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  1. It isn't an impossible suggestion, and I am the opposite of a "tank" numbskull. Clearly the price has to be right and a dramatic overpayment. It depends on if LA wants to tread water or really ensure they have a solid shot at the playoffs and another run in their window. If they want the latter, there aren't a lot of options out there... I can't actually think of one aside from Miller. Detroit could let a good goalie go, but they have no room to retain or trade for salary. Same goes for Pittsburgh and Fleury is signed to term which doesn't work for LA. The most likely scenario is they find someone else's reliable back up who can maybe sneak out a .500 win percentage if they are lucky. Pavelec, Greiss, Berra maybe as options on the cheaper end. If they want to swing for the fences, they need to give us a huge overpayment for Miller and our ability to retain up to half his cap hit.... the latter part being the most important consideration for LA as they have to face Quick coming back and needing to fit both guys in for the remainder of the season. We start the conversation at their 1st round pick, plus add a sweetener of a quality dependent on how much salary we retain. On our end, we then have to go out and find a decent back up for Markstrom and have to make sure the cost for that is much less than the return we got for Miller. It does help us somewhat as we need to get Markstrom more starts over the next two years, and this is a good opportunity. We could also get that back up goalie with an extra year of term left to bridge us to Demko in a couple seasons. The downside is we are then a Markstrom injury away from losing our season. We probably wait until the deadline to see where we are in terms of moving Miller... but don't count out this idea as out of the realm of possibility.
  2. By virtue of his position.. yes he is worth more. Top 4 D are hard to come by and more expensive than 2nd or 3rd line centres. Also the arbitration rights are different as they are not the same class of RFAs. Horvat has zero leverage coming out of his ELC
  3. I think it is "almost" zero, but greater than zero chance of it happening. LA would have to overpay pretty dramatically to get it done in the division AND because we actually still need Miller to avoid being in the same position they are if there is an injury. The deal would have to be a 1st rounder PLUS a sweetener for us eating a big chunk of Miller's salary, which is the only way it works for LA once Quick comes back. It actually works for us as we can get a solid back up that is maybe even signed to another year, that alllows Demko to get the extra year in the AHL that is expected and Markstrom to get more starts over the next two years. Pavelec, Greiss, or Berra are much more likely candidates for LA.
  4. This came up, haven't seen any legit threads about the LA situation yet. I don't see how it works at all with the cap situation of both teams. This is almost certainly just random pondering considering that Pittsburgh "could" give up a goalie and LA needs one. I have no idea how LA is going to get out of this particular mess with goalie situation and cap issues. They can't take on any decent goaltender because they don't have the cap room and Quick comes back in 3 months. Looking at their roster I don't see any real trade possibilities for freeing up space. They will have to find an upper level back up for around $2 million or less and then trade of waive them when (if) Quick returns. Good news for us though. Maybe they terminate Dustin Brown's contract for some vague personal hygiene concern and watch the NHL allow it.
  5. This year... after the expansion draft.
  6. .... still haven't won jack. Are still winless on the season and people are throwing a party.
  7. Ha ha... you do know Jensen was waived as well right? We didn't lose anything and didn't gain anything... at worst a wash.
  8. - Canucks finish in the 90-95 point range and are right on the bubble for a wildcard spot - The pleasant surprise is Rodin who pots 20 goals - Edmonton still sucks - Toronto still sucks - People on CDC still believe that following in the above two teams' footsteps by tanking is the key to success - Anaheim, LA, and Dallas are all worse than last season - Nashville is excellent and is vying for top spot in the West all the way to the trade deadline -
  9. Actually Benning said they intended to place him on waivers on the 12th.... that date stamp is just when they updated their website. You are always put on waivers at 9am (noon Eastern) of a given day and the 24hr clock starts then.
  10. I suspect these players won't retire but will be on injured reserve for their final years and no penalty.
  11. Out of those, Cory Schneider is the only real loss... followed somewhat by Luongo, though that had extenuating circumstances.
  12. I largely agree.... It really depends on how Tryamkin would take a short term demotion and the word is that they have had those discussions and he is amenable to a short sting in the minors. It certainly seems better for him to play than sit on the bench or have limited minuters here, just no idea if he sees it that way. If they came to him and said, "Hey, we need you to spend some time playing big minutes and work on X and Y. We want to send you to Utica for a set time of something like 6 weeks to work on them and get you more into game speed." ... it is hard to take exception to that and it could make a ton of difference to how impactful an NHLer he becomes. The AHL is a pretty rough league and he might have more opportunity to develop that mean streak he needs to find which would be. If he performs poorly in the AHL, and poorly in a couple of short injury call ups... then you have a lot less concern if he bolts to the KHL anyways.
  13. I think that is really an overblown idea. It is absolutely easy to trade for another fringe player before the expansion draft if we get into that situation.... it would cost us basically nothing. Pedan got sent down for hockey reasons, they don't need another big physical guy on the roster. Gudbranson, Sbisa, and Tryamkin fill those roles and are better... Tryamkin isn't even a lock to be on the opening day roster and could do a stint in the AHL to log big minutes. We have three smaller and faster guys in Larsen, Stecher, and Biega remaining and only two (possibly even one) of them will be on the opening day roster. There is even a scenario where the organization changes strategies a little and only keeps 7 D up in the short term and carry two extra forwards. Tryamkin and Stecher sent down to be a top pairing in Utica. Then signing either one or even both PTO guys who have impressed. I think there is really more worry and tension about the forward situation right now as there is no worry for sending a couple extra D down because everyone (including the players) know that it won't take long for them to come back up with injuries or someone else like Larsen or Sbisa falling flat. It is not impossible to see an opening night roster of Sedin-Sedin-Erikson Baertschi-Horvat-Rodin Granlund-Sutter-Hansen Burrows-Ruutu-Dorsett Skille-Gaunce Edler-Tanev Hutton-Gudbranson Sbisa-Larsen Biega That gives you two very good PK units in Sutter/Hansen and Ruutu/Burrows, leaving the top two lines to get all the offensive starts. Larsen gets half a dozen games to see how he manages a PP, but is on a short leash. The PTO guys are no risk and add organizational depth, you sign them for league minimum (cheaper than the young kids ironically enough)... and if they fall off, you waive them and they get picked up, report to the minors. get loaned to a European league, or retire. Meanwhile the kids have gotten prime development minutes in Utica rather than limited bottom line minutes in the NHL. We can easily punt the football down the field and not have to make the real decisions until well into the season.
  14. I don't even know that it is impossible we sign both Skille and Ruutu. Heck, if you go solely by performance Burrows is the other odd man out so far (he gets a pass in the pre-season as a veteran though I think). A 4th line of Skille-Ruutu-Dorsett is not one I would want to be on the ice against. The only reason I say Ruutu over Skille is who is the next centre up if one of ours gets hurt? We are pretty thin and it would require shuffling things around to put Granlund back at centre. We have lots of wingers to call up. On the other hand, if Virtanen goes to Utica we need a guy like Skille more on the roster. Both PTOs will probably make less than the rookies amusingly enough and will avoid overages for next year when we may be tighter against the cap. Skille on a two-way and Ruutu on the roster may happen. Even possibly we could see us only carrying 7 D on opening night and having two D waived, there are better D on the waiver wire in the last couple days than either Pedan or Biega.
  15. I agree. I don't necessarily think it is set as our 4th line... but I think Gaunce and Ruutu are sharing that spot with the other one being the extra forward. It means Etem and Virtanen are waived/sent down. It is getting clearer that the starting lineup is: Sedin-Sedin-Erikson Baertschi-Horvat-Rodin Granlund-Sutter-Hansen Burrows-Gaunce-Dorsett Ruutu Edler-Tanev Hutton-Gudbranson Sbisa-Larsen Pedan-Tryamkin (Stecher sent down short term and ready to come up as Larsen will be on a short leash in that spot)