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  1. Pretty sure they are just buying Gaborik a house.
  2. A worse version of Pedan? I am am sure there will be taker, lots of teams need depth D.
  3. Probably not. Edler and Sbisa would be on that side for hte top two pairings... anyone can get slotted in on the 3rd pairing. Tryamkin switched to that side if we still have Tanev, Stecher, and Gudbranson on the other side.
  4. Just to be clear... Mackenzie didn't say it was a rumour, just that it was something that could make sense. He makes it very clear when he is saying there is a rumour and when he is just spitballing. One you can take to the bank, and the other is just filling air time.
  5. Stone a UFA rental.... Tanev under club control for a cheap cap hit. Not comparable at all.
  6. ... ummm, because contending teams will likely be up against the cap and not have room for the additions they want to plug in... Burrows has a pretty big cap hit. ... and also because it increases his trade asset value.
  7. It is pretty consensus amongst the pundits that Burrows is a 2nd or 3rd rounder. You might be able to squeeze a little more if you retain half his salary or take on bad money in return. If we got a late 2nd and a 5th for Burrows without taking on a bad contract (that goes longer than this season).... we should be pretty ecstatic. We also get to follow that new team and root for them in the playoffs.
  8. If he can't stay on a NJ roster which is arguably worse than ours... probably can avoid the "lets pick him up" posts. Gaunce>Kalinin for that roster spot.
  9. Yep, I had just assumed things as status quo and not including trades. Also keep in mind that trading Tanev away probably means you end up with another player in return who needs to be protected so we don't gain, except that we don't lose a D.
  10. Edler I left out of the mix because he has repeatedly stated that he didn't want to waive his NTC. The management has also made it pretty clear they want to keep a veteran or two on the very young D corps. If anyone is moved so that both Gudranson and Sbisa can be protected it is Tanev. Tryamkin as I understand it has normally played RD in his career, but been pressed into service on the left side depending on who else we had on the roster. I can honestly see a D lineup within two years of: Edler-Stecher Sbisa-Tryamkin Juolevi-Gudbranson Low on offense from the back end, but you give up a little on that end and hope a return for Hutton and Tanev gets you more scoring up front. Juolevi gets a chance to work his way up the lineup and gain more minutes and take over from Edler.
  11. Well at least we are at the point where "tankers" vs. "playoff-ists" are no longer in opposition. We currently have a 2.6% chance of making the playoffs.... too many teams ahead of us and too many guaranteed points between them for us to catch up. That means regardless of your point of view on strategy, it is time to start selling assets, at least expiring contracts. That isn't tanking as we have already effectively mathematically lost the season. Being a seller at the deadline if you are out of it has existed long before "tanking" became a thing... tanking is trying to lose right from the outset. I have some fear that Hansen will not give us a great list of teams he will waive to. I have twins the same age (and no newborn like he does)... the logistics of last minute trades on the family would be really hard to swallow. Burrows, Skille, Megna, Chaput, Tanev, Hutton.... some of those pieces should definitely be on the way out, though some of those may be deals in the offseason.
  12. That is so simplistic to be laughable. Playing in a championship team with the best linemates in the league (kind of like Boeser did last year), it doesn't necessarily follow that when those linemates leave (for the NHL) and you are playing with random plugs on an average to poor team... your point totals will go up.
  13. Well infinitely more thoughtful than a random face palm post with no explanation. He is one of several options for sure. It all depends on his contract demands. Comparing a 2nd pairing D who has so far struggled with our top forward is a little silly, verging on ludicrous. Sbisa has made the conversation much more difficult, where it was a no brainer he would be exposed at the start of the season. Sbisa at his salary and club control vs. Gudbranson at over $5 million is a difficult choice. it is made more difffixult by having Stecher and Tryamkin both emerge on that side of D as well. You also have to balance whether you think Juolevi fits in over the next couple years.
  14. Well that was a thoughtful post filled with insight. Presumably you don't think that us getting to keep one of our decent players that would otherwise be lost to expansion would be a good idea?