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  1. I know there is plenty of time before the season, but this Karlsson situation looks like a mess. Tampa by all accounts had a good deal on the table and was really close to being done, and Ottawa seems to keep trying to push for more and work with other teams on deals. I think Dorion is under way too much pressure to hit a crazy home run and they have lost sight of the fact they are only dealing for one year of club control for Karlsson. Time isn’t on their side and they need to make sure they don’t sour the pot on the very few teams that Karlsson is willing to sign an extension with (it is possible it is only Tampa). Karlsson during the season or at the deadline is worth much less, as his UFA freedom gets closer. I have complete faith in Ottawa to screw this up and get very little at the deadline or nothing after the season.
  2. I have had a Dahlen-Petterson-Eriksson line pencilled into my mock roster for a while. It would be an interesting test. It gives Eriksson a clear role with consistent line mates. He likely complements them in being a net front/garbage goal guy who is excellent defensively. Could smooth out some of their rough patches as rookies. I suspect Green isn’t going to start off with an experiment like that and would be forced to by injuries. As much as they talk about having a young team, they also seem like they still want to err on the side of caution and not have any inkling of gifting time to kids. Veterans grinders will still get more ice time than they should in all probability.
  3. [Signing] Blues sign Patrick Maroon

    We paid a lot more in both dollars and term for being harder to play against....
  4. [Report] Luca Sbisa to test free agency

    He is the Beagle version of a defensemen, so why not
  5. They won’t be relying on a D corps of mainly kids when spending that kind of money in win-now mode. Foote probably slides in, but not three kids. Pointe will be in line for a raise that will be unaffordable even if offloading Callahan. You don’t get guys who score more than 30 goals for cheap. They would absolutely be in for getting reallygood veterans for cheap.
  6. Ouch, their cap situation after this season is ugly. $69 million with only 12 players signed... only 2 Defence. Yzerman is an excellent GM son i al sure he has a plan. If they arre now out on Karlsson. Let’s make a deal with them! Sutter and Tanev at 50% retained for ? Pointe, Koekkoek, Dotchin, and a pick?
  7. If Tampa and Ottawa make the deal, there will certainly be a third or even fourth team involved in subsequent deals. I saw the Dreger tweet about Callahan. There would need to be something else unless Ottawa takes back more salary than expected. Honestly Tanev and Sutter at 50% retained would give Tampa crazy depth at a bargain. They have some serious prospects who won’t be able to get a sniff of playing time and would look good for us.
  8. Ryan’s contract would be tough to take on with a lot of term left. He is still a player, just overpaid by $2+ million. Would be worth seeing what we could get in return for facilitating that trade between Tampa and Ottawa though. In addition to Ryan, Tampa needs to clear space since Ottawa won’t take back a bunch.
  9. Tampa missed their opportunity to trade Johnson when his NTC kicked in July 1st. No one in their right mind waives to go to Ottawa. That means Pointe going out instead. Tampa can do it, just have to find agreeable places for all their NTC players to agree to go to and clear some cap space. All I hope is that we find a way to be involved in a trade like this by sending roster players with more retained for young players/picks. Sutter, Edler, or Tanev at 50% retained look pretty good on a Tampa team going for it now. It offsets the expensive players. If hey sign Karlsson it leaves even less room for D prospects like Dotchin and Koekkoek to get development minutes, they are expendable coming the other way and are upgrades (considering upside) on Hutton, Del Zotto, Pouliot, and Biega for our top 8.
  10. You need to up your IQ a little apparently. That is manifestly wrong.
  11. I am only commenting because this thread is way below the one about Jason Megna’s contract. That can’t be allowed to stand.
  12. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    Baertschi-Horvat-Boeser Petterson-Sutter-Eriksson Roussell-Beagle-Virtanen Schaller-Gaudette-Granlund Leipsic Edler-Stecher Juolevi/Hughes-Tanev Hutton-Gudbranson Del Zotto-Pouliot There is our lineup as of today I think. Benning specifically mentioned Gaudette helping with scoring this year, so I think he is pencilled in and not bound for Utica. L and R hand centres on 2nd and 4th lines. Sutter/Eriksson and Beagle/Granlund as PK pairings... maybe Petterson gets to centre a 2nd unit PP to start getting some minutes in that position. Gagner, Motte, Archibald, Goldobin, Biega are the odd men out as of the moment it would seem. Hopefully we can get something for a couple of them, not sure if anyone gets picked up on waivers for sure. Goldobin and Motte could "maybe" be snuck through at the end of training camp when all teams are trying to trim rosters.
  13. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    You are underplaying it... we are going to hear when his dinner comes out... timing, colour. consistency, taste (that one from Dreger) etc.
  14. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    Funny that Capfriendly crashed right after that signing with Leafs fans trying to figure out how to fit under the ceiling in the coming years
  15. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    We can only hope they WAY overpaid and it is a $12 million + deal.