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  8. When does MG or the Canucks ever make a huge splash in free agency. The only player was hamhuis that I can remeber. Every year the Canucks promise big things but they either do absolutely nothing and make some excuses or they pick up some useless 4th line plugs. We are not getting suter or parise. Our best bet would be garrison and doan, and gillis isn't going to pay up for them so we wouldn't be favorites anyways, and garrison is not a player who is going to put this team over the top.
  9. I don't get it did his agent actually call each team that he decided he wasnt going to sign with one by one instead of just coming out and saying he is going to sign with a particular team.
  10. You guys are forgetting that it was raining in LA. Rain is frightening for them.
  11. I am excited, this team seems very promising. Demerit is the whitecaps Bieksa and Hassli is their Kassian lol.