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  1. Wilds just before the season pause, were playing more of a balanced line and had good run late. An effective strategy for Vancouver would be to counter each line employing the same balanced line up. My line up would be: Zack Parise(Rating:76.3) – Joel Eriksson Ek(Rating: 71.6) – Luke Kunin(Rating: 72.5) Ryan Sutter(Rating:76.3) – Jared Spureon(Rating:76.1) VS Jake Virtanen(Rating: 72.0) - Elias Pettersson(Rating: 77.7) – J.T Miller(Rating:78.5) Chris Tanev(71.0) - Tyler Myers(Rating:72.6) Marcus Foligno(Rating:71.7) – Alex Galchenyuk(Rating:70.8) – Mats Zuccarello(Rating:71.8) Jonas Brodin(Rating:73.7) – Mathew Dumba(Rating:74.5) VS Michael Ferland(Rating:71.7) – Bo Horvat(Rating:74.8) – Brock Boeser(Rating: 74.1) AlexanderEdler(Rating:74.2) – Quinn Hughes(Ratin:75.2) Jordan Greenway(Ratin:71.2) – Eric Staal(Rating:74.2) – Kevin Fiala(Rating:78.3) Ryan Sutter(Rating:76.3) – Jared Spureon(Rating:76.1) VS Tyler Motte(Rating:68.8) – Jay Beagle – Brandon Sutter(Rating:70.1) AlexanderEdler(Rating:74.2) – Chris Tanev(71.0) Ryan Donato(Rating:72.1) – Mikko Koivu(Rating:71.8) – Ryan Hartman(Rating:71.2) Brad Hunt(Rating:73.7) – Greg Pateryn(Rating:70.5) VS Tanner Pearson(Rating:73.7) – Adam Gaudette(Rating:70.2) – Tyler Toffoli(Rating:75.9) Jordi Benn - Troy Stecher(Rating:71.9)
  2. consensus lineup above. My personal lineup is based on a duo pair with a third revolving pivot(similar to how AV deployed forwards). not traditional first, second line etc. the best lines each night gets bulk of the mins. FORWARDS (Duo Pairs in bold) Ferland(LW) - Petey(C) - Boeser(RW) - match up against opponent 2 or 3rd line Pearson(LW) - Horvat(C) - Toffoli(RW) - match up against opponent 1st when offence is required as a shutdown unit, otherwise against 2-4 Virtanen(LW) - JT Miller(C) - Gaudette(RW) - against line 2-4 Motte(LW) - Beagle(C) - Sutter(RW) - defensive match up against line 1-2 and line 4 head to head Extra/Rotating forwards from first to last: Macwen RW(1), Roussel LW(2), Loui LW/RW(3), Baertschi LW(4) DEFENCE (based on some capable Dmen playing their off wing allowing for a more puck transition pair. each pair with a puck mover and defensive partner) Edler(LD) - Hughes(RD) (Edler plays well when paired with an elite puck mover.Think Ehroff, Karlsson & OEL on international stage) Tanev(LD) - Myers(RD) (Myers is muchmore effective with a strong 2way positional sound defensive partner.Allows him to roam more) Benn(LD) - Stecher(RD) (Benn adds more physicality to the pair than Oscar. Stecher as your 3rd pair puckmover)
  3. Couldn’t agree more. Puzzles my mind how he hasn’t been converted to a left winger permanently. Always thought player development was placing players in a position of strength. The glimpse of this year’s breakout Virtanen is the dominate Left-wing WHL Virtanen. With him on the left wing, our organizational left wing depth is slightly bolstered more thus also solving some of the glut on right wing.
  4. JT Miller and Pettersson no doubt are great players in their own right, and in a traditional sense, you want your best players playing together on a line. When you actually look at and analyze the lotto line 5on5 play you start to see that true synergy wasn't there. Miller controlled the play on ice. Preferring to slow the play down at times. A dump & chase style at times that was ill suited to boeser & pettersson to keep up with. Pettersson at times went away from the puck carrier role weaving his way on the rush. Each player (Pettersson & Miller) actually created a majority of their own scoring chance independent of each other that could have worked with any other linemate. IMO the Miller - Pettersson - Toffoli & Miller - Pettersson - Virtanen lines were more effective than the lotto line because the complementary piece on the lines, that worked with Miller on ice play control, was strength on the walls in Toffoli/Virtanen. Saying that, we can load up a top line in games (if chasing a lead) in the form of Miller - Pettersson - Toffoli. A healthy Ferland is an excellent complementary to skilled top players (look back to his time playing on the top line in Calgary & in Carolina). I believe he played on a line with Pettersson during preseason. New to the team at the time and still adjusting. Absolutely the idea of having Ferland & Virtanen banging away is enticing. However the penalty called against would be a lot. Furthermore it takes Virtanen away from playing the left wall, a position that Ferland also would need to play. The idea was based on a scoring top 9 with an energy bottom 3
  5. no doubt it is working on the premise that Ferland returns to full health (hope the best for him). Brandon Sutter still has NHL value. Giving up a 3rd or later round is quite possible. I believe Tampa gave up a 1st for a few bottom forwards. Roussel can still help a team. Admit Baertschi might be a bit harder. Absolutely JT Miller deserves to play on a first line. However the combinations are based on potentially dominate top 9 forward combinations and pairs. Pettersson-Boeser pair, Horvat-Toffoli/Pearson pair, Virtanen-JT Miller pair. Was not looking at the traditional 1st, 2nd - 3rd line sense. 5v5, Special team deployments still allows the top players their 17+ mins a night.
  6. You are right in a normal sense, Virtanen would be making more. However Defensemen are valued differently that forwards. Tryamkin adds an enticing element of size, physicality & mobility that puts him ahead of Virtanen at this time. Myers has a higher AAV than a lot of NHL forwards that have a higher point production. Additional Virtanen needs that extra motivation to be more. the lure of a bigger payday.
  7. Some team may take a chance on him given how he has performed in the minors. Given he is a free agent after this season may give him the extra motivation to perform. It is not unusual for a player to exceed expectation in a contract year. Furthermore the risk of him not, limits the risk for a potential suitor to this season only. A swap of a 7th for a lower pick (say Vancouver 6th) may get it done.
  8. The nostalgia of the last Canadian team (2010-11 Vancouver Canucks) that came close to winning it all got me thinking of the best construction and combination to replicate, given potential cap constraints, COVID-19 impact and crop of free agents available. This also factors in cap flexibility to resign upcoming big tickets in Pettersson & Hughes. The 2010-11 team was "talented, bold and brash, with personality up and down the roster" Elliot Friedman. It featured a very balanced line with each line equally capable of carrying the team on any given night. AV deployed pairs with complementary 3rd forwards. A top 9 forward group and reliable aggressive bottom line. The D core was extremely mobile featuring a puck mover on each pair balanced with a 2 way partner. The defensive philosophy was to play to its strengths thus transition the puck up ice quickly, spending as little time in the defensive zone. Each pair had puck mover joining the rush as the 4th forward. Two effective power play units that could cause damage thus limiting the ability to defend just one. Each unit featured a heavy point shot, a play driver, net presence and a sniper. Going into the 2020-21 season, we already have some good pieces on the roster and in the system with no major upgrades available in free agency that wouldn't handcuff us for years to come. Minor required moves as follows: PLAYERS IN: - Tyler Toffoli Resigned at a $5.2million AAV for 5yrs - Jacob Markstrom resigned at a $6million AAV for 6yrs - Chris Tanev resigned at a $5 AAV for 3yrs - Nikita Tryamkin signed at $3million AAV for 3yrs - Jake Virtanen resigned at a $2.9million AAV for 3yrs - Adam Gaudette resigned at a $1.2million AAV for 2yrs - Tyler Motte resigned at a $1.3million AAV for 3yrs - Zack MacEwen resigned at a $1million AAV for 2yr - Wayne Simmonds free agency signing for 1yr bet on myself contract of $2million - Under $1million reserve/ additions for minors: Nils Hoglander (LW), Reid Boucher(LW), Marc Michaelis(LW,C), Justin Bailey(RW) William Lockwood (C,RW), Jett Woo(RD), Jack Rathbone (LD), Linus Karlssom (Centre)***, Carson Focht, Richard Bachman (G)***, 1 free agent veteran center, free agent veteran goaltender (Michael Hutchinson) PLAYERS OUT: - Loui Eriksson via compliance buyout or retirement or trade to a team seeking to reach the floor but with a small actual salary been paid. Some low budget team would find it appealing for a 7th round pick or futures - Sven Baertschi via trade for a 7th. Has just one more season to free agency. Worth a risk for some team as it will be his contract year (potentially NYI) - Brandon Sutter via trade for a 3rd round pick (potentially Montreal) - Antoine Roussel via trade for a 5th round pick (potentially NJD, NYI, CBJ) - Via free agency: Louis Domingue (G), Uscar Fantenberg (D), Tyler Graovac (Center), Josh Leivo (RW, LW), ADDITIONS FROM WITHIN THE SYSTEM: - Zack MacEwen - Olli Juolevi - adds puck moving to the team. Ehrhoff got the opportunity in Vancouver and excelled. Kid needs the opportunity now. - Guillaume Brisebois - adds a young left D Tanev TEAM COMPOSITION AND SALARY CAP - Roster size of 23 composed of 13 forwards and 8 defense - Forward groups consist of 4 natural Centers and 3 other forwards that can play in the middle for a potential total of 7 center men. - 4 forwards that can play either sides of the wing -- Total Salary Cap of $77,221,539 that’s including Ryan Spooners buyout of $1,033,333 (falls off after this season) and recapture fee of $3,033,206 for Luongo. Cap space of $4,278,461 remaining assuming cap is same. FORWARD GROUP AND REASONING: Roster Left Wing Centre Right Wing Ferland, Micheal $3,500,000 LW, RW NMC UFA - 3 Pettersson, Elias $925,000 C RFA - 1 Boeser, Brock $5,875,000 RW RFA - 2 Pearson, Tanner $3,750,000 LW UFA - 1 Horvat, Bo $5,500,000 C UFA - 3 Toffoli, Tyler $5,200,000 RW, LW UFA Virtanen, Jake $2,900,000 RW RFA Gaudette, Adam $1,200,000 C RFA Miller, J.T. $5,250,000 C, LW, RW UFA - 3 Motte, Tyler $1,300,000 RW, LW, C RFA Beagle, Jay $3,000,000 C M-NTC UFA - 2 Simmonds, Wayne $2,000,000 RW MacEwen, Zack $1,000,000 Pettersson and Boeser pair with a complementary piece in Ferland. Petterson adds puck wizardry to the line, elite passing ability to go along with a great release and shot. He is defensively responsible, likes to hang onto pucks to create plays and is most effective as the play driver similarly to H. Sedin Boeser adds play finisher role similarly to D. Sedin. Adds a heavy shot and hockey smarts. Needs to differ to Pettersson and find open space. - Nose for the net and acting as screen for Boeser and Pettersson shots.Create space on the ice and puck retrieval role similarly to Burrows/Hansen. Adds physicality (Bull on Pucks). Has an underrated play making ability. Good passer with soft hands around the net, high IQ and responsible defensively. Also adds the Torries effect to the line up(canon ball effect) Tanner Pearson – Horvat pair with complementary piece in Toffoli. Horvat is not yet at the beast mode level of 2010-11 Kesler. However the combination above adds a similar strong 2 way presences. Mimicking the cup winning LA 70s line doesn’t hurt, with Horvat playing the shot first centerman Carter role. adds strong left wall presence and underrated heavy shot. Strong defensively and plays a heavy hockey style Strong 2-way player that is strong on the right walls. Excellent playmaking ability from the wing and in the middle as a centerman. High IQ, great release and a nose for the net. Defensively responsible and plays a heavy hockey style Good defensively and plays a heavy game. Likes to bull himself to the net with a shot first mentality Jake Virtanen – JT Miller pair with a complementary piece in Gaudette. Similar to a grittier version of the Virtanen-Pettersson- Miller line. Pettersson had less touches on that line. A role that Gaudette can fill . Miller has taking Virtanen under his wings as they both had similar growth path. The impact on Virtanen has been amazing and has turned him back to the WHL player that was drafted 6th overall. Miller serves as the strong vocal mentor on the line. Carrying his own line. Has an underrated faceoff ability. Excellent playmaker that can play all 3 forward positions effectively. Likes to be the play driver on his line. Can play the middle with Gaudette moving to the right wall Most effective on the Left side as it allows him to use his speed more. Plastering opposing team on the wall with his stick facing right. Has a great release coming from the left wall. Adds speed and puck retrieval to the line along with underrated passing ability from the left side Kid loves to score. Has determination and drive to win. Work horse that complements Miller and speed to keep up with Virtanen A Bottom pair of Mott and Simmonds centered by Beagle. Beagle with the strong face off presence. Simmonds with the grit and Motte with the tenacity. RESERVE VERSATILE 13TH FORWARD THAT CAN PLAY UP AND DOWN THE LINE UP DEFENSIVE COMBINATION Left Defense Right Defense Goaltender Edler, Alexander $6,000,000 D NMC UFA - 1 Myers, Tyler $6,000,000 D M-NTC UFA - 4 Markström, Jacob $6,000,000 G UFA Hughes, Quinn $916,667 D RFA - 1 Tryamkin, Nikita $3,000,000 D Demko, Thatcher $1,050,000 G RFA - 1 Juolevi, Olli $863,333 D RFA - 1 Tanev, Christopher $5,000,000 D Brisebois, Guillaume $925,000 D RFA Benn, Jordie $2,000,000 D UFA - 1 Edler & Myer pair - Edler playing the Jacob Trouba role for Myers. - Puck mover that has a tendency to sneak in from the points to around the net - Likes to be in on the play. Plays a more rover style. Has long reach. Good Skater - His defensive partner tends to be the one manning the point - Needs a staple two way defensive partner - Good slap shot. - Physical at times - Good hockey IQ. Can read off smart players - A little slower on skates hence more effective in a stay home style, occasionally joining the rush in a clear advantage Hughes - Tree Combo - Your present day potential Erhoff - Edler pair with more dynamic puck moving. - Wizard with the puck. Likes to hold on to pucks to make plays. - A playmaking center playing on defence - Likes to take slap shots. Still work in progress - Effective at walking the line - One man puck breaking moving machine - Extremely mobile. Left Shot that plays effectively on his off wing (the rightside). This allows him to talk the body more effectively on opposing forwards along the boards - Good at clearing the net/over powering forwards around the crease - Plays a more stay at home style but can move the puck of ice if required. Jumps up on plays in the right time and can get back on defensive with his skating - Long reach Olli Juolevi – Tanev Pair. Veteran partner for up and coming 2 way puck mover that can block shots - Good defensively - Great shot blocker, skater - Good puck mover and calming influence on partner. Allows partners to join the rush as a cover for defensive lapses - Good underutilized wrist shot, puck mover and passer. High IQ - Like to use wrist shot from the center. Good at walking the line and getting his shot across. Quick release on his write shot - Effective puck mover with good passing skils. Effective at getting cross ice passes from the left side to an open teammate on the Right cycle dot or front of the net. Would be effective passer to a LW sniper playing on his offside on the right dot (i.e Pettersson) - High hockey IQ, good skater 7TH & 8TH D RESERVES POWER PLAY COMBINATION features 2 equally effective units that can be deployed equally thus driving internal competition to be the best unit. Each unit features a Quarterback D man that walks the line, a heavy point shot, net presence, both walls snipers. Pettersson Unit: Pettersson - Left cycle shot and Forward QB from the left cycle (think H Sedin) feeding the big Right shot D in Myers (think Salo) and the middle bumper/net presence in Ferland Juolevi - left point feeds to pettersson on the right cycle and wrist shots from the point Toffoli - left cycle shot and below the net presence from the left with net drive for double screens for points from the point Ferland - net screen cleaning up rebounds. Bumper to feed Toffoli on the left cycle Q Hughes Unit: Hughes - unit QB and rover Boeser - Left cycle threat and rotation to the point and middle Miller - playmaker feeding the point and cross ice feed to Boeser. Right cycle shot from feeds from Edler. Moving down low on the right side as a setup man for Horvat Edler - heavy point shot Horvat - Net presence and bumper Power Play 1 Toffoli, T. Ferland, M. Pettersson, E. Juolevi, O. Myers, T. Power Play 2 Boeser, B. Horvat, B. Miller, J. Hughes, Q. Edler, A. Penalty Kill 1 Beagle, J. Motte, T. Edler, A. Tanev. C. Penalty Kill 2 Horvat, B. Virtanen, J. Tryamkin, N. Myers, T.
  9. Green just i minor change for now until Baer is called up along with Goldy. Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Virtanen Ferland - Gaudette - Sutter/Leivo Schaller - Beagle - Leivo/Sutter
  10. was thinking less in terms of 1st or 2nd or 3rd line. whichever unit is playing best, gets the most minutes. drive more internal competition. if all lines are going equally, minutes are evenly distributed.
  11. New NHL involves rolling lines back to back that have speed and skill. Traditional roster make up of just one top or 2 lines with bottom 6 forward is no longer optimal. I believe in rolling a top 9 or 12 forward line, removing the label of 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th line. Forwards should complement each other and work well together on the ice. Each deficiency in a player complemented by a player(s) on the line JT Miller – Pettersson – Goldobin Skilled line with size and net presence in Miller. Pettersson and Goldobin have the best chemistry as the team is currently constructed. Adding 2 playmakers in Miller & Goldy, frees up Pettersson to find openings to use his shot more. Pettersson doesn’t have to hang onto the puck as long as he does now. He is no longer a secret as teams are keying in on him more. JT Miller is far more effective as a Left wing as equally as Goldy is a better player on the right wing. Pettersson brings out the best in Goldy when on the same line. The biggest deficiency in Goldy’s game (lack of hussle) is offset by plenty of hussle in Miller & Petey. Complement the line with a defensive pair of Edler – Myers. Miller as a right shot receiving dishes from 3 left shot forwards. Ferland – Hovart – Pearson A straight forward line that crashes and bangs. Strong board play. Horvat at times is a one man show that tries to do it all on his own regardless of who is on his line. Ferland and Pearson add that body banging ability along the board and net presence that battle loose pucks from shots from the point. Pearson has an under rated shot that could be best served as a left shot playing right wing. Complement the line with a defensive pairing of Hughes & Tanev. Hughes adds the playmaking center like rover element to the line. Baertschi – Gaudette – Boeser A skilled winger in Baertshi complementing an up and coming center man in Gaudette and Boeser as the primary recipient of feeds in his wheel house to release his shots. Reminiscing of the Baertschi-horvat-boeser line. Complement the line with a defensive pairing of either Edler – Myers OR Hughes-Tanev depending on opponents match up. Virtanen – Beagle – Sutter Virtanen needs to be used as a Left winger. He tends to use his speed more on that wing. Sutter as a placeholder for Antoine Roussel once off IR. Leivo (Green’s love child): extra forward or traded. Definitely not on the power play Motte: extra forward Eriksson – traded or minors Loaded up unit of : Hovart - Pettersson - Boeser Hughes - Myers once in a while if momentum in a game is required followed by an energy line of: Ferland - Miller - Virtanen then back to the regular units Power Play Personnel: Pettersson Unit: features a big right shot from the point in Myers,. Big cycle dot shots from the Left and right wall in Petey & Boeser. A behind the net playmaker & net presence in Miller. A rover puck carrier & QB in Hughes (less drop pass on breakouts). Boeser – Miller – Pettersson Hughes – Myers Rational: - Left shoot D pass from the point (Hughes) to Petey for one timers - Aside from net presences, Miller serves as a behind the net set up for Boeser on the left wall - Right side setup from a left shot playmaker (Pettersson) to right big shot from the point in Myers - A right shot D pass from Myers from the point to Boeser in Ovi’s office for one timers Horvat Unit: your basic crash and bang unit in Horvat & Ferland. Next best D shot in Edler. A skilled playmaker in Goldobin and a potentially lethal shot in Gaudette. Gaudette –Ferland - Horvat – Goldobin Edler Rational: - Your basic point shot from Edler with 2 net presence in Ferland & Horvat. - Gaudette as a Boeser option on the second unit. Goldobin as a skilled playmaker that can equally shot from Pettersson’s office.
  12. Awesome to see Boeser paired with Hovart. I know the general opinion is to pair Boeser & Pettersson together. Having both on the same line makes it easier to shut down Vancouver offense. IMO having them on separate lines makes the team a lot more dangerous. Am of the school of thought of rolling 4 (2- way) lines with mobile D pairings that can act as the 4th forward. A line up that allows us to do that is: Miller - Hovart - Boeser (Miller is a play-making winger that can drive the net to complement Boeser's outside shots. Horvat, like him as a player, he is just not a great play-maker at this stage of his career to make players around him better. He needs a skilled gritty play-making winger and a skilled shooter) Ferland - Pettersson - Goldobin (Goldobin has the skill set to complement Pettersson best as the current roster is constructed. Goldy is most engaged and a different player when aligned with Pettersson. Ferland provides that blue collar workman skill that complements Goldys lack there of. He still is the 2nd most skilled forward on the team not named Pettersson. Baertschi - Sutter - Pearson (Baertschi is so underrated. He slots in perfectly on most teams third line as a play-making 2 way winger. Sutter similarly is still valuable to the team. Ideal situation would be to move him to the wing thus limiting his ability to carry play as his not an effective play-making center. Most would suggest Gaudette. Truth is at this point in his career, he is just not ready and also not equally a good play-maker at this point in his career. Needs to play in Utica. Pearson playing his off wing allows him to use his underrated shot as a Left shot playing RW. Match the line primarily with an Edler - Myers D paring. Myer as the 4th forward almost playing the role of a skilled big 3rd line center-man. During training camp & preseason thus far Myer & Sutter have connected on a few tap in goals) Virtanen - Beagle - Levio (Virtanen on his off wing as a Left winger thus using his speed to drive the net. Motte as the 13th forward that slots in when required. Eriksson, unfortunately on waivers or traded eventually) Edler - Myers (A D paring with long wing span. Eder as the stay at home option limiting his puck possession and Myers as the 4th forward) Hughes (4th forward) - Tanev (stay home option) (Hughes & Myers paring unfortunately just doesn't work as both are offensively minded with no one to cover as both want to be in the play. After KHL season ends, Tryamkin can slot in with Hughes) Benn(stay home option) - Stecher(4th forward) Bulldog if we start with 14 forwards & 7 dmen, then Eriksson stays up until Anton is off IR. We can afford to carry 7D with the depth that we have in Ultica.
  13. I know the popular idea is to have Pettersson and Boeser on the same line. However a more optimal strategy (unconventional yes) is actually to split both players on 5on5. Pettersson tends to pass up shots looking more to feed Boeser thus reducing higher % scoring chances. Pettersson even admitted to looking for Boeser more when playing together. I’m of the opinion that Pettersson and Goldobin complement each other better as both are strong creative play drivers that draw defenders thus opening options for linemates. A complementary piece on that line would be a strong physical net drive. A role that unfortunately Eriksson could have filled if he was still in his prime. Ferland fills that role to a tee. Pair the line with a puck mover like Myers opening up options in the middle, right wing and D Micheal Ferland – Elias Pettersson – Nikolay Goldobin Move Boeser to a his off wing as a left winger (a move that Washington made with Ovie). This move allows Boeser to use his greatest attribute more – shooting from the left cycle. Horvat adds the two way bull presence to offset the perimeter shoots. Add J.T Miller to that line as a secondary playmaker with size and net presences. In Tampa Miller in his limited time complemented Stamkos and Kucherov (sp) quite well. This moves actually gives us 2 strong offensive line making it a bit harder to match against both lines Brock Boeser – Bo Horvat – J.T Miller Move Baertshi to a line with Tanner Pearson to create a serviceable 2 way line capable of contributing offensively. As much as I would like to have Gaudette centering the line. The right move for his development is to start in Utica playing big first line minutes. The next capable center that slots in would be Sutter at the moment. For the time he would add the defensive center presence that allows the two wingers to cheat a bit in the offensive side. Pairing them with Hughes adds the playing making center in a sense that Sutter lacks. Sven Baertshi – Brandon Sutter – Tanner Pearson Move Virtanen to the left wall where he is most effective. This allows him to use his speed more to beat defenders while driving to the net. Furthermore opens up his shot as a right shot shooting from his off wing. Complement the line with Josh Leivo (prefer Macwen frankly but unfortunately numbers work against him). A move would be to package him with Erikkson for a low pick (5th pick or higher) Jake Virtanen – Jay Beagle – Josh Levio Motte as your 13th forward. This combination gives your 2 capable first lines, a boarderline low 2nd line and a middle of tht pack 3rd line. On defense, carry 8 D with Olli making the team. Olli is IMO underrated. Kid has so much potential and adds that extra puck mover that most want. Kid adds the play maker from the backend maybe not in the same capacity as Hughes but similar. Pair him with a vetern D in Tanev to provide that stabilizing force. Pair the line primarily with the Sutter Line. Olli Juolevi – Chris Tanev Create a D pair with long wingspan and pair with the Pettersson line thus adding size and protection for the smaller 2 forwards Alexander Edler – Tyler Myers Move Benn to the right side to add a physical stabilizing 2 way protection presences. A role Luke played in his brief moment but with more mobility. Pair D with the Horvat Line with Hughes playing the rover role finding Boeser on the off wing, Horvat in the middle and Miller in front or below the net on the right side Quinn Hughes – Jordie Benn Stecher is a good Dman (underrated yes) plays your reserve role that draws in & out depending on situation and injuries. Fantenberg as your insurance Left D. Oscar Fantenberg – Troy Stecher On the Power play, I would move Horvat to the second unit to form an equally capable second unit. Horvat has earned first unit time but for team success is best served on the second unit. Miller is a proven commodity working from the front of the net and below the net on the left side. Opens up option to score from the slot and cross feeds to Boeser and Pettersson. Hughes adds the rover component, opening up Pettersson from the Right cycle. Myler adds the big right shot option for Petterrson to feed. Similar to Sedin – Salo combination Special Teams (Optional) Power Play 1 Boeser, B. Miller, J. Pettersson, E. Hughes, Q. Myers, T. Power Play 2 Ferland, M. Horvat, B. Goldobin, N. Baertschi, S. Edler, A. Penalty Kill 1 Beagle, J. Virtanen, J. Edler, A. Tanev. C. Penalty Kill 2 Sutter, B. Horvat, B. Benn, J. Myers, T.
  14. ROSTER SIZE SALARY CAP CAP HIT OVERAGES BONUSES CAP SPACE 23 $81,500,000 $78,104,871 $0 $5,150,000 $3,395,129 Delete Signed Player Buyout Add to Trade Roster Left Wing Centre Right Wing Miller, J.T. $5,250,000 C, LW, RW UFA - 4 Pettersson, Elias $925,000 C, LW RFA - 2 Goldobin, Nikolay $1,800,000 LW RFA Ferland, Micheal $3,500,000 LW, RW NMC UFA - 4 Horvat, Bo $5,500,000 C UFA - 4 Boeser, Brock $6,900,000 RW RFA Baertschi, Sven $3,366,666 LW UFA - 2 Sutter, Brandon $4,375,000 C M-NTC UFA - 2 Pearson, Tanner $3,750,000 LW UFA - 2 Virtanen, Jake $1,250,000 RW RFA - 1 Beagle, Jay $3,000,000 C M-NTC UFA - 3 Leivo, Josh $1,500,000 LW UFA - 1 Motte, Tyler $975,000 RW, LW, C RFA - 1 Left Defense Right Defense Goaltender Edler, Alexander $6,000,000 D NMC UFA - 2 Myers, Tyler $6,000,000 D NMC UFA - 5 Markström, Jacob $3,666,667 G UFA - 1 Hughes, Quintin $916,666 D RFA - 2 Benn, Jordie $2,000,000 D UFA - 2 Demko, Thatcher $1,050,000 G RFA - 2 Juolevi, Olli $863,333 D RFA - 2 Tanev, Christopher $4,450,000 D M-NTC UFA - 1 Fantenberg, Oscar $850,000 D UFA - 1 Stecher, Troy $2,325,000 D RFA - 1 Scratches Injured Reserve (IR) Long Term IR (LTIR) Roussel, Antoine $3,000,000 pecial Teams (Optional) Power Play 1 Boeser, B. Miller, J. Pettersson, E. Hughes, Q. Myers, T. Power Play 2 Ferland, M. Horvat, B. Goldobin, N. Baertschi, S. Edler, A. Penalty Kill 1 Beagle, J. Virtanen, J. Edler, A. Tanev. C. Penalty Kill 2 Sutter, B. Horvat, B. Benn, J. Myers, T. Trades VAN 2020 6th round pick (CBJ) CBJ Eriksson, Loui ($3,000,000 retained)
  15. ROSTER SIZE SALARY CAP CAP HIT OVERAGES BONUSES CAP SPACE 23 $81,500,000 $78,104,871 $0 $5,150,000 $3,395,129 Delete Signed Player Buyout Add to Trade Roster Left Wing Centre Right Wing Miller, J.T. $5,250,000 C, LW, RW UFA - 4 Pettersson, Elias $925,000 C, LW RFA - 2 Goldobin, Nikolay $1,800,000 LW RFA Ferland, Micheal $3,500,000 LW, RW NMC UFA - 4 Horvat, Bo $5,500,000 C UFA - 4 Boeser, Brock $6,900,000 RW RFA Baertschi, Sven $3,366,666 LW UFA - 2 Sutter, Brandon $4,375,000 C M-NTC UFA - 2 Pearson, Tanner $3,750,000 LW UFA - 2 Virtanen, Jake $1,250,000 RW RFA - 1 Beagle, Jay $3,000,000 C M-NTC UFA - 3 Leivo, Josh $1,500,000 LW UFA - 1 Motte, Tyler $975,000 RW, LW, C RFA - 1 Left Defense Right Defense Goaltender Edler, Alexander $6,000,000 D NMC UFA - 2 Myers, Tyler $6,000,000 D NMC UFA - 5 Markström, Jacob $3,666,667 G UFA - 1 Hughes, Quintin $916,666 D RFA - 2 Benn, Jordie $2,000,000 D UFA - 2 Demko, Thatcher $1,050,000 G RFA - 2 Juolevi, Olli $863,333 D RFA - 2 Tanev, Christopher $4,450,000 D M-NTC UFA - 1 Fantenberg, Oscar $850,000 D UFA - 1 Stecher, Troy $2,325,000 D RFA - 1 Scratches Injured Reserve (IR) Long Term IR (LTIR) Roussel, Antoine $3,000,000 pecial Teams (Optional) Power Play 1 Boeser, B. Miller, J. Pettersson, E. Hughes, Q. Myers, T. Power Play 2 Ferland, M. Horvat, B. Goldobin, N. Baertschi, S. Edler, A. Penalty Kill 1 Beagle, J. Virtanen, J. Edler, A. Tanev. C. Penalty Kill 2 Sutter, B. Horvat, B. Benn, J. Myers, T.