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  1. 1 more sleep!

  2. this is where a Doc's DeLorean would come in handy...April 11th hurry up!

  3. why is it cold! it`s April!

    1. RockNroLLa.


      Its all in your head :)

    2. No.16


      my nipples disagree with you... =P

  4. is it friday yet?!?

    1. Canuck_83


      Thinking the same thing.

    2. Apricot


      Ask Rebecca Black

    3. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      In some countries I guess

  5. craving a mcflurry and mcdicks fries...together!

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    2. Caboose


      Some blowhard asked me if I would like fries with that.


    3. The Sedin's 6th Sense

      The Sedin's 6th Sense

      Sorry man, but Blizzards kill Mcflurrys - though I love both. Just like how Slurpy's make fools out of Slushies, that's what Blizzards do to McFlurry's :P

    4. The Sedin's 6th Sense

      The Sedin's 6th Sense

      Anyways, I am jealous.....I might just get one too now :D

  6. it's suppose to be blackhawk down...not daniel sedin down

  7. sooo bored at work...hello CDC with a side of youtube

  8. crazy how we're less than a month away from start getting better! need playoff bbq's

    1. goalie13


      No kidding! There's still snow on the deck!

  9. Feel like a bag of poop!

    1. GodzillaDeuce


      take a poop

  10. The Raymond drinking game is going to end me 2nite....changing it to chug a beer when he loses the puck and a shot when he falls

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    2. Squeak


      Dude - that's like 4 beers a shift.

    3. No.16


      another ruled added...the game is over after someone pukes or if raymond scores a goal

    4. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      hahaha. i like this game.

  11. The twitter status update box is not the search box #epicfail #awkward

  12. new drinking game...have a shot when raymond loses the puck..and shotgun a beer when he falls down

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    2. Strawberries


      youd be wasted during the warmup if that counts

    3. No.16


      going to try the game this thur...lets see how far it goes haha

    4. Starting Schneids

      Starting Schneids

      Wow... if you had tried it for today I woulda had to bury you.

  13. i bet a lot of people are jumping on the Kassian bandwagon Gillis, WE TRUST!

  14. its a new day...GO CANUCKS GO

  15. I believe in GMMG