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  1. OK Mr. President, let's drain that swamp. Or maybe not.......... President Trump to appoint Goldman Sachs veteran as Treasury Secretary Trump himself has indicated that he wants to give the Treasury secretary job to his finance chairman, Mnuchin, a 17-year-veteran of Goldman Sachs who now works as the chairman and chief executive of the private investment firm Dune Capital Management.!/president-trump-to-appoint-goldman-sachs-veteran-as-treasury-secretary-00-20161110 *********** So Mnuchin would join Rubin and Paulson as ex Goldman Sachs bankers to head the Treasury department. Not exactly draining the swamp. Also after railing against Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellin during his campaign as corrupt and incompetent, he now seems fine with her remaining as Fed Chair.
  2. Mexican Peso down 10.5% Thats good timing for you.
  3. No mention of Comey yet?
  4. Clinton has to hold Virginia. She just took a .1% lead, a measly 2000 votes.
  5. What's taking so long for results from New York state?
  6. Yes but she has comfortable leads in NC and OH. That's very bad news for Trump, he needs those states.
  7. Clinton is up 1600 votes with something like 8 million counted. I think an automatic recount is triggered if under 1% spread or perhaps .5% spread.
  8. Looks like Florida may automatically trigger a recount.
  9. Florida becomes irrelevant with North Carolina and Ohio going the way they are.
  10. Clinton leading in Ohio by 7.3% with 24% of the vote in, thats very surprising.
  11. He's trailing by 2.4% with 73% of the vote reported.
  12. In that scenario it would just be a matter of waiting so Trump and his campaign wouldn't whine. No way Obama's home state ever goes Trump.
  13. Early exit polls from Slate, Vice and Vote Castr. Financial markets are paying attention to this and like what they see. S&P up nicely, Mexican Peso up, Canadian dollar up (as both are seen to get hurt under Trump)
  14. You'll know long before that. If Trump does not win Florida he's toast. You'll be getting results in from Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire pretty quickly after polls close.