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  1. It actually is a fake quote. As much as it sounds like something he would say and we can all imagine him saying it. He in fact did not say it. There's no issue of People Magazine where he's said that.
  2. Bingo. They over-promised and under-delivered. The sheer volume of them is also working against them. It's like Trump during the primary. He'd say something offensive/shocking and before anyone could fully digest it he'd say something else offensive and shocking and nothing would stick. They should have picked the 4 or 5 most egregious things and pounded them into people's heads. What a missed opportunity.
  3. You'd have to describe the situation fully. Where was the camera, who was involved in the conversation?
  4. It is not illegal in Canada. So long as one party to the conversation is aware it is being recorded it is legal. You must be a party to the conversation. Intercepting a conversation to which you are not a party is illegal.
  5. In the previous year (2000) US GDP was $10.2 Trillion dollars and the federal budget was $1.8 Trillion dollars. You're going to notice if an amount equal to 128% of your federal budget goes missing. That's kind of a big deal. To the bold part. Until there is an audit and you figure out it wasn't.
  6. In 2001, Donald Rumsfeld said "According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions." This has been misinterpreted by many people as $2.3 trillion actually going missing. However it's really just about the way the money was accounted for. Much more in the link: Multiple gunshot suicides are rare, but possible. In one study of 138 gunshot suicides, 5 (3.6%) involved two shots to the head, the first of which missed the brain. A suicide with 4 gunshots to the head has been reported. Webb's ex wife whom he remained close to believed he had committed suicide. " Webb's ex-wife Susan Bell told reporters that she believed Webb had committed suicide.[70] "The way he was acting it would be hard for me to believe it was anything but suicide," she said. According to Bell, Webb had been unhappy for some time over his inability to get a job at another major newspaper. He had sold his house the week before his death because he was unable to afford the mortgage." Also, I have seen the movie "Kill the Messenger" and highly recommend it.
  7. Something wrong with Kool Aid?
  8. They had to honor existing bets or probably face law suits and a loss of face. They cancelled the following week's schedule and stopped offering basketball until they figured their sh*t out. I think it went on for 2 weeks.
  9. Philippines was already hemorrhaging foreign investment dollars since Duterte started running his mouth and allowing the citizenry to murder anyone they thought was a drug dealer. He had to cozy up to someone. I guess now he won't be riding a jet ski to that disputed island in the South China Sea and planting the Philippine flag to spite China after all like he promised in his election campaign. He's the perfect example of what can happen when you elect a loose cannon.
  10. Bookies definitely got it wrong. The vast majority of the money coming in was from London and other major population centers. Which voted 'remain' for the most part. Approx 80% of the bets placed outside the major centers were for 'leave' but were for much smaller amounts. Bookies failed to move the lines to compensate for that trend. They were paying attention to the money flows but disregarding where the bets were coming from. That was a huge tell that they missed. However, the polls were relatively tight. Many polls were within the margin of error right up until voting day. So they should have picked up on the fact that their betting lines were out of whack but obviously didn't. Bookies can do dumb things from time to time. Many years ago our own BCLC and their "Sports Action" wagering was a perfect example. They offered British football matches for wagering but failed to take into account the start times being pushed up due to a British holiday. Deep into the 2nd half of the games the dummies were still accepting wagers. They were apparently oblivious as to why massive amounts of money were suddenly being wagered on Premier League football. BCLC lost a significant amount of money that day. BCLC also lost a ton of money in the 90's offering pre-season basketball. You've got to be a real degenerate to bet on pre-season basketball but that's beside the point. They were offering "over/under" on the games but failed to take into account 2 important things. #1) no one plays defense in pre-season #2) that year the NBA moved the 3 point line closer and players were raining 3's like crazy. The game totals were exceeding the "over" 90% of the time. It took them quite a while to catch on and once again they lost a ton of money. I think it was then that they began outsourcing their bookmaking. Gotta love government. lol So while bookies do sometimes make mistakes. I can't recall one political instance where the bookies were inline with decisive polling data and got it wrong. We now return you to regularly scheduled election whining.
  11. Donald Trump's eldest son said Wednesday night that his father's unlikely pursuit of the presidency represented a "step down" from the Republican nominee's business career. "Unlike Hillary Clinton, who's gotten very rich being a politician, peddling American influence, he hasn't -- this is only a step down," Trump Jr. told Fox News following the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas. **************************** I can't see this helping lure undecided voters to their side. Leader of the free world vs businessman is a step down? Clinton is arrogant, no doubt but this is off the charts arrogance.
  12. The nuclear response time has been public knowledge for decades.
  13. People just don't take a close enough look at what he's proposing. He says he'll repeal the estate tax. Which sounds great. The average guy hears that and thinks "that's awesome when Ma and Pa pass away the estate won't be taxed before I inherit." What he doesn't tell them is that the Estate tax only applies to estates valued at over $5.4 Million dollars (that figure is off the top off my head). So they're already exempt and this is just a tax break for the uber wealthy like him.
  14. Anyone have any comments on Trump's claim he will get the economy growing at 4-6%. He sites growth rates in China (6.7%) and India (7.1%) but fails to mention these are emerging economies with lots of room for growth. The US is a mature 1st world economy. It's comparables are other 1st world economies like Germany, France, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia etc. Their growth rates are pathetic and are worse than the US. US growth is actually the envy of the developed world at the moment. Claiming the US can grow at 4-6% is straight up bat sh*t crazy. Why do people swallow this nonsense without question? Isn't the economy kind of important? Maybe we can put away the pictures and videos for a bit and talk actual policy.