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  1. I would rather trade Hamhuis for Dumoulin straight up
  2. A young right side dman..... like Subban ?
  3. To sj Beiksa 2016 2nd to van B.Dillon
  4. I could see the first trade happening but we fleece Columbus in the second trade
  5. Lol how is anyone still surprised at ridiculous posts from this person. .....
  6. Change Corrado to Clendening and add our first and I would still do this
  7. I would do Bieksa and a 2016 2nd if it would go through
  8. Love it !!! But with out Beiksa and edler we would need to sign Franson and hopefully Clendenning or Corrado can make the team next year. Otherwise no way Benning does this as he "make the playoffs every year" won't happen. With a defense like that.
  9. I like it but I'm not sure they will give up a first round pick for a aging dman with one year on his contract ....
  10. this is exactly what I have in mind for next year, I would love to see gaunce make a push for the fourth line center spot
  11. I'd rather see Beiksa and a b prospect go to Philly for their 2015 2nd and R Hagg. But getting him to move is a different story although
  12. Not really necessary... Barzel could be available when we pick anyways. If we move up it should be for a solid dman
  13. In a perfect world I would like to sign Franson 4.5 mill and Green 6.5 mill and move Edler and Beiksa ....
  14. #1 I agree we should move Beiksa , with one year on his contract we could get a bit for him ... Maybe Philly ? #2 I'm fine moving Higgins #3 Burrows is the kind of person you want around young players ... He works his hardest every shift and can be put on the Ice in any situation and Franson is a ufa at the end of the season so if we want him we can bid on him #4 Keep the Kass... Look how much he could make a difference in this Calgary series #5 just resigned Sbisa can see us moving him.... Webber is a ufa at the end of the season so I can see us getting to much for him #6 I'd like to see us keep Miller for one more year before I think Lack will be ready to be the man.... But if S.j makes a good enough offer.....
  15. that's why ( and I know it wouldn't work ) I wish hockey could adopt a system like soccer were the worst team gets relegated down a league and has to work their way back up. Couldn't imagine teams trying to tank if that was the case