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  1. Canucks-Hurricanes [Proposal]

    Hanifin has played 239 NHL games. If you don't know what he is by now I don't know what to say.
  2. There's a larger consequence of this. If first world societies want to grow they need ever increasing populations. Birth rates have dropped and continue to drop virtually everywhere across the globe, except for sub-Saharan Africa. America used to have the pick of the immigrant litter as every immigrant wanted to come there as their first choice. They could pick and choose the best and brightest. At the rate things are going down south you may see a change in America being the destination of choice. If I was an educated immigrant I think I'd rather pick Germany, Australia, Sweden or Canada than the US. If that becomes a regular occurrence soon you're left taking in more 2nd tier immigrants than you'd prefer. That is one way to lose your top standing in the world and slowly become a "sh*thole".
  3. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    We'll even throw in Juolevi's XBox.
  4. That's pretty much what I was thinking. If I had to take a guess on a name I'd go with Oleg Deripaska.
  5. Question that still needs an answer. If anyone has a theory, fire away. Why hasn't Paul Manafort rolled over yet and co-operated with the feds? He's 69 years old and is facing dying in prison. He's charged with serious financial crimes which are easy to prove. The proof of these crimes are black and white, you either have the proof or you don't. Mueller has the proof. His deputy Rick Gates has plead guilty and accepted a deal and turned snitch. Surely he's spilling the beans on Manafort. Manafort's former son in law is co-operating with the feds. Seems Manafort's holding out is because he's protecting someone. I doubt it's Trump, So who is it?
  6. Not true. They matter very much while 'in utero'. After birth, not so much.
  7. The vast majority of these shooters expect/want to be killed by the police. That's why they never have an escape route planned out. If they did expect to escape they'd be wearing a mask to shield their identity. They want to create as much havoc as possible. Having a 2nd opposing shooting returning fire as students run this way and that, running for their lives is a maniac's wet dream come true.
  8. Explosion in Mississauga restaurant

    A little research turned up the name of the restaurateur Mohan Nangpal. Nangpal is a predominately Hindu name. Nagpal said several of his family members were inside. I assume that means they were working there and weren't part of the celebrations. I think you do have the 'khalistan" vs "sikh' thing wrong.
  9. When I first read this the first thing that popped into my head was ............
  10. I gave up a few weeks ago and put him on ignore. From the quotes i see when others quote him I made a wise decision.
  11. Of course they say that. They're not the one's who cancelled. It's PR pure and simple. I am willing to bet it's the Chinese prompting them to issue that statement.
  12. Trump could have shown up at the DMZ, dropped his trousers and taken a dump and they'd say he delivered a gift of fertilizer.
  13. IMO you're only looking at one side of this, the American side. What did Kim want out of this? He wanted to be seen as a legitimate world leader on equal footing. It's not about the rest of the world with him. He has no illusions of one day being applauded at the UN. It's about how he is seen inside the DPRK. He intends to remain in power for life. That's what the nukes are for and why he's never going to give them up. The US didn't give up nothing. Kim got exactly what he wanted, he's been legitimized. He extended an olive branch and Trump accepted it on the spot. What did it cost him? 3 hostages? I think in the prior 8 years they returned 10 American detainees, so no biggie. Might be more detainees too as 34 journalists were inside the DPRK including AP and CNN people. They hadn't left the country before Trump pulled this stunt. Hopefully they are not detained. As far as trade negotiations with Japan. Japan is filing a WTO complaint against the US for steel tariffs. How does this help that? People keep thinking there's some ninja level 3D chess going on here. It should be crystal clear by now there's no chess just finger painting. This administration has no clue. That's why you always hear "we'll see what happens". Translation = 'I have no clue, and am winging it as I go along". Just as he did in his business career.
  14. It's not dead yet. Rest of the countries trying to salvage it. Kinda like with TPP. China and EU nations set to discuss Iran on 25 May They are set to meet tomorrow to discuss on the Iran nuclear agreement The meeting will involve China, UK, France, Germany, Russia, and Iran themselves - according to the headlines on Bloomberg. Meanwhile, EU's foreign affairs representative Mogherini is out in Brussels saying that it is possible to keep the Iran deal without the US. Not sure how that will go down with Trump if it were to happen - but maybe that is what the autos tariffs are for.!/china-and-eu-nations-set-to-discuss-iran-on-25-may-20180524