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  1. Having a goal disallowed for goalie interference but not getting a penalty for goalie interference.
  2. The news of 11 US troops injured in the Iranian missile attack on Jan 8 is getting wider circulation now Fri 17 Jan 2020 02:32:04 GMT The post is here from earlier: Reports of at least 11 US soldiers injured in the Iranian missile attack last week CNN is now picking this up. --- You'll recall that US officials said after the attack (16 missiles fired at US interests in Iraq from Iran) that there had been no US casualties. US President Trump tweeted "All is well". Can only assume he was briefed with incorrect intelligence. The idea the Commander-in-Chief glossed over troops with what appear to be traumatic brain injury to support the stock market is a sickening alternative.!/the-news-of-11-us-troops-injured-in-the-iranian-missile-attack-on-jan-8-is-getting-20200117 **************************** US military confirm several US service members injured by Iranian missile attacks on January 8 Fri 17 Jan 2020 02:57:23 GMT I posted on this several hours ago here: Reports of at least 11 US soldiers injured in the Iranian missile attack last week And further as it was picked up in media following: The news of 11 US troops injured in the Iranian missile attack on Jan 8 is getting wider circulation now A major financial news wire, Reuters is now picking it up. Voice of America on it now also. *********************** Appears to have reached a new low in depravity.
  3. Don't think he ever had a mullet. He did sport a pretty sweet porn stache though.
  4. Gallant was Yzerman's winger for a few years in the 80's.
  5. House will vote to send impeachment to Senate tomorrow but there's a caveat Tue 14 Jan 2020 16:12:43 GMT Senate debate continues over witnesses Nancy Pelosi said the House will vote tomorrow to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. The odds on scenario now is that the Senate calls at least one witness - John Bolton -- who says he will cooperate with the inquiry. However Pelosi may have a fresh card to play with Axios reporting that the House could make public a trove of text messages from Lev Parnas, the indicted former associate of Rudy Guiliani who was working with him in Ukraine. Asked if the contents of the documents Parnas provided to the committee hurt the president, his lawyer replied: "They aren't helpful." That could mean Parnas is called to testify as well and then we might get a semblance of a real trial. There is still very little chance Trump is convicted in the Senate but nothing is for sure in politics.!/house-will-vote-to-send-impeachment-to-senate-tomorrow-but-theres-a-caveat-20200114
  6. Good topic @Warhippy However, I think a more appropriate topic would be "Will the next great recession even be allowed to happen?". Case in point, if you were the global Central Banks and you spent trillions of dollars to wall paper over the last recession with endless rounds of Quantitative Easing, would you let it all collapse without a fight? I mean whats another few trillion between friends? We are truly in a new paradigm regarding the rules of finance. If Adam Smith were alive he'd be completely baffled. While the stock market is arguably overvalued. For example Apple stock has increased 70% since August. Have their earnings also increased 70%? Somehow I doubt that. The Federal Reserve is currently expanding their balance sheet by over $100 Billion/month. They insist this is not QE but when the Fed is expanding it's balance sheet, what else is it? I am surprised the effects of the trade war have been so benign, but when money is almost free to borrow you can wall paper over a lot of crap. The personal debt levels in the USA and Canada are truly frightening but then again as long as rates stay low it's manageable. If the Fed ever loses control of interest rates it could get ugly in a hurry. Pay attention to the bond market it will lead the stock market. Many people are unaware that global manufacturing is already in a recession. Germany is the manufacturing hub of Europe it's manufacturing sector imploded in early 2018 and is laying in the gutter, deep in recession territory. US manufacturing readings also indicate manufacturing is in a recession. Despite what the current administration says about it. The numbers do not lie. Your quote " Now there is very little any government can do to avoid such issues, as much of it is based on market forces that are well outside of their control" This is traditional thinking. In 2008 they realized nothing is beyond their control. They can financially engineer anything. Central banks will spend any amount of money to avoid facing the music. I do know this, volatility seems very underpriced at the current moment.
  7. Fouls balls use to be a very exciting play. Only because back in the day teams made fans give them back and would sometimes wind up arguing/fighting with fans in the stands. Fun fact : As recently as 1922, an 11 year old boy was arrested and jailed overnight for refusing to give back a foul ball he caught at a Phillies game. He was charged with larceny and the Judge was not amused that he was charged. It turned into such a PR nightmare for the Phillies they started allowing fans to keep foul balls. Every other team soon followed.
  8. I'd be fine re-instating Rose, but not until Shoeless Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver are re-instated posthumously. If they're back it won't be with the Astros. Looks like Luhnow and Hinch just got pink slips.
  9. Cora was a coach for the Astros during this time.
  10. It's a slippery slope. Do teams really tank for draft picks in MLB? NHL and NBA have lotteries anyway. As I am sure all of us in here know all too well. It's been a long time but I think that was the crux of MLB's case against him. He made questionable line up decisions and really couldn't explain them.
  11. It's not quite that cut and dry. What he did damaged the integrity of the game. If the games are not on the level why would anyone pay to see them? He was the manager. If he bet on the team to win on Saturday it could effect the way he managed the team in Friday's game. For example, he might rest a regular on Friday and play him on Saturday. It could definitely effect the way he utilized his bullpen. Keeping his better relievers available for Saturday.
  12. US to Iraq: Kick out our military and we will seize your central bank accounts Sat 11 Jan 2020 20:59:52 GMT US puts the petrodollar at risk The US warned Iraq that if it kicks American forces out of the country, it would lock the country out of its central bank accounts held at the New York Fed. Iraq uses the account to settle sales of oil and other international transfers. Iraq's elected legislature voted last week to expel US troops who were invited to the country to fight ISIS in 2014. The Prime Minister moved forward with those plans this week in a call with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The threat may spark a shift away from US dollar use and pricing in the international oil trade. It could also cause other countries to reconsider keeping money or other financial assets in the United States. From the WSJ: An adviser to the prime minister, Abd al-Hassanein al-Hanein, said that while the threat of sanctions was a concern, he did not expect the U.S. to go through with it. "If the U.S. does that, it will lose Iraq forever," he said. In its most-recent disclosures from end-2018, Iraq's central bank said it held $3 billion in overnight deposits at the NY Fed.!/us-to-iraq-kick-out-our-military-and-we-will-seize-your-central-bank-account-20200111
  13. Saw this posted elsewhere on the net. ......... God on drums, always the "Working man", go "Fly by night", taking the "Exit stage left", leaving the "Limelight" never took the "Big Money", always "Closer to the heart". Leaving "Time Stand Still" driving away in that "Red Barchetta". Thanks for the "Distant Early Warning", encouraging our "Freewill" with the "Spirit of radio". Let your "Permanent waves" guide us all to the "Temples of Syrinx". Forever a "Tom Sawyer", a true "New World Man"... Thanks for the memories.