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  1. Not too much of an overpayment really. In a bad year he is scoring goals in the low twenties, a good year he hits 30... on a good team finally maybe those totals even go up. Really good fit for San Jose and e is young enough that it won’t likely be an albatross until right at the end.
  2. [Rumor] Jonathan Tavares to test UFA

    We can’t plan around a possible recapture penalty that probably won’t happen. Pretty much any veteran NHLer has enough miles and dings on their body that they could medically retire. I fully expect Luongo will end up on the injured reserve at the end of his career when his actual salary is small .... possibly even after being traded back to Vancouver.
  3. Being realistic doesn't make someone less of a fan. You can't blame injuries every single year as "one off" flukes... at some point you have to admit it is the players. You don't get ahead by keeping every semi-useful player until they can't play. If we were a playoff team there could be an argument... we aren't and we won't be this year with the current roster. We are the worst team in the league in the last three years when you consider frivolous things like actual wins and losses. We have had epic collapses even though our brass hasn't traded away bunches of players like some of the tanking teams have.
  4. The bonus to this strategy is that there are always value priced veterans left without a team late into the summer. Moving anyone on our roster that is drawing interest doesn’t mean starting the season with all kids in the lineup as some folks seem to be suggesting.
  5. We are the worst team in the league over the last three years. It isn’t just injuries and bad luck every year, at some point you have to admit we are what our record indicates. Our roster is no good, it can’t score. We have lost 3 of our best point producing players from last year and even if all of our young guys have career years, we won’t replace the lost production in the coming season. Arguing that the players who have gotten us to thIs point are untouchable makes you a tanker as you want to keep us terrible. Ot you believe in magic and believe suddenly the same mix of guys will completely change course and become contenders. The only guys that should be untouchable are Horvat and Boeser. The rest of the roster needs radical change in the hopes of finding a new mix of guys that can win. A couple of tweaks along the fringes isn’t going to do it. Sutter isn’t a bum, but he is replaceable. If a decent return is offered, you take it. The same goes for any other guy you can extract value from. When you are the worst team over a several year period you don’t get to talk about the downside risk of trading guys. There is literally nowhere down to slide. The only result can be to end up just as bad or get better.
  6. Well you are the uppity one arguing and repeatedly being shown to be wrong... and then trying to move into another point where you are wrong again. You are just making random stuff up now because your panties are in a knot from someone pointing out the massive factual flaws in your thinking. - I didn't say that not having a mix of R and L hand centres didn't matter, as a matter of fact I went through pains to outline how we will already have several R hand centres on our roster, and are almost certainly getting another centre for the 2nd line to replace Hank either through signing or trade.... and we have no idea if he will be left or right handed. Using your logic you are the one who doesn't care about left and right handed. If we signed Bozak for the 2nd line (or traded/signed any other right handed centre), that would give us 3 R (with Gaudette as 4th line) and one L. We would additionally have an extra R handed centre in Gagner to take draws on his strong side.... that would be terribly unbalanced in the opposite way. The handedness of our centres is not a prime factor right now in building the roster since we don't know who will be filling it out. - If you think that Sutter is the 2nd best centre behind Tavares if you slotted him into the UFA centre list... then there is literally nothing that can be said to bring you to reality. It is laughable and insane. - We can certainly find a good 3rd line centre if we are offering the salary we are paying Sutter. More importantly and what I have repeatedly said, is that we actually need to find a 2nd line centre. The 3rd line slot can be filled in either via signing or with someone in our organization until Petterson shows he can slot in the middle.
  7. Now you have gone from being wrong to simply being purposefully disingenuous. There are a dozen guys at or above his production levels, you are just picking right handed centres for no particular reason. There is no reason to limit it to right handed centres at all, that is simply trying to make your argument. We don't know who our 2nd and 4th line centres are going to be, so we don't know if they would both or neither be right handed. The current other centres we have in the system for the bottom two lines in the absence of Sutter or a replacement that are most likely to play are right handed in Gagner and Gaudette. We aren't going to go into the season with Sutter as our 2nd line centre, he is not going to be put with offensive wingers like Petterson. The brass has pretty much said as much, that they need to find a guy to replace Hank and that Petterson will be playing the wing initially and not in that slot and needs to play with offensive players. We will be signing or trading for someone to fill that slot. We are talking about replacing the 3rd line centre spot. Sutter will be the 3rd line centre in virtually every scenario except Benning trying really hard but failing to find a guy to play in the top 6 AND them deciding somehow that he is a better option on an offensive line than giving Petterson a try. If that is the case, we have much bigger problems than our two top line centres being left handed.
  8. The reality is there are around a dozen UFA centres with similar or better production than he gave. Most of them with less ice time, most of them with a lower cap hit than his on their last deals. That is even excluding guys who didn't produce as much because they had more limited minutes being stuck behind other forwards which they wouldn't be here. If we retain Sutter, we still need a 2nd line centre. If we lose Sutter, we still need a 2nd line centre.
  9. Sure it is. You get a (presumably decent) asset for Sutter and then sign a replacement. You then have a comparable player and an extra asset. There are plenty of players you can sign at that price tag or less that can play a 3rd line centre role. Presumably you can actually find a better fit who can play the 2nd line centre spot which we need to fill (which he is terrible at). Your investment strategy is to keep him until he declines or is no longer under club control and then have nothing? That is literally the opposite of an investment strategy.
  10. That is exactly how almost everyone sells their house... almost no one buys a replacement and then sells their old one. Terrible analogy... or a great one, but the opposite of what you are saying.
  11. If the offer was reasonable they should have done it, and should do it now if there are still offers. There is nothing stopping you from signing other value veterans in the offseason for short term 1-3 year deals to replace anyone traded out. You bet out by adding assets. He isn’t a 2nd line centre, so is really just in the way of prospects working their way up from the bottom half of the roster. We would be better off trading him and signing Bozak for the 2nd line. Some combination of Gagner, Granlund, Gaunce, Gaudette, another veteran can fill the 3rd and 4th line spots.
  12. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    You don’t trade him. He has the tools to be a special player and reports are that he wants to try the NHL again after his contract is up. If he doesn’t come back after this contract then maybe move on... not worth it now at all. The likelihood of a 2nd round pick being as good as him is pretty low and he is the right age for our current core.
  13. I agree with most folks that we should keep #7. Quality of quantity. Sending Tanev for a mid round pick would be a good idea though. I think Kotkamiemi is going to be the sleeper of the draft and he is slated to go around 15. You can never have too many centres, and he would be coming into the league right around whatever veteran stopgap we sign for 2-3 years is expiring.
  14. Both Hamilton AND Bennett for our first and a throw in would be the only way we should come near a deal. We need a centre and a pick moving D. We get a centre and a pick moving D. Compared with a D prospect who is most likely to be a 2nd pairing guy unless we really luck out.
  15. It definitely seems like they are most likely to bring home the award. It is a nice gesture regardless and it means they get to go to Vegas and spend a last night with their peers getting their goodbyes. It seemed like it meant a lot to them to get the recognition from the opposing teams. Without winning a Cup, getting to look back and see how well you were respected around the league will mean a lot.