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  1. I saw it on Sportsnet, Hockeycentral
  2. Jim Benning said as much in the press conference at least
  3. Style wise Höglander seems like a mix of Gallagher and Barzal to me. He has Gallagher's feistiness and push back, as well as that elusive water-bug quality of Barzal.
  4. Kadri is scum

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    2. stonecoldstevebernier


      Holy crap, that was the mother of all dives.

    3. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      I take that back. That was a pathetic dive. Kadri doing the Marchand, dirty and unsportsmanlike.

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      I missed everything, but I hate Kadri and can't wait to see what all the fuss is about.

  5. I think i'm going to puke

    1. Green Building
    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Was a nice shot though. Once he puts the Bruins jersey on everything will go back to normal.

  6. Man what is that like the friggin 456th bounce Penguins get this series, just ridiculously lucky this pos team

    1. thejazz97


      Go Pens :P 

    2. Wedge-tailed Eagle

      Wedge-tailed Eagle

      i'm a little salty I know hahah

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Betcha' Hammy plays that better than Webs.  :^)

  7. Can somebody ban peaches for being annoying already?



      There is a rule that all of the fruits cannot ever be banned.  



    2. canuktravella


      leave peaches alone lol

  8. Lol Kanye is such a tool

    1. Canucks Prophet

      Canucks Prophet

      As a Kanye fan myself, I can't even deny this. A talented tool, mind you, but a tool nonetheless :lol:

  9. fantasy question, who should I pick out of kuznetsov, krejci, domi, duclair, and larkin?

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      ^Same, especially if Kuznetsov stays on Ovechkin's line.

    3. hatedkid666



    4. Wedge-tailed Eagle

      Wedge-tailed Eagle

      That's who I was leaning towards, thanks all

  10. Kassian scored zomg fire Benning

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    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      He had 10 in 42 games last year, more than 20 in 82 games isn't far off that pace.

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      I find hot sauce is good for cutting the taste of foods you don't care for as much... just sayin'.

    4. Vrienzy


      Still going to wear my Kassian Shersy with pride

  11. Well Sutter is pretty much a 26 year old Couturier, and everyone loves Couturier so what's the issue?

    1. Fox Mulder

      Fox Mulder

      It's because we ALSO gave away a #6-8 defenceman and moved down 10 spots in the next draft

    2. Zfetch


      People dislike the deal, not Sutter.

    3. Wedge-tailed Eagle

      Wedge-tailed Eagle

      I still think we came out on top, the difference between bonino and Sutter is worth a few draft spots and a bottom pairing d

  12. What's that warhippy, Kelowna steamrolling the Q and the O? oh wait, nevermind...

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    2. Wedge-tailed Eagle

      Wedge-tailed Eagle

      it's okay warhippy, maybe next year :D

    3. Warhippy


      With that amount of talent and quality coaching and team structure. Almost no question they'll contend in the WHL

    4. canuktravella


      generals were better the rockets all yr but kelowna has a great team