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  1. Except there is no evidence of this. You don’t see him getting into faces or punishing guys on a regular basis. He isn’t scaring anyone. One of our leading goal scorers Dorsett however is filling that role.
  2. It depends on what you mean by value. As a pure rental at the deadline you are looking at a 2nd rounder (probably a mid-late one since it will be playoff teams who would be in the market. Before Christmas with a sign and trade where the team gets to talk to him about an extension and knows they have him under club control and at what price? Value then is a late 1st rounder or a blue chip prospect and a later pick. He is a more attractive player than either Burrows or Hansen and they got us good returns.
  3. Pouliot has suddenly made Hutton pretty expendable, which is a good thing. Shorter body of work, but Pouliot has a huge added advantage of being able to play both sides well. We have no one else who can do that, and that is really limiting. There also has to be room for Juolevi in the mix, so even if this isn't the trade.... Hutton is probably not with us next season. I also assume Gudbranson is traded or leaves for nothing as his time here hasn't exactly been a stellar point in his career. Edler-Tanev Del Zotto-Pouliot Juolevi-Stecher Holm-Chatfield Brisebois-Subban Cederholm-Mceneny Not stellar, but there are always depth veteran guys and maybe even a free agent signing or trade.
  4. I actually think the opposite. We have pumped up Granlund's value to what is probably an all-time high. If Burmistrov is given those minutes instead, he can be extended for cheap and he has the talent to become a good asset as well. I think our only way out of this morass is to keep taking players from the comparative scrap heap and giving them development time and premiere minutes so they look good as middle 6 players. If you flip those kind of guys enough times you will hit the jackpot with a prospect or pick that turns into a star player.
  5. There may be more to come I guess. TSN was just talking about lots of trade rumours heating up ahead of the GM meeting, and that forward help is what is scarce (which is unusual... normally it is D). Maybe time to consider whether to listen on Vanek and Granlund. If you can get a decent return, we have the depth to replace them with not too much drop off and it might ease our veteran logjam in Utica. Granlund would probably be really attractive as someone who is cheap, can play centre or wing, has a bunch of goals last season, and can also be used in a shutdown capacity. It is the same reason he is valuable to us, but we are in a situation where if we flip him for something with a higher ceiling that works too. We have plenty of middle 6 players on the roster and coming up through the system. We can't keep them all, or there are no holes for kids to slot into.
  6. That was something we should have been trying from the start of the season or at least moved to it quickly once we saw they weren’t working well together anymore. There is a risk of making more lines worse, but there is also an upside of maybe leveraging their playmaking skills on two lines. Since Daniel stopped shooting, there is no finish to their line.
  7. If he isn’t planning on re-signing it is possible a 3rd round pick is what a rental commands. At best you are looking at a late 2nd rounder from a team leading in the standings. If we get a couple of third round picks for Vanek and Gudbranson at the deadline (assuming we are on the outside of the playoffs looking in)... that is pretty decent.
  8. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    Green likes guys on their own side but do you play Wiercoch while sitting Pouliot? Probsbly not... someone mY slide over temporarily.
  9. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I think that is partly true, if he REALLY wants to stay he would have. On the other side, the Russian reporter addressed that issue too. Tryamkin had apparently made the decision prior to Willy getting fired. There is some organizational blame here as well since it was manifestly obvious after the trade deadline that WD was going to get fired. The brass were publicly separating themselves from the coaching deployment issues and making it clear they wanted the yothe her guys played more. WD for his part seemed to know he was going to be fired so coached in a way to not lose “too badly” with guys like Megna and Chaput rather than actually trying to win. He was taking care of his resume for future employment rather than the team’s developments goals. Once things were at that point in the relationship, he should have been fired rather than playing out the string. A lot of variables were clearly in play, but the clear message from Tryamkin has been that he didn’t know what was expected of him and he really wants to be an important part of a team he is playing for. The worst that can be said of him is that he is young and when you are that age it is really hard to think ahead by a few years when you are stuck in a crappy current situation. One really surprising fact that came out just this fal from his agent was that the contract offer from his home club was for more money. That is surprising because the KHL salary structure is such that not many guys make more than $1 million. How low were the Canucks in their offers? Even considering the tax difference Tryamkin is probably taking home no more than $1.5 million at the very most in the KHL (that would put him in the top 10 earners in the league). A reasonable $3 million offer from the Canucks with about 20% escrow deducted, and 35% taken off the remainder in income tax means around $1.6 million take home. So, assuming his agent wasn’t lying, either the Canucks were lowballing him or his home team made him one of the best paid players in their league.
  10. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Except he didn't really. There was a translation and headlines going around that were misleading. The actual reporter he spoke to did interviews here and clarified what was said. The thrust was: - He loved the city, the organization, and his team mates - He was surprised about East Hastings - A lot more people smoked dope here than at home (was apparently said jokingly with a laugh) - He never understood why he got or didn't get playing time. This repeated what he said in an earlier interview. He would have a good game and then get benched, he would have a bad game and get more minutes the next game... no one explained any expectations of him and what he did right or wrong. - He is a cheerleader for all the Russian guys because he is patriotic and didn't understand why Goldobin wasn't played more late in the year when the team couldn't score goals. Those things don't seem to scream lack of character. If you listen to any of the players this year including Henrik they rave about the current coaching system and how they know what is expected. That is throwing the exact same shade at WD except with a bit more sophistication from knowing the media.
  11. You don’t pencil in rookies to be top 4 D on your starting roster. They are bottom pairing and/or injury call ups. If you get incredibly lucky and they blow the doors off, you make room for them.
  12. No, we have a logjam of bottom pairing D... that is a different thing. If you are trading for a better top 4 player it just simply slips one of the bottom guys out of the lineup or lets you trade them. We are probably looking at Gubranson moving on after this season so you can easily move him now and recoup some of what you give up to bring in another guy.
  13. Kane is absolutely a player we should be pursuing. It definitely appears at this point that the Sedins won’t be extended past this season and that opens up a lot of dollars and roster spots. Any trade would have to involve us having pre-arranged an extension with him. If it is for 6 years and $6.5 million or under that makes it worth sending assets out to lock him up rather than compete in free agency. Buffalo at the deadline can probably get a grade A prospect or a late 2st rounder for him from a contender needing a rental. Any trade has to be more than that for them to pull the trigger.
  14. I said the picks. If they plan on re-signing Duchene, they will have internal cap concerns. The 1st and 3rd mean a couple of guys on ELCs who won’t be on their roster during that contract term. Ottawa keeps having to lose their top veterans because they can’t afford them so cheap young talent is a huge premium for them.
  15. If you keep him in Utica for the whole season then there is no point in developing him as he will be in the KHL next year. His agent has been very precise with his language when asked about the KHL. He says over and over “We will honour the contract”. That contract ends at the end of the season. If he continues to show that he has earned a call up by leading the team in scoring, but watches Megna and Chaput called up instead, then he will rightly believe he hasn’t been given a fair shake. If he gets a couple of decent looks and doesn’t produce, the team can argue they gave him his opportunity. He will have to at least consider that he needs to step it up, rather than being able to point to bad management decisions keeping him down.