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  1. Lebanon's prime minister to soon announce resignation Mon 10 Aug 2020 14:34:47 GMT Comment from the health minister What's with all these officials quitting in the middle of a disaster? Sure, they should have never allowed the improper storage of an insane amount of amonium nitrate but bailing in the middle of a humanitarian catastrophe isn't exactly helping. Update: The entire government is set to resign.
  2. Well no surprise the SEC has no integrity but it appears congress does. ........ Planned $765 million loan to Eastman Kodak has been put "on hold" - congressional scrutiny Mon 10 Aug 2020 01:24:16 GMT Some stock traders (insiders?) made a few $ on the Kodak announcement, you may remember. The loan has now been put on hold pending investigation.Congress and regulators will conduct probes. Some options peeps might be starting to sweat on this news . ***************** The options peeps are probably fine. I don't think there were any options with strikes above $7.50 when this sh** show got going.
  3. Worse change ever. Only thing they didn't do was run into each other and fall like bowling pins.
  4. We match up better against STL than we do against DAL. If it's a choice of 2, I'll take STL. Sorry Lyla, you had your fun last year.
  5. I don't think it's a stretch at all. Pricing things forward is what markets do. These days bond markets are all about central banks. What's changed is who are the major participants in bond markets. Central banks (see Kuroda at the BOJ) have pushed out traditional bond investors as yields tank and they are forced into equities. That's exactly as the Fed wants. Who will influence POTUS Biden? I can tell you one thing, it won't be his daughter in law, nor will his son work at the White House. And it won't be fools like Peter Navarro. One difference between Biden and Trump is that Biden will surround himself with competent people and actually listen to them. With Trump it's a one man presidency as he listens to no one. He behaves likes he's FDR. The difference being FDR dug the country out of a ditch and Trump sent them into one. IMO The climb in gold has little to do with bond markets. Globally there's approx $15 trillion dollars worth of 10yr notes with a negative yield and has been for many years. Gold did not react to that. But it is now? That's a stretch. If investors were uneasy we would not be at or near all time highs in equities. Trump was challenged on his economic policies. All but a handful of congressional Dems voted against his tax cuts. How is that not being challenged? Building a platform of unity? What are you talking about? Build it with whom? Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, perhaps Tom Cotton or Ted Cruz? Why would Dems need to build a platform of unity when the majority of the public agrees with them on major issues like gun control, Medicare expansion, climate action, DACA etc. Nowhere in your post did you mention either the Fed or the dollar. IMO that's what's largely moving gold. It's also what's moving BTC.
  6. He assassinated the #2 of Iran Soleimani on the soil of a separate sovereign nation (Iraq) without telling them. Whether or not there was already conflict, that is a massive escalation that could have had disastrous consequences. What if Australian PM Tim Morrison had New Zealand Deputy PM Winston Peters assassinated in Indonesia? I know it sounds absurd but so does what they did with Soleimani. First of all, you do not do that. Secondly, you do not do that on a 3rd nation's soil without warning/permission. So if the question is 'dumb, or dumb as a fox'? I'm going to go with "reckless, brain dead fox".
  7. The economy was booming? WTF kind of nonsense is this? In the last quarter completely untouched by Covid-19 the economy grew at an annualized rate of 2.1% fueled by a trillion dollar spending deficit. Back out the spending deficit, is there any real growth? We were told Obama was an idiot because he was the first President never to have a single year of over 3% GDP. Now there's 2 Presidents to achieve this feat but Trump is somehow Economic Jesus. Your family loved their tax cuts. Well good for them, are they going to love it when they expire in 2 years while corporations and the 1% keep their tax cut forever? Job growth for the 3 years under Trump prior to Covid-19 was slower than the last 3 years under Obama. You can look that up at Factor in Covid-19 and he hasn't created 1 single job during his term. Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with Abraham Lincoln or Lyndon Johnson to name just 2. You of all people should not be accusing others of being brainwashed.
  8. Why is it easier to find pics of Trump with Jeffery Epstein than it is to find pics of him with his son Barron?
  9. The markets are a forward pricing mechanism. They can see that barring a miracle Biden will be President. It's priced in. If the market was afraid of a Biden Presidency we'd be dropping now. The market knows that Trump or Biden does not matter at this point. It's all about the endless money pumping by the Fed. That's not going to change. The only way I see the market having a major reaction to the election is if the outcome is in doubt and there is not a peaceful transition of power.
  10. How can you not love Chris Tanev? Bruised body, long greasy hair, maybe 4 teeth left in his mouth. What a beauty.