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  1. Looks like Chad Johnson is part of the deal too Not official, hearing Calgary will send Johnson, Hickey and conditional pick to Arizona in the Smith deal. Salary retention unclear. #TSN
  2. Bob McKenzie‏Verified account @TSNBobMcKenzie 1m1 minute ago More Assuming trade call gets done, ARI to retain 25 per cent of Smith's salary. CGY will send rights to Brandon Hickey + conditional 3rd rder...
  3. Bob McKenzie‏Verified account @TSNBobMcKenzie 57s58 seconds ago More CGY/ARI have agreed to terms on trade involving G Mike Smith and have scheduled a trade call with league, tho nothing official until then.
  4. Bob McKenzie Retweeted Canadiens Montréal‏Verified account @CanadiensMTL 37s38 seconds ago More The Canadiens acquire BUF's 3rd-round pick (68) in 2017 , in return for N. Beaulieu.
  5. FlappyLappy

    'Canada's Team': Why do we all hate each other?

    I am born and raised in Calgary and still live here, however I have never cheered for them. The canucks are my team and always will be. I remember this playoff run for the flames I was one of the few guys calling for a ducks sweep and ppl didnt like it, they thought this flames team was the deepest in recent memory. As for the cup winner this year for me its either the sens (burrows) and if they do fall short I would love to see Nashville win it, mostly because of what Mike Fisher meant to the city of Ottawa and how he came up short in 2007.