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  1. After so many years being at the top of the pile for Canadian teams (and amongst the best in the entire league), you know there is resentment built up. Every year the pundits in Toronto and elsewhere talked about their teams making huge strides and the Canucks falling off a cliff. For many many years they were wrong. They continue to be wrong as their teams have shown zero improvement. It is not sustainable for the Canucks to be President's trophy winners every year, nor do we have to go through dramatic boom and bust cycles. We have made huge strides in making our defence younger and better to the point where we will have the entire defence in their just hitting their prime for the next 5 years. Edler is the oldest one by a long shot at 30 and we have his replacement in Juolevi who will almost certainly be ready in perfect timing as Edler fades. It would be great to trade one of our defensive guys for a more offensive one or finding a true #1 guy (the Tanev+ for Subban would have given us a perfectly balanced D corps for example)... but there aren't a lot of teams with perfect defence and I take ours over that of any other Canadian team at present (Winnipeg is good, but three of their top guys are over 30. Ottawa has Karlss which is worth a lot but again Phaneuf and Methot are signed to big dollars and term and in their 30's). We have work to do with the top six of our forwards, but we have also greatly increased our prospect pool and depth of younger guys in the bottom half of the lineup. The small misses by management are really overblown. Look at all the interest Vrbata has generated as a free agent, does that not point to the reality of how impossible it was to trade him at the deadline for any sort of asset? Sure, trading him away last summer would have been good but no one could predict his precipitous fall and you don't often see GMs trading away 30+ goal scorers. A very late pick in return for Hamhuis (which is what was offered by all reports), is effectively worthless and most certainly worth less than the mentorship he gave Tryamkin and Hutton for those few extra months. The young guys were always quick to point out how much he had helped them, even off the ice getting them set up in town and inviting them over for dinner and such.
  2. This just makes him cheaper as there would be fewer suitors for his services. Vancouver is quite possibly the only place where he can get his act together, he would be living back with his parents and be surrounded by a support network off the ice. The LA precedents give us a very good course of action if Kane ends up spending all his time at the Roxy and getting into trouble. We can simply terminate his contract and get out of the cap hit. Low risk to get a potential 25-30 goal scorer who is also physical. It could easily be getting Lucic just before his prime. Kane for Sbisa & Etem is a decent trade with the current low ebb of his value.
  3. I think you have to look at the last two seasons together to figure out what the Canucks have. The rosters last year and the year before were pretty similar. One year we made the playoffs with one of the best point totals in franchise history, and the next year we were at the bottom of the barrel. One year almost all the secondary players had careers years, the other year most of them were hurt and replaced by AHL players. So, if you split the middle and figure that it is likely that not everything is going to go right like in 2014-15 and that it is not likely that everything goes wrong like in 2015-16... then our team is somewhere in the middle. That middle is either a just a few points into the wildcard or final division spot... or missing the playoffs by just a few points. I hedge towards "just" making the playoffs as we have made some improvements to the roster and our developing younger guys should at least offset the decline of the older veterans (I actually expect the Sedins and Burrows to outperform last season by a pretty decent margin while Hansen falls back to earth a bit).
  4. If we were getting Subban, trading Tanev would have been fine. If you are going to move out one of your top pairing and you don't have another guy to take that slot you are pretty screwed. We don't have another player capable of eating up those minutes. The only reason you trade Tanev is to get a more offensive oriented top pairing D.
  5. He will come back to bite us in the rear when he scores 50 goals.... (sarcasm font)
  6. You have to learn that posts are supposed to be only a couple of sentences long and generally be vacant of actual facts or well thought out arguments. If you want to get along here, your next several posts should be: "Tear the team apart and trade everyone so we can magically win a Stanley Cup in 2 years" "Eklund sucks, why is he a valid source" "JB is terrible" "We can never win with the Sedins" "Our team will be forever terrible because of trading away (pick one of: Grabner, Rome, Jensen, Shinkaruk, Hodgson, McCann)… they will come back and haunt us after scoring 50 goals with their new teams and be playoff MVP on a Cup winning Championship run." "We should trade our 2022 7th round pick for Ovechkin and their next 4 first round picks."
  7. Same here. Anaheim is due for falling off a cliff soon. All their top players are getting older and play the type of game that doesn't translate into your mid 30's. LA just keeps losing depth and getting worse. If we have a really solid physical shut down guy (Gudbranson) to shut down Kopitar, that takes away a good chunk of their offence. Their defence is also in pretty sad shape. San Jose can keep trucking a while longer. I don't count out Thornton and Marleau the same way I don't count out the Sedins. Our improvement against these guys is going to be somewhat offset by the fact it would be too much to ask for Edmonton and Calgary to be as bad as they have in recent years.
  8. OK deal… I was figuring 3yrs at $3.5 and if he wanted a 4th year the AAV would have to go down close to $3 million. Perfect term to determine what we need going forward. Demko should be finishing his 1sst or 2nd NHL season as a back up by then.
  9. They haven't made it completely clear as far as the definition of 2yr pro. We are in pretty good shape regardless. It will make a huge difference to our protected list, we could even end up opting for the 8 total skaters to protect 4D. It will be defence that are the most valuable after expansion as many teams will have lost a top 4 guy. Any forward lost in expansion is probably replaceable in free agency. I have no big heartache with Sutter being exposed assuming Horvat is ready for full-time 2nd line duties after next season.
  10. I didn't hear that interview with Willie… if he did say that (and meant it), then he is definitely not on the same page as his GM. I definitely heard JB mention s few times that he got Gudbranson to play with Hutton. Not having the same vision as your boss means that the first time you have a losing streak, you are replaced by a coach waiting on the farm team for his chance. I don't have a hate on for Sbisa, he has actually been better than I figured when we got him (he had never been a + player in his career even though he was on high scoring and winning teams). His contract is also not as bad as most say, slightly overpaid but not by enough to cause grief. I do hope he gets traded regardless as Gudbranson is simply a better version of the same player, and with the rest of our D corps not exactly offensive fireplugs, you can't afford to have two of those guys.
  11. We should also not forget that it is entirely possible that LA and Anaheim are worse next year, and even possibly San Jose. There is a point where Getzlaf and Perry fall off a cliff in terms of production, and LA keeps losing depth to manage their cap.
  12. We will be a fringe playoff team most likely fighting for a wildcard spot. We won't likely have everything to right like it did two years ago and break 100 points, nor will we likely have everything go wrong like last year. Our defence is much more solid, even if you assume a regression by Hutton as a sophomore slump. Our forwards certainly aren't going to be worse, barring a whack of injuries testing our depth. Sutter being healthier and Eriksson potting over 20 goals will add several wins
  13. It seems like a more common sense strategy than tearing it all down (which has rarely worked… most teams that have sucked over the last decade have continued to suck). We are significantly younger, and have far more of a future ahead of us than we did a couple years ago. While I always thought Benning made a mistake with Virtanen, you can't fault his drafting overall with later pick steals. Knowing that he probably has a better than average chance of picking the "right guy" in the middle or late in the 1st round, why not try to win and make the playoffs and actually win as much as possible. I think they also have their fingers on the pulse of the fan base, folks "say" they want a teardown but also freak out after a two game losing streak. The building quickly emptied out once we weren't a top team, even after a decade of success… so there is no way there is patience for 5+ years of being terrible and "hoping" we luck out in the lottery and "hoping" it is in the year when there is a franchise player at the top of the draft instead of just solid players.
  14. Hartnell costs us zero in terms of assets effectively is what I meant. If they retain some salary it would cost us a mid round pick. If they don't retain some salary we probably GET an asset for taking on the contract. No idea how much they want to trade him anymore now that they have cleared some cap space, they just have to worry about the NMC for the expansion draft really.
  15. Don't be really surprised if we can't pull the trigger on one of the big fish and circle back around to get a guy cheap like Hartnell. 20 goals and decent 2nd line material.