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  1. If you ditch Megna, you also have to get rid of Chaput and Skille... and whatever plug would replace his spot in the lineup. i haven't been on the "bash Willy" bandwagon... but he certsinly seems to be playing not to lose badly, rather than playing to win. There is risk to trying out Rodin or Boucher, but ther is also a lot more upside. If we are going to really try to make the playoffs and win... we pretty much need to catch lightning in a bottle with on of those guys. The statements about balanced lines, etc don't hold water when no one is scoring over such a long stretch. Even trying something crazy like putting Tryamkin in front of the net on the PP would be in order to try to kick start things. Lots of ideas won't work, but it is t working now so we don't have a ton to lose. We win if the opposing team happens to be awful on a given night or we happen to get a good bounce or stellar goaltending. We have hardly won at all this season because of flat out outplaying an opponent.
  2. Kids... life... etc. I have generally gone to recording it and doing a ton of fast forwarding, stopping for goals and fights. Many regular season games are simply unwatchable from an entertainment standpoint. Funnily enough, I spend more time reading articles and stories about the team than I do watching games nowadays. I don't know that the NHL really "gets" this... it is at least as important to find ways to get fans invested in the stories of the game and players as it is for the on ice product. A new rookie.. a new player after a trade... a playoff chase... a rivalry game with bad blood... etc.
  3. Yep, hadn't heard about this before. McGuire is a tool in some regards, but also has a ton of inside info. Could be that there is a nagging injury that is slowing Landeskog down this year. Those injuries can suck because they are slow to heal, and if you need surgery you can't train or anything and even lose a step once it is repaired. One thing if you are a veteran trying to extend his career by a year or two... but for a young guy that is a cause for concern (if true).
  4. Was listening to Pierre Mcguire on 1040 and he warned that teams had better really do a full medical and some due diligence on Landeskog before trading for him. There is a concern about his hips or groin muscles apparently. If it is a short term thing that just affects this season, no problem for us (big problem for a team getting him to help contend in playoffs)... if it is something more serious that can result in surgery and maybe long term impact... definitely a worry. We will never know what Edler could have been without that back injury.
  5. Probably because it is the most likely place he would agree to move to. IF we were within any sniffing distance to the playoffs, he would probably want to stay here and not just go to "any" other playoff team. Giving Montreal as an option would really be hard for him to pass up, and gives pretty good optics as everyone could be happy.
  6. I think the roster player meant was a cap dump like Desharnais... something with negative value. if the additional pick is conditional on then reaching the 3rd round AND Burrows reaching some point-playing time milestone... that is perfectly fair price.
  7. Eklund is now on the bandwagon regarding the Habs and Burrows. One thing to definitely note is that Montreal has five 2nd round picks in the next two drafts, so can afford to send a couple out. They could certainly use Hanzal and Burrows, who would each cost them a 2nd "if" their home teams retained half the salaries (or took back dead cap money) and allowed Montreal to really load up. It will be tough to move Burrows since we will likely be between 2-6 points out of the playoff picture at the deadline... close, but a mirage as several teams would be between us and the last spot. Even now, we look closer than we really are if you consider games in hand. Easy to sell a Burrows trade to everyone even if we are close. We need to see what we have in Rodin and Boucher, so need a spot for them to play in.... that would be good enough for fans. For the team and Burrows, giving him the option to go to Montreal is also easily sold. You have to picture his man-cave in 20 years looking back on his career. Having that Habs jersey beside the Canucks ones and his memorabilia (and possibly another deep playoff run) would be pretty special for him.
  8. I think there is no question that Burrows would and should be traded to Montreal. He reveres the team, last time he said he would "pay to play on that ice". Montreal gets a giritty warrior who has been deep in the dance before and as virtually the only francophone on the team would be a fan darling pretty quick because expectations would be low. it would give me a team to cheer for in the playoffs. 2nd or 3rd rounder (more likely) is fair... the higher end if you are willing to eat half the salary to make it easier for Montreal to fit him and other adds in That doesn't close the door on us signing him to a cheaper contract next year.
  9. Even better... every trade proposal anyone has ever offered here has people on either side of the fence saying it is BOTH us getting ripped off and ripping the other team off. Virtanen for Crosby!? "No way! We would get destroyed by trading away a young stud assured to be a top 10 player in exchange for an over-rated old soft player on the decline!" ... and "Pittsburgh will hang up in two seconds because Virtanen will never be good enough even to play in the ECHL. You need to add in Boeser, Demko, the 2011 Sedins, and our next twelve 1st round picks."
  10. Avs seem like they are going to start over. Likely first of many moves.
  11. Any top line player is a "stud". He is miles away from being one of the top two players in the league as the stories are going. He is getting prime minutes and doing well. He is not "neck and neck" with MCDavid, not even close. He is almost certainly going to be better than Horvat, who "may" be a below average top line centre... or one of the best 2nd line centers in the game. Again, that is no knock on the player... I would take Kesler (without the attitude) any day... and that is a pretty good comparable for Horvat.
  12. That could easily be what Sakic asked for... doesn't mean he is going to get it, and is probably why a deal hasn't yet been done. Start high and see how desperate teams are. Colorado doesn't particularly need to be in a rush, the only reason for them to make moves sooner rather than later is to make sure they cement themselves in the basement this season and they are accomplishing that already. On our end an offer with Hutton, Virtanen and a small piece would be a reasonable offer and not something you hang up the phone on. Another team may be able to offer a single higher end prospect/player that beats offering two pretty decent pieces though.
  13. Some serious crazy going on there... I am not even convinced Matthews is going to be an "average" 1st line centre, never mind elite or one of the top couple players in the league. That isn't a big knock on him... to be able to say a 19 year old kid is definitely a legit 1st line centre is a huge freaking deal. Everyone may be getting a little ahead of themselves. I guess because Edmonton has McDavid, Toronto can't accept that they also don't have a mega star on their hands.
  14. Prices would certainly have to come down a ton (which they will) for us to be in the mix. Hanging around sometimes turns into "other" deals. I don't mind us exploring and making offers. We need a ton of help up front, and we have some depth on D (if they are every healthy). One of Tanev, Hutton, Sbisa can be moved out in a trade (any trade, not specifically this one) and we aren't dramatically worse off... and may even net out ahead with extra scoring up front. If you are getting a young top 6 guy in return, any prospect not named Boeser, Demko, or Juolevi should also be up for grabs as part of a package.
  15. Yep. There is a lot of room to wiggle between "I am not asking any of our guys to waive" and "We had an discussion with them regarding some opportunities." While I think Sedins to Detroit is far fetched (Detroit isn't in much bette of a playoff position than us)... Burrows to Montreal makes a crap load of sense for all sides. He is the type of player that helps you win in the playoffs and has tons of experience going deep. With retained salary or taking dead salary back in return, he becomes a pretty cheap deal once you are at the deadline. I can absolutely see Montreal loading up. Hanzal and Burrows help their prospects immensely.