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  1. Where is that talk happening? I haven’t seen anything yet indicating it would be that low. The earlier talk was $2 million plus. At $1 million there is no reason he shouldn’t be signed already.
  2. I think you are neglecting to account for paying two superstars after next season that in pre-Covid says would have eaten up $18-20 million. Also, barring something significant happening, we will have $3-4 million in ELC overages from next season pushing into the same season we will have to pay up for Petterson and Hughes.
  3. I am not sure the connection of that to Diamond's comments? With the way the season schedules are shaping up (KHL starting in September and NHL likely in January), he is referencing Tryamkin signing a deal in the KHL which takes him to his UFA window. It doesn't have anything to do with expansion at all. Regarding expansion as a separate issue, it is going to be complicated. Demko is clearly our best player that would be exposed (assuming we still have him at that point), but is he better than four other goalies that would be exposed that Seattle might want more? Does Seattle think that picking Demko and flipping him gives them more value than picking one of our lesser players? Goalie trade markets are pretty weak generally, maybe slightly strengthened if Seattle takes a bunch of back ups and leaves several teams needing one. We really don't have anyone on defence we need to protect as of right now. No one would be a huge loss, expose Myers and who cares if he gets claimed, probably not at his salary. Rafferty is a decent prospect but he is also at him prime age without ever being an NHLer so he is likely not going to be a reliable top 4 guy. Juolevi could get protected just for his draft status and potential, but we isn't a lock to be an NHLer We are likely way better off actually picking up D before expansion for relatively cheap because lots of other teams have guys they can't protect who would be huge upgrades for us. We could entirely refashion our defence next year just with trades for guys we could then protect, including leaving Juolevi exposed and trading for a guy who is better.
  4. 1 year... 2 years takes him to UFA. One year gives us a chance to see if he can play before committing.
  5. I think they have to figure out other pieces first. They can’t have the extra million they would have to pay for Tryamkin to cost them one of Toffoli or Tanev. It they sign Tryamkin before the 15th (KHL training camps) it probably means they have a good sense of not being able to sign Tanev/Stecher to a budget friendly deal.
  6. That is the worst defence of his behaviour possible He has been local but hasn’t bothered to start skating yet like his team mates have... but instead is out partying. I assumed he was at practice even though I only saw Toffoli, Hughes, Petterson, Fabtenberg, Stecher, And Tanev in the videos.
  7. The team is already skating together and the daily testing isn’t a rule yet. Testing is also not that accurate early in the virus when you are already contagious... 20% false negatives. (Keeping in mind 50% false results is as bad as you can get since that is just random). He can have the virus, get tested with negative results, and pass on the virus for days before testing positive. Now is the time to be bearing down and not taking unnecessary risks... he hasn’t had to practice or skate for months. On top of all the virus stuff, if Miller is sene out partying... it is fine, he shows up on the ice every day. Virtanen has struggled for 5 years with not showing up on the ice regularly and being unprepared. I don’t recall all the shots of our other going players out partying.
  8. In a vacuum you can say it is no big deal... but Virtanen has earned all the scrutiny he gets with repeated bad decisions. He should be in a headspace where he is doing everything he can to show he is being responsible and mature.... especially as a guy looking for a contract. He really seems like someone that needs to be traded out of town and maybe have a couple of stops before figuring it out. The NHL dream has to be looking like it is being yanked from under him to maybe make him wake up and realize he needs to work harder for it.
  9. I don’t see any difference at all. The KHL wants to do it to keep their league strong as well. If they had their top players it would draw the crowds. if they spend all the time and money developing kids in the Russian system who will just bail for the NHL it limits their league a lot. The KHL proposed system is actually fairer as it doesn’t prohibit players from leaving, it just means that they have to be paid a transfer fee to compensate them for the cost and time of development. By 23 they are free and clear as they would have “paid back” their development by playing in the KHL for a few years. Seems pretty fair actually. Keeping CHL players capable of playing in the AHL from becoming professional paid athletes is punishing them, not incentivizing them at all. That is even less fair and more punishing than allowing an NHL team to pay a transfer fee to the CHL team to allow them to play on a farm club.... which would be the KHL equivalent rule.
  10. Junior players don't get paid, they get a stipend to cover expenses because they can't work. They aren't employees and are considered "student athletes" AHL players get paid. 18-19 year olds aren't allowed to play in the AHL and get paid an AHL salary even if they are good enough. That is literally the entire point of my post. We can't make judgements on Russians holding onto their players when we force minors to work unpaid on for profit teams and eliminate their ability to explore their opportunities and the free market for their services.
  11. Unfortunately there are an infinite variations between normal season And cancelling it entirely.... a lot of which make him worse off. If he signs an ELC his college scholarship And probably his entire admission status goes away. If the AHL season starts in January like the NHL is, then he has to bail on school. Whereas if he didn’t sign his contract he could finish the school year and then join the team halfway into the season. There could be no normal AHL league play and just some lesser version of tourney play or something. Anyone smart in his position will wait until they know what the landscape is before making a decision. There is no impending deadline or training camps to worry about, so no need at all to make a decision.
  12. People reading anything into this are just looking for issues to be worried about. He hasn’t signed because he doesn’t know if there is going to be an AHL season. Why sign a contract that means he sits around not playing? There night not be college hockey either, but at least he can keep going to school towards an Ivy league degree rather than sitting around twiddling his thumbs.
  13. I hope you aren't suggesting that he is a Rangers fan by suggesting a bad trade for us.... Well since Tanev is a pending UFA that is of zero value, we can just sign him on July 1st. Baertschi is a cap dump, and Juolevi may or may not ever be an NHLer If we managed this trade we would have made out like massive bandits...
  14. Happens in soccer. We also can’t be too high and mighty as we draft children to limit their employment choices, including not allowing them to play in the AHL and collect a pay cheque so they have to play for free for a junior club.