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  1. Calgary will always be a rival because they're the closest, and there used to be a lot of BC fans filling up the Saddledome when the Canucks played. Another reason for me to hate both Alberta teams is because of the number of loudly pro-Alberta sports commentators in Canada. The Blackhawks used to be, but I think that's fallen off, I think because a lot of the players we all used to hate aren't there anymore (except for the dirty Duncan Keith). And it'll be the same for the Bruins once Marchand and the rest of the guys from the 2011 cup are gone, I think. I don't know, I can't imagine not hating the Bruins, it feels like that simmering anger isn't far under the surface. I'm just speaking for myself here.
  2. I still play World of Warcraft. Looking forward to Legion in a little over two months. The pre-patch will be late this month sometime I believe. Demon Hunter time.
  3. I haven't read my Hockey News lately, so I don't know about the draft prospects this year, but hopefully we can get a decent player. I think everyone in Canuck Nation can't help be a bit disappointed, but there really isn't any guarantee of anything. The Canucks have drafted decent players at lower spots than this, Mattias Ohlund for example. We'll be fine.
  4. Fifth overall should still net a pretty good player in a deep draft.

  5. It's nice to see a Canucks win this otherwise forgettable season. I was sure the Canucks were going to get another one get away when the Sharks tied it. Great shot by Hansen.
  6. I wonder why they cut the "around the league" forum on this website. Hmm

  7. Looking for other forums or social media to let the world know how much I loathe the Dallas Stars TV broadcasters and their horrible sportsmanship


  8. Well I'm not going to say this was a great game by the Canucks, but what was worse, for me, was having to listen to the Dallas Stars commentators all night. I swear if you put in a tape of dogs barking it would be better than having to listen to these mean-spirited jackals. Not only were they offensive to the Canucks, but they didn't even have many nice things to say about the Stars, which I think just shows their grinch-like worldview. Only once the game was decided, after the empty-net goal, did they decide to strut, and piled insult after insult on the Canucks, saying their veterans are "mouldy" and were "outclassed" and "dominated" by the Stars. I was tempted to write on the Stars message board but they don't even have one. If I wanted that kind of negativity I'd read the Canucks forum during the game. In conclusion, Dallas Stars commentators, wherever you are, go jump off a bridge.
  9. That was a really fun game to watch. My first Canucks game I've seen in person actually! The Canucks had the better of the play in the first and altogether deserved better. I'm glad the Canucks tied it up in the third to get at least a point. Roussell was deserving of his reputation, as he was taking liberties all over the ice, especially when the refs were looking the other way.
  10. I don't understand what the Canucks are doing anymore

    1. Nicklas Bo Hunter

      Nicklas Bo Hunter

      Re- Build. Prust will be traded for a pick at the deadline.

    2. TheRussianRocket.


      It's easy. Getting younger and squeezing out the unwanted pieces they don't trust.

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      sticking to his plan.

  11. Great lists, I loved reading all of them, and seeing all the names I didn't immediately think of. I think that time has a way of making some players more fond in my eyes, which is why a lot of current Canucks won't be on my list. Also, I can't do it in a numbered order, so here goes for today: Pavel Bure. Just imagine for a moment if Pavel were an active player today, with the amount of TV coverage. There has never been a more electrifying player that I've ever seen. Still gives me goosebumps. Jyrki Lumme. Oh goodness those dangles keeping the puck in at the blue line could make my heart stop! Roberto Luongo. That run... thank you for the memories Roberto Kirk McLean. Magical run of '94 Alex Mogilny. Sublime talent. I think he scored on 99% of his breakaways one season, always with the same move. And he had a LOT of breakaways. Gino Odjick. Fondest memory: barechested and taunting all comers. Trevor Linden. Nuff said Markus Naslund. One of the most gifted talents we've been blessed with. Todd Bertuzzi. Him, Naslund and B. Morrison were magic together Henrik Sedin. Superb talent and carried the team with Daniel hurt Martin Gelinas. Gritty, speedy, that infectious grin Matt Cooke. Could hit hard, such a gamer Raffi Torres. Could hit like a truck and score. I loved him Alex Burrows. A gamer, a playmaker, and scorer, completely underrated outside Canucks Nation That's all for now!
  12. The problem with CBC broadcasters in particular is they feel the need to try and tell a story about the game you're watching. Rather than just commenting on the play, like Gord Miller at the World Juniors, CBC broadcasters have to take the time out to praise this player or that player. If one team is winning they're already writing the script for why. As far as regional broadcasters go, I had the opportunity to watch the Winnipeg Jets coverage in their last game against the Canucks and my goodness are they ever biased. Every Winnipeg Jet was making brilliant moves and smart plays. Total cheerleaders.
  13. I'm not happy with the losing streak, obviously, but I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with the team that can't sort itself out. Which I hope is soon.
  14. Too many turnovers. That was a pretty hard to watch. It sucks to lose it so late like that, but whether it's fatigue or whatever, Montreal had them on the ropes all night. Let's hope they do better at home.
  15. I haven't posted in forever!