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  1. I've thought about that Sutter to Pittsburgh scenario too. As someone pointed out, they've already traded him away so it might be a non-starter from the get-go. However, if they entertain it, and if Sutter's willing to waive his NTC to return (getting iffy already), and if Van is willing to use it's last remaining retention spot to keep half his salary (more if), Sutter as a 3rd line centre with cap security at just over 2mil for 3 more seasons does seem like it might be attractive. Include someone like Boucher/Goldobin for a bit of scoring depth for Pitts, and definitely need to take back Hagelin for cap reasons, and Van may be able to get a 1st + out of it (I'd want our 4th back!; and I like their big Russian center Nikita Pavlychev http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=248436 ). I would do Gudbranson and Vanek straight up for Fabbro, but not sure Poile would. Be damn nice though. Tanev for Foote would be great too, but again, I don't know... Someone would have to get Yzerman real excited about it, and have you heard Benning talk?
  2. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Maybe he's getting there but he needs someone to get the puck to him, someone who can make a quick, hard pass in tight. I hope Jensen and Schroeder play together once Schroeder's healthy (assume he'll go to Utica for a bit at least).
  3. Cole Cassels | C

    Is it correct that Cassels hasn't signed an ELC yet? If not, it's seeming like a good play on his/agent's part. He should at least be able to ask for some bonus money.
  4. Joe Cannata Talk

    MikeMcMahonET: End of 2nd: MC 4, ME 1 ... SOG 30-17 Mack [via Twitter] Live blog I found: http://themackreport.com/