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  1. I humbly suggest a new metric to evaluate "Presence": All players must submit their inner-most filter (hockey pants or gitch) for inspection on contact plays after the whistle is blown. My guess is the Stain Count would favour players like Erik Gudbranson considerably. Stain Counts act as a mulitplier (or a divider, should it reflect a negative Stain Index) to the Leadership Quotient. The LQ might best be described as a trump card in player evaluation. Not in favour? Think it would slow down the game? Well, until we develop the telemetry required for the FPI (fresh poop interface), I suppose we could just watch the kids play like Jim Benning has done for several years, and make a call on their intangibles. Of course this would require a keen eye for talent and character, like, uh, Jim Benning is reputed to have. We like our numbers, but we'll jump out of our seats for a big hit. Leaders lead by example. If they can't bring it, they can't lead. Gudbranson was a leader on a very good Panthers team. He is now a Canuck. Rejoice!