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  1. [Discussion] RyJo Watch

    You absolutely give up a big package because he is a sure 1st line centre who you have the rights to for a long term. Something like: One of Horvat/McCann Another solid prospect (Gaunce/Shinkaruk/Cassels/Jensen/Vey) A 2nd round pick Whatever lower end veteran roster player they want (Higgins/Hansen/etc) To have a centre depth of: Sedin-Sedin-Vrbata Baertschi-Johansen-Burrows Higgins-Sutter-Virtanen -Prust-McCann/Horvat-Dorsett ... that is crazy and makes you a true four line team for the long term.  Plenty of wingers to choose from to replace guys on expiring contracts, You can try to move Baertschi out of there for an upgrade... and then only need to find a top pairing D or two.
  2. I believe he is still an RFA at the end of this contract. It has always been generally accepted that whoever gets the best player in a deal wins the trade, but nowadays even more so since, because of cap issues, there are always solid veterans players available to round out the bottom half of your lineup at great value deals.   We currently have a surplus of forwards, and some young forward prospects who are decent but probably not going to crack our roster as it is currently made up (Shinkaruk, Jensen, Gaunce, Cassels).  If a deal can be made with a package of those guys and a high pick, you have to try to make that happen.  If they want a top 4 defence, then unless we can make another deal to bring in a replacement we don't have the ability to give that up without netting out as worse.
  3. For the "Lets Tank" Crowd

    There is something to be said for that.  Trading one of our pending UFAs in no way equals tanking.  They are mostly a known quantity and replacing them with a youngster or the return in a trade could turn into lightning in a bottle. Trading all of our vets certainly does equal tanking.  The "lets tank" crowd specifically wants to get rid of as many players as possible in exchange for picks and prospects AND to try to lose as many games as possible to get high draft picks for the next couple years or so. Slightly retooling your roster is exactly what Benning and Linden said they would do.  Linden called it a "delicate dance" of winning and developing youngsters.   I thought very strongly that we should have traded Higgins or Hansen last deadline, mainly because worse players were getting a 2nd round pick in return.  You can always package those picks up with a roster player to pry out an elite player from another team in a bind at the end of the season to accelerate the re-tooling.
  4. Vancouver-Montreal [Proposal]

    Yep... that is about the right valuation.  At the deadline "if" Vrbata picks up his game there is an outside shot at getting a REALLY late 1st rounder, but really there won't be any deals significantly better than this in the offing. For those saying we already have some giant D in the pipeline, don't assume they are going to make it to the big leagues anytime soon if ever.
  5. That isn't true. You don't lose your spot in the waiver order.  It is strictly by order of where you are in the standings.  If you are last in the league and pick up a player today... tomorrow you still have first shot at any player. This myth keeps coming up but it can be found nowhere in the CBA.
  6. Hmmm I guess we didn't put a claim in on Granberg.
  7. If the Canucks miss the Playoffs

    Two years ago LA won with their three top playoff goal scorers and 3 of their top 4 playoff point producers as players they didn't draft (Carter, Williams, Gaborik). I didn't have to go back very far.  
  8. If the Canucks miss the Playoffs

    Just not true.... You are ignoring the "you need to build the rest of your team through the draft and development" part of the post.  You can absolutely pay an elite top line UFA forward big bucks as long as you have the rest of your core and supporting cast in place and/or continued stream of younger guys on cheaper contracts. You can't build a team SOLELY via UFAs... but you can certainly add a couple of top end pieces using that route. 
  9. Actually having Granberg helps make it more palatable to do a Tanev for Hamonic swap to me.  A little needed depth and a defensive presence with a little physicality.
  10. Ummm... we can't waive him without another team picking him up.  Surely Toronto would take him back if we tried and reassign him directly to their farm team.
  11. Highly doubt Granberg falls to us, but why not pick him up and do a test drive.  He might play better with a different system than Toronto and with some more Swedish counterparts surrounding him. Probably not a lot to pick between him, Weber, and Bartkowski really... but he could have more upside and just be in need of a change of scenery.  We kind of know what we have with the other two guys.    
  12. Is this a real thing?  I don't recall reading it in the CBA and it keeps popping up. What I recall from reading it is that it is purely by order of lowest points, and you don't go to the bottom once you have selected someone.
  13. If the Canucks miss the Playoffs

    We are going to be a fringe playoff team... either just making it or just missing it.   We are going to do that while playing and developing a whack of our younger talent. A youth movement AND winning... gee that sounds terrible. You don't always have to draft your elite player by sucking badly and scoring a first overall pick in a year where they guy happens to be an elite talent, you can pick them up as a UFA.  You just need to have drafted some of your other players well to fill out the roster without all being expensive free agents.  As it stands we have darn solid 2nd and 3rd lines shaping up from our young talent.  McCann and Boeser have a shot at even being top line guys in their prime.  Add in an elite UFA forward and a #1 D, our roster starts to look pretty good. When the Sedins retire or take a lower contract to be 2nd line players, we will have many millions of dollars freed up and can take a run at any of the top UFAs out there and offer max dollars.
  14. You aren't allowed to trade a player that you claimed from waivers for the rest of the season.  Well specifically, you have to offer the player (for free) to any club that had put a claim on him when he was originally waived.  I am not actually sure if that also includes the original team that waived him. So, I supposed if Toronto was the only team that put a claim in, it is conceivable they could trade him away... pretty unlikely though.
  15. [Report] Travis Hamonic on the trading block

    Sbisa, Higgins, and our 2016 1st rounder for Hamonic and the Isles 2nd. Giving up a 1st sounds terrible, but those picks have huge value and would perk up Snow's ears pretty fast.  It would likely be around the #15 pick.  We would be hard pressed to get a prospect who would turn out to be a top 4 D at that pick... and certainly not one who helps right away and is signed to a great value contract with term. Snow doesn't want picks apparently, but he could absolutely flip that 1st round pick for another asset or two to help him at the deadline.