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  1. [Rumour] Sprong on the Trade Block

    Absolutely. Also, if too many young guys happen to pan out and crowd the roster... that is a great thing. You can always trade away young, good, skilled players for a nice return. That just gives you some extra picks or players to fill other needs and keep new pieces in the pipeline. It is all about the price you pay. I just think he has a ton of upside and plays a type of speed game that could go well with either Petterson or Horvat.
  2. [Rumour] Sprong on the Trade Block

    I have read several places that he has played both sides. Here is one article. Another one talked about him playing LW on the PP his entire 2nd year of junior, and sometimes also at even strength. The Penguins just have better choices than him. We aren’t in that luxurious position.
  3. Nashville is also leading the league. Teams in that position don’t tend to make big trades that would dramatically alter their rosters and cap situation.
  4. [Rumour] Sprong on the Trade Block

    People are having fun with the Dutch thing. He is a skilled young guy who can play either wing. We have guys like Schaller playing in our top LW slot.... so it isn’t like there isn’t room for more skill. He has serious wheels and drives to the net.... kind of a perfect fit for Green’s system. He needs to learn the defensive side of the game, but hasn’t and won’t grt a chance to play a serious role on a stacked contending team. it would be a buy low on a guy who is probably already as good or better than Leipsic, Goldobin, and Dahlen if he gets a chance to play with skilled linemates instead of stuck on a 4th line like now. We aren’t a team with redundancy anywhere yet.
  5. This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    I am a long time Canucks fan, so that means when things are going well I always assume the other shoe is going to drop and I will end up disappointed. In this case, I am not fussed about whether we make the playoffs or not. I would rather we do, but if we just miss a wild card spot I don’t think that is a tragedy either... it means we overplayed expectations by a long shot. The smaller chance at a high draft pick isn’t a big issue in that context.
  6. Mike Gillis Interview on TSN 1040 Part 2

    Imagine a management group with Gillis as President, Gilman as GM, and Benning as Head Scout/Assistsnt GM... If we had Benning level scouting back in the Gillis days we could have had a Cup or two.
  7. Of course we can afford to re-sign Edler. If we don’t, we will have to find a similar Veterans and sign them. As much promise as Hughes and Juolevi have, you can’t throw them to the wolves as our two top LD. A 2x4-4.5 or 3x3-3.5 deal is perfectly fine and bridges us with a solid veteran while the kids get up to speed. He is probably going to want the extra years versus a one year higher cap hit deal. You are in no way hurt by having Edler as a 3rd pairing guy in the last year of his deal making that salary. For perspective, we would pay the same for a Del Zotto type in free agency and guess who is a far better player. If we get him to agree to he traded at the deadline and re-signed, we probably even pay $500k more per year happily. We can get him cheaper if we sign an extension without moving him as he would be happy doesn’t the security.
  8. [Waivers] Eddie Lack

    If this had have happened right when Nillson got hurt, maybe for a short term fix and then waive again once everyone was healthy. Now with both our injured goalies close it doesn’t make sense at all.
  9. [Rumour] Sprong on the Trade Block

    Pretty much an accurate description. Mostly it is an idea because he exactly fits the speed, attacking game Green wants. If it was Baertschi going the other way, they probably have to add something... especially if we do them a favour and retain cap so they can add another deadline piece. It is possible it could take less and maybe a middle of the pack prospect. Heck, we got Goldobin for almost free.
  10. TSN is reporting Sprong is out of favour and on the trade block. He is a RW who also can play LW. That is the kind of player you buy low on. He is blazing fast and drives to the net.... scorer like crazy in the AHL but hasn’t had much success in limited NHL time. Plus, he was born in the Netherlands so The Vancouver pot culture will be less shocking to him than it was Nikita Too bad Baertschi is still hurt as that could be an appealing piece for the Penguins who would happily trade some upside for help in the short term. Maybe one of our middle D. Not sure what the Penguin’s needs are honestly.
  11. If Nylander was signed fo club control for a reasonable cap hit, he would be worth a young stud D. Unsigned Nylander who you might have to overpay in both term and salary is worth a whole lot less.
  12. How many points does Pettersson get this year?

    I am happy to be wrong so far!
  13. That makes no sense. A veteran team isn’t going to give a crap what a low status coach is going to say. That sort of team needs a veteran coach who has a track record to force his will on players
  14. This is a $&!#ty job because the Kings are at the start of a long and painful slide. At the same time, it is an NHL head coaching gig, and there aren’t many of those. AV must have said no, he is one of the best coaches in the league and can pick his spot a little better.
  15. Honestly that is what I thought as well. They have the D to make the trade, but do they have the desire to pay Nylander close to $8 million? Any team wants him at $6-6.5... not a lot would give up huge assets for him if it also cost them a huge chunk of their cap space, especially since TO had no interest in taking cap back... at least with any term on it.