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  1. Yep, we could get a big haul for Boeser We probably don't rely on a bunch of no experience guys on D... but Boeser could return a top 4 guy If we sign Markstrom, Demko could probably be used to get rid of a big bad contract Eriksson will cost a lot to get rid of... but we just have to do it. Sutter you are probably about right on, we can move him Roussel probably isn't going anywhere Virtanen could also be sent out I think for a good return and/or shedding cap space. There are a few options, but we just have to do them.
  2. Yep honestly to me, any futures aside from Hoglander and Podkolzin are fair game if it allows us to not get worse over the next two seasons by having to ditch useful and good contract value players.
  3. There are a few issues with your math. - We are currently over this year's cap by around $5 million, so your calculation starts that much in the hole and you can't just add increases like that - We will have approx $1.7 million in pushed ELC bonuses into next year - The GMs were told in the Dec BOG meeting that the cap is going to effectively be flat... a couple said they are working on the assumption of a $82.5 million cap - It is almost impossible to get rid of those veteran contracts. We couldn't even get rid of Baertschi's fairly modest money this deadline - We have to assume ELC bonuses for next year of $3-4 million, and absolutely can't afford for those to push into the 2021-22 season when we are paying new contracts for Petterson and Hughes. So, we have less than $18 million in cap space next year with 13 players signed. (assuming there is a decent ceiling bump to $83 million minus the $1.7 in ELC overages making it almost a wash). The guys signed for a total of $63.5 million, leaving a little under $18 million left with the above assumptions and needing to sign 10 players. Miller- Petterson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat- Roussel-Gaudette-Sutter Eriksson-Beagle- Edler-Myers Hughes- Benn- Demko Add Markstrom @ $5.75 Add Tanev @ $5 Add Virtanen @ $2,75 Add Gaudette @ $1.5 Just those 4 players is $15 million, leaving $3 million to sign 6 more players to fill the roster which isn't enough even for league minimum guys... it certainly isn't enough to leave the ELC bonus wiggle room for next year to avoid pushing those. It is also subtracting Toffoli, Stecher, Tryamkin, and anyone who would command more than league minimum.. Benning's new mantra is "we are going to have to make some decisions on players in the summer", which is code for we are going to have to trade away good value players to keep under the cap or not re-sign expiring guys.
  4. You hate to see a player lose their sport because of injury, but Boeser had been really sub par even before he got hurt... and if Toffoli keeps being close to this good, it is quite possible that he supplants Boeser. If there can be only one kept due to cap considerations, do you let Toffoli go for nothing... or sign him and trade Boeser for a huge return?
  5. Entirely possible. It probably depends on the return. My money is on Jake... but Boeser wouldn’t totally surprise me.
  6. Yep, exactly... I am just betting on it being Virtanen. He will be at peak value after this season. Both bring back a very big haul as well as shedding cap... that one move can relieve a lot of pressure and we have the depth to still manage.
  7. I have been right on a lot of moves by reading the tea leaves (like Hodgson, Kesler, Bonino/Sutter trade, etc)... and I am starting to feel pretty sure that Jake is going to get traded in the offseason. Benning has talked a few times about having to make choices on our players this summer due to cap reasons and how he is hoping to recoup a 1st or other picks. The odd man out to me is Virtanen. He is worth a decent return, isn’t good enough to be in our top 6, and won’t be a good value on the 3rd or 4th line.
  8. That is true, but that is this year’s bonuses and they are 100% going to push into next year for $1.7 in reduced cap. We also have next year’s bonuses to account for nexuses we absolutely can’t afford to let those push into 2021-22. I wouldn’t count on Petterson not hitting a schedule B bonus either, and add in Juolevi and you could be looking at $4 million in bonuses earned by ELC bonuses next year. So take the $1.7 from this year and say $3 million from next year and take those off our 2020-22 cap ceiling. We are absolutely in cap hell, and it will need to get sorted by giving up futures or not re-signing valuable players.
  9. I read it in the CBA a couple of weeks back. If a player retires in a season where he has gotten a signing bonus, the team is allowed to go to arbitration and get the bonus back. It is up to the team to do so, and that is how they can save the cap hit from it. It stops players from taking the money and running. Most situations teams don’t want that to happen, but we could use it as leverage to get him to play ball... we say we won’t take him to arbitration for it if he retires in time for us to actually use that cap space in free agency to re-sign players.
  10. I still dream of them sitting down Eriksson in the exit interviews and telling him that we are moving on and he is going to be assigned directly to the farm team next season. Leave it up to him to decide whether to mutually terminate before July 1st and look for another team; take his signing bonus on July 1st and retire with dignity (with the caveat that he has to do it right on July 1st or we claw back the signing bonus); or spend the next two years practicing/travelling with the Comets and playing extremely limited minutes there. It should have happened this season, so I doubt they play hardball at this point To me, the buyout is the worst solution. It costs us cap hit next year $5.6 million plus his replacement roster spot is more than just keeping him. That would result in $4 million or so of ELC bonuses from next season pushing into 2020-21.... that is more than the slight savings we would see to his cap in that year from a buyout. The only real answer is to pay the price to shed a bunch of cap this summer. It will cost us in futures but also gain us a lot in being able to retain players for the next two seasons.
  11. Read the FAQ from Capfriendly... it says explicitly that the signing bonuses get paid regardless. The calculation says excludes them because they get paid. The Perry example is 2/3rds of $12 million plus his $3 million in signing bonus.... not 2/3rd of $15 million. When pundits says signing bonuses make a contract buyout proof... that is what they mean.
  12. I am fully on board with sending him to Utica... we should have done it early in the season when he was sitting in the press box. Three seasons riding the bus would fee like a long time to a guy who has already made a lot of money and apparently owns some restaurants back in Sweden that could fill his time. That ship may have sailed as he probably wouldn’t believe we would do it anymore, and for sure wouldn’t leave until he actually got demoted after training camp next season... and that is too late to help us with much except not pushing ELC bonuses from next year into 2021-22.
  13. I don't think that is right. He gets his signing bonuses on top of that still if he is bought out, so he would get $6.667 if bought out. The 2/3rds are just of his actual salary, that is why signing bonuses make a contract buyout proof. If he retires after his bonus in the summer he loses $5 million and the team could actually legally go back and claw back his signing bonus (which is the only way they would take that portion off their cap hit for the year. Signing Bonus Signing bonuses are paid to the player regardless of a buyout. Therefore, as explained in the buyout caphit formula above, signing bonuses are excluded in the equation when determining the total buyout cost, and are included in the AAV value when determining the remaining caphit.
  14. I am not following how this helps us a lot? It saves us cash but not cap hit. If he gets bought out this year, he costs us more against the cap than it would by burying him in the minors for next season... then we spread out his cap hit the following season but don't net out to much savings. If he gets bought out after next season, he costs us $4 million against the cap, and then another million after his contract expires.... so not really any savings. You can't buy him out after he gets his signing bonus as the window would be closed by then.
  15. It is now 1.5 seasons that Markstrom has played top 5 calibre in the league... that is a solid body of work, especially in comparison to Demko who has effectively no body of work. Markstrom has completely allayed my worries about not being able to sustain his play. Paying him $5.5 million for a 4-5 year deal is our best bet right now. Getting rid of LE for Demko would be a great deal for us. You are trading just one year of Demko before losing him for free in the expansion draft.