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  1. Sipping ouzo at 2am is not a good plan if you want to stay awake. Oh and f**k Boston!!!!
  2. Yes like I said Hughes gets to stay on the pp. Myers can't hit the net from 10 feet. In fact all of our d suck at this thing called shooting. I remember we used to make fun of Jiri Slegr for not being able to hit the side of a barn but your pk and willingness to block shots takes a bit of a hit when the puck is coming at you 100 mph head hight
  3. Who would execute this aforementioned slapshot grasshopper? All dmen not named Quinn should be banned from the pp. Put a forward on the point that can blast the puck (Brock Petey) let the others cause a bit of carnage in front of the net. If they overplay Alien he glides by the guy and creates a 5 on 3.
  4. Bure, it's not even close. I started following the team in the 70's was super excited when I watched my first playoff game against the Flyers in the Spectum. We were tough, hard nosed but other than Gradin no one could score. In 89 we played the Flames in the first round. In OT in game 7 Smyl (who I loved) had a breakaway, Vernon made the glove save, but he never really looked like he was gonna score. Fast forward to 1994 Bure is in the same situation, he sends the puck, Vernon, and a defenceman into the net. It was never in doubt! Thats the difference between good and great players. Bure was a superstar from his first shift as a 20yo and I would argue we have never had one since (Petterson may be the next one). He absolutely bossed the league for 3-4 years until he destoyed his knees. You had to be around at that time to appreciate how phenominal he was after 2 decades of pain as a fan. He's the best offensive player after Lemieux and Gretzky I have ever seen but deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the 2 greatest of all time. Honorable mention to Lumme, Gradin, Tanti, Smyl, Linden, WCE and the Twins. I loved Glen Hanlon as well I rememer him standing on his head in Montreal (2-0 loss should of been 7 or 8) Saying that our future is looking bright and this group might be the one to finally bring it all home
  5. Hey that Gagne guy looked pretty good and that Kassian guy maybe we should trade for them. Oh wait...