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  1. Dorsett, goal and points leader almost 10% of the season in the bag... I am sure we all had that in our hockey pool.
  2. Well you can't really complain about 1-2 game suspensions, especially early in the season when they are trying to set an example.
  3. No, I am saying they are making a bad decision. Just like they made some bad decisions before. They play the "he has stuff to work on" card all the time with some guys, which would be understandable if they didn't instead play worse players and just keep playing them when they are not producing or playing well. I am also saying that from his perspective he is going to see it that way as well. It is important to keep him engaged, and not getting the call up when he is the one that earned it is not the way to do it. Even if it is him sitting in the press box a couple games and practising with the team, it is showing that they think he is close.
  4. For the ones rationalizing it by saying he will just be in the press box.... you have an extra forward in case they have to play. You also reward guys who are going in the minors with call ups. There will I’ll be some dumb explanation by the Canucks that they want Goldobin to get some more games under his belt before he gets a call up. We will also remember that when he signs in the KHL next season because he didn’t get a sniff when he earned it. A team that is rebuilding and can’t score should be calling up goal scorers, and he knows it.
  5. Argh. We have plenty of centers: Sedin, Horvat, Granlund, Burmistrov, (maybe) Sutter. They needed to call up Goldobin to show that if you perform you get rewarded. We will be talking about stuff like this when he signs in the KHL next season. “I did everything could, worked hard, scored goals... but they called up other guys instead of me. I want to play and be given a chance.” At this point in our development we simply shouldn’t have guts like Megna and Chaput in the organization. We know their ceiling and there is no upside to giving them minutes.
  6. Might be time to circle around to this guy. We still need more speed and he has that. Looks like things are poisoned beyond repair with Detroit, they are playing well now and can afford to play hardball (not that they have room to sign him anyways) but all it will take is a short losing streak for them to decide leaving an asset in limbo isn't helpful.
  7. I have said in the past, this guy could be the Patrick Maroon type player for us who works well on a top line with a skilled duo.
  8. It kind of annoys me when people use words like "real fans" "band-wagoners" or "Die-Hards" No sports team is owed blind loyalty, they are an entertainment product that at its very best (which the Canucks are not) has some effect of community building and common experience. There are many ways to be a fan and most of them don't involve going to the games in person. I can hardly stand to watch a regular season game on TV because the product is so bad, and I end up watching it delayed and fast forwarding through huge chunks of it. I own jerseys; I buy my kids Canucks stuff for Christmas; I have a cable pack specifically to get Sportsnet specifically to have access to the Canucks; I am deeply invested in the stories around the team to be a regular contributor here for many years, basically since the forum existed. I probably wouldn't go see a game in person even if I was given free tickets at this point. It is an expensive city to live in, and folks here have less discretionary income than they do in almost any other major league sports team. Those few leftover dollars get spent based on value provided. I you consider yourself a "real fan" compared with others, it probably just means you have invested larger amounts of your personal self esteem into the team's success. It is a statement with no real meaning aside from a particular type of narcissism.
  9. I have said it before, they have missed their window to get any serious return for Duchene. He is only under contract for this season and next, then a UFA. No sane GM will mortgage their future for a guy who is not under club control long term. The next window to get a good (but not great) return is after July 1st when a team can do a sign and trade so they know his cost and term going forward. Also as of now, he is not performing to his current contract, so that has to be considered. I think a lot of folks have been unfair to him. He never asked for a trade or refused to play. Sakic made is publicly clear league wide that he was intending to trade him... more than a year ago. Then hasn't pulled the trigger. So a player is sitting there knowing he isn't in the long term plans of the team and kind of stuck in limbo waiting for the shoe to drop.
  10. You can pick either. Mine is suspended from the ceiling, but you can have it on a table or on a shelf at the back wall. Don't bother getting a really expensive one, a $600 projector gives a ridiculously good HD picture bright enough to be clear in a normal room unless you are dealing with direct sunlight.
  11. HD projector with 106 inch screen.... not a TV. ATMOS sound system. Quite pleasant.
  12. Let's see... watch a game on my 106 inch screen on a comfy recliner in my dedicated media room while drinking cheap beer. ...or... pay $200 to squeeze my fat ass into a tiny seat and feel my old knees gradually lock up from being unable to stretch out and ease the muscle cramps. They built the arenas in a time when they could cram as many seats in as possible and not care. Then came HD and masssivr home TVs and suddenly the home experience is superior to attending a game in person. It is something all sports are dealing with and the Canucks or NHL haven't figured out a way to resolve it.
  13. Hmmm right on the edge of timeframe. If it were longer one could assume we would go shopping for another D, possibly from Vegas. i think this means Pouliot gets a bit of an early look and a chance to become an NHLer. If he fails, our season is already in tough shape. If either of Del Zotto or Hutton show they can't play top four minutes (likely) we are also in trouble. Edler and Taney are our least replaceable players.
  14. If we had a Tryamkin sure... otherwise waiting until mid season and seeing how he is doing. If he won't re-sign at that point you trade him to whoever gives the highest price. With injuries to other teams D, he could look pretty attractive for a playoff bound eam. Of course anyone can go at the right price. Since we paid a B prospect, the 33rd pick and a 4th round pick for him... a return would have to beat that for us to let him go at a time that we need him. That would be a first or an A prospect.
  15. The Canucks will again be in the mix for a playoff spot up until near the trade deadline. Mostly this will be due to the division being much weaker than expected with only Edmonton really being a powerhouse. The surprise player this season is going to be Burmistrov. He will work his way into more minutes and finish with 15-20 goals and 40+ points. He will also help win us a few shootout games. It will be mixed feelings not being in the playoffs or at the bottom of the league. We will have done it on the back of the veterans who will all have better years and not enough by the kids. Goaltending will be uneven, something we aren't used to. People will grouse about giving up seven goals sometimes, probably the same people who groused about WD playing such a passive style that he ensured we always lost by 2-1 or 3-2.