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  1. I can't get this mad after a bad call goes against the Canucks. Even though I'd be willing to bet money if that goal was scored by another team it would have counted. 

    I can't get this mad after a bad call goes against the Canucks because it's just too damn exhausting.  

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    2. RRypien37


      Relax. It's a game. Ultimately completely meaningless in life. 

    3. 48MPHSlapShot


      Refs doing their best to get us to Dahlin cuz they want to see us finally win a cup :goat:

    4. debluvscanucks


      Incompetence in a top level position in unacceptable.  Sure, human error is part of it, but when you change the face of a game or don't even appear to know the rules?  Ridiculous.   With that, I don't dwell on it, I expect it.  Which, in itself, is sad.

  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    Another poor start by the Canucks which they actually managed to dig themselves out of. And why? The Sedins. I critiqued their play last game, but they certainly showed up tonight, and nothing would delight me more than to see them finish the season strong. Because no one wants to see great players limp out the rest of their career. Please, please Daniel & Henrik, finish strong! Horvat's line played well, as did Thomas Vanek. Speaking of Vanek it continues to astound me how little ice time Coach Green seems to give this guy, and yet he's still one of the best players out there. I thought Brandon Sutter had a good game, almost scoring on that chance, even if his penalty shot was nothing to write home about. Nilsson bounced back after that early softie, and he had two very tough tests in the last 5 minutes of the game to preserve the tie. The D played well too. They didn't allow a whole lot of quality chances against, and were passing the puck up to the forwards effectively. And although there were a couple soft plays getting the pucks out of the d-zone I think that was mostly forwards with the soft plays. Great team effort to not let themselves get rattled and come back from being down 2-0. But personally I can't feel too high about this victory, because of the third poor start in a row, and the two previous efforts. Prove me wrong boys!
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    It's easy to like a defenseman who stopped two sure goals from going in, yes.
  4. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    This one lived up to what happened less than a minute in. The Canucks were horrid in the 1st period, with only Markstrom keeping them in. They were better in the 2nd & 3rd, but toothless. All their offense seems to have evaporated. Sure they got shots on goal, but pathetically few scoring chances. After the poor start they had in Anaheim I really thought they'd start off better here, but no dice. I think there's a lot of finger-pointing going on as to which Canucks are to blame for the current problems. I think the warts were there, even when we were winning. There seem to be a small core of players on this team who've kept the team afloat, and when they started to flounder, there was nobody to help. Bo Horvat, Sven Baertschi and Brock Boeser were among those players I believe. But Boeser hasn't been good or noticeable lately, Baertschi ineffective. Only Horvat seems to be doing okay. I've liked Pouliot, Dorsett, Tanev, and Vanek lately, but the rest of the team, Sedins included, just haven't been good enough.
  5. [Signing] Red Wings sign David Booth

    I always liked David Booth, but things just didn't work out in Vancouver. Best of luck in Detroit!
  6. watching the Canucks youngsters vs. the Flames online

  7. Brock Boeser will make the team out of training camp, and I will guess so will Goldobin. Louie Eriksson will have a resurgence and score 20 plus goals. Anton Rodin might not make the team, but will get called up soon and play surprisingly well. The team will start off looking shaky as they adjust to the new coach's game plan. The defense in particular will struggle early on. Brandon Sutter will play well, as will Bo Horvat and Baertschi. Bo's line will become the team's no. 1 line. The Sedins will struggle early and in the middle of the season, but will finish strong.
  8. Philip Larsen Injury [UPDATE]

    If they'd suspend Raffi Torres for this type of hit, they need to suspend Hall. By the same token if Hall's hit was clean, so was Torres'. Case closed. And by far the most important thing is hopefully Larsen will be OK
  9. World Cup of Hockey

    I remember when this tournament was announced I was interested, but the inclusion of a Team North America & Team Europe left me skeptical and the tournament really snuck up on me. But once the tourney started for real (I didn't get upset over Team Canada's loss to USA in pre-tourney), I was into it, gimmicky teams or no. One of the things I really love about international tournaments is seeing players I never would root for otherwise play for a team I care about. I never in a million years thought I would be rooting for Brad Marchand. And honestly if this had happened years ago I may have been unable to. Time has mellowed me and my opinion of the Bruins' players who beat the Canucks in 2011. And anyway I can go back to rooting against those guys as soon as the NHL season starts. It was a very tense game 2 and I was almost resigned to there being a game 3. Holy moly what a finish. I was jumping out of my seat. There's no question about it, Team Canada proves time and again they are the best in the world. Good job boys.
  10. World Cup of Hockey

    The USA team can moan all it wants about the coaching and roster selection, but the bottom line is that the United States just doesn't have the talent Canada does right now. Their one valid gripe is that Team North America hurt the USA the most. All their best talent has aged out from their heyday, which may have been the 1996 World Cup that ESPN kept bringing up. But what they also either don't have or didn't get was good puck-moving defensemen.
  11. Michael Carcone | LW/RW

    I was impressed with Michael Carcone, mostly in the game vs. Winnipeg, but also against Calgary. I thought he, Cole Cassels and Troy Stetcher were the best of the Canucks' young stars. But I think Carcone was the best of the three: his poise, skating, and offensive instincts. From what I've read here he's older than some of the others, so perhaps that helps explain it. But he definitely stood out to me. I wonder if he won't get a shot at the regular training camp? I'm not sure how that works.
  12. Most intense rivalry the Canucks will have?

    Calgary will always be a rival because they're the closest, and there used to be a lot of BC fans filling up the Saddledome when the Canucks played. Another reason for me to hate both Alberta teams is because of the number of loudly pro-Alberta sports commentators in Canada. The Blackhawks used to be, but I think that's fallen off, I think because a lot of the players we all used to hate aren't there anymore (except for the dirty Duncan Keith). And it'll be the same for the Bruins once Marchand and the rest of the guys from the 2011 cup are gone, I think. I don't know, I can't imagine not hating the Bruins, it feels like that simmering anger isn't far under the surface. I'm just speaking for myself here.
  13. Any WoW nerds out there?

    I still play World of Warcraft. Looking forward to Legion in a little over two months. The pre-patch will be late this month sometime I believe. Demon Hunter time.
  14. Canucks get 5th OVR Pick

    I haven't read my Hockey News lately, so I don't know about the draft prospects this year, but hopefully we can get a decent player. I think everyone in Canuck Nation can't help be a bit disappointed, but there really isn't any guarantee of anything. The Canucks have drafted decent players at lower spots than this, Mattias Ohlund for example. We'll be fine.
  15. Fifth overall should still net a pretty good player in a deep draft.