also paid for exactly if not slightly more than he is worth as a 3rd line centre. You have to consider the cap space as well as the player. Lazar + an extra $3 million in cap space (and the player you can sign for that money) may well be worth more than Sutter on his own. Hansen would get snapped up in a second and is not something we can really afford to lose. Speed and can slot in a ton of places in the lineup to steady a young roster wherever it needs. Sbisa is a D so doesn't affect who we can and can't expose on the forwards (we almost certainly won't choose to just protect the 8 players option). D are also worth more in general. He has been playing like a top 4 guy for the first time in his career and that is worth a ton more than a 3rd line centre.
  13. Presumably this guy wouldn't cost a ton right now, and projects to be a 3rd line centre if things don't change. Ottawa would almost certainly be leaving him exposed in the expansion draft. He is also the kind of player that got a screwed up development and may just need a new start. He is young, was a prolific scorer in junior, and worst case is an energy providing two-way player. When the expansion draft coming up and suddenly not wanting to lose Granlund (who cared much at the start of the season), we could protect both Baertschi and Granlund by leaving Lazar exposed as well as Sutter. The one who doesn't get picked up becomes our third line centre. Sutter is better than Lazar, but Lazar is much cheaper cap hit and may have more to give.
  14. If you ditch Megna, you also have to get rid of Chaput and Skille... and whatever plug would replace his spot in the lineup. i haven't been on the "bash Willy" bandwagon... but he certsinly seems to be playing not to lose badly, rather than playing to win. There is risk to trying out Rodin or Boucher, but ther is also a lot more upside. If we are going to really try to make the playoffs and win... we pretty much need to catch lightning in a bottle with on of those guys. The statements about balanced lines, etc don't hold water when no one is scoring over such a long stretch. Even trying something crazy like putting Tryamkin in front of the net on the PP would be in order to try to kick start things. Lots of ideas won't work, but it is t working now so we don't have a ton to lose. We win if the opposing team happens to be awful on a given night or we happen to get a good bounce or stellar goaltending. We have hardly won at all this season because of flat out outplaying an opponent.
  15. Kids... life... etc. I have generally gone to recording it and doing a ton of fast forwarding, stopping for goals and fights. Many regular season games are simply unwatchable from an entertainment standpoint. Funnily enough, I spend more time reading articles and stories about the team than I do watching games nowadays. I don't know that the NHL really "gets" this... it is at least as important to find ways to get fans invested in the stories of the game and players as it is for the on ice product. A new rookie.. a new player after a trade... a playoff chase... a rivalry game with bad blood... etc.