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  1. A Canadian Kournikova. Go Milos.
  2. Guy was a beast when he was here. Always gave 100% ala Linden. Guy gave us 9-10 good years. Asking for a trade was fine. Giving the team 2 trading partners was a dick move.
  3. Thanks for your reply. It was actually the other way around for the reporting period mentioned. Large gains in full time employment vs losses in part time. It's certainly a positive sign and the 5 month trend is a welcome sign too. Is everything firing on all cylinders, no, not at all. This is what economists call "green shoots" and the more the merrier. Anyway you slice it 201,700 jobs created in 5 months vs expectations of losses of 7,100 is pretty impressive.
  4. 81,000 full time jobs gained. Minus 27,000 part time jobs lost = total gains of 53,700.
  5. StatsCan doesn't put out fake news. Nor do the other financial and news outlets that reported the data. I don't get what's so difficult about the math? 81,300 full times jobs created, minus 27,000 part time jobs lost (as was pointed out in my reply to Strome) equals total job gains of 53,700. 81,300 (full) -27,300 (part) ---------- +53,700 (total) From CBC ......... "Canada added more than 50,000 jobs in December, bringing the total for 2016 to 214,000. The total for last month was 54,000, according to Statistics Canada. The economy actually added 81,000 full-time jobs during the month, but that was slightly offset by a loss of 27,000 part-time positions. The results were a positive surprise to economists, who had been expecting a slight loss of jobs during the month. Because more people were looking for work, too, the unemployment rate ticked up to 6.9 per cent. But that's not necessarily bad news, economist Derek Holt at Scotiabank said. "Faster entry into the job market in search of employment while still getting a robust employment gain is a win-win for the economy," Holt said. I still am laughing at you. See the explanation of elementary math above. Na Rupe, no numbers were switched.
  6. Well lets see. Strome's Macleans link is from August 2016. The data I presented covered Aug 2016 - December 2016. His link does nothing to dispute the numbers I posted. You can feel free to dig into the prior month's reports if you wish. January's is fresh in my mind so I'll expand on that one. Of the 53.7K jobs gained in the month of December 81.3K were full time. The economy lost of total of 27K part time jobs. That is the case ........... WW
  7. Canadian job growth the last 5 months..... Month Actual Forecast January +53.7K -5.1K Dec +10.7K -16.5K Nov +43.9K -10.0K Oct +67.2K +8.5K Sep +26.2K +16.0K ------------ ---------- +201.7K -7.1K 201 thousand jobs created in 5 months vs. expectations of losses of 7K. Not bad eh? 1 month can be a random spike. 2 months can be explained away. 5 months is a trend.
  8. First of all, impeachment would likely be impossible until you have a Democratic majority in the senate. For that you'll have to wait 2 years if it even happens. Senate Republicans would love a weakened Trump who is reduced to a simple figurehead. Then they could do as they wish without President Blowhard getting in their way. Secondly, Trump will never be impeached. If he was going to lose an impeachment trial he would resign long before that would happen. There is no way he'd ever have that on his resume. It's all about him.
  9. Fair enough, I can wait until Monday. Anyone think he'll actually follow through with this? Seems doubtful as his nominee for Treasury thinks it's a dumb idea.
  10. "It will be as exciting as the 1930s" Steve Bannon Great Depression, massive unemployment, bread lines, market crashes, credit freezing Yeah....... good times.
  11. This was of particular interest to me. I must have missed it? Did it happen? I don't see the big news. Anyone?
  12. You've seen it before: Dwight Eisenhower. He sure is a fighter. He's currently fighting with: 1) Democrats 2) Republicans 3) The Press 4) The entire intelligence community 5) North Korea, Isis, Iran etc
  13. Birth Of A Nation 6.5/10 Based on a true story of a slave rebellion in 1809. Lot of controversy with this one as many feel it sanitizes the actual brutality of the rebellion. Women and children were killed in the real rebellion but that is never shown. Also many have rated it very poorly based upon the rape trial of writer/director/actor Nate Parker in 1999 when he was in college. For which he was controversially acquitted. It's no "12 Years a Slave" but it's worth a watch as there aren't many decent movies about this topic.
  14. Someone mentioned Christian rap. Can't believe this hasn't been posted.