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  1. That's what I was thinking. Steve Forbes is about Republican as one gets. At what point do some of these posters stop pulling things out of their nether regions?
  2. Manafort is just 'misunderstood' that's all. ....... Kiev, Ukraine (CNN) A Ukrainian human rights attorney representing the victims of mass police shootings in Kiev in 2014 has asked prosecutors to investigate what are purported to be the hacked text messages of one of Paul Manafort's daughters, saying the texts point to possible influence Manafort had with Ukraine's president during that period. "You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly," Andrea Manafort allegedly wrote of her father in March 2015 in an angry series of texts to her sister, Jessica, about her father's personal and professional life. "Remember when there were all those deaths taking place. A while back. About a year ago. Revolts and what not," reads another text in reference to the bloodshed in Kiev. "Do you know whose strategy that was to cause that, to send those people out and get them slaughtered." "He has no moral or legal compass," Andrea allegedly wrote about her father earlier as part of the same conversation. The messages were obtained from a hacker website that in February posted four years' worth of texts, consisting of 300,000 messages, apparently taken from Andrea Manafort's iPhone. *************************** How did Manafort who hadn't been active in Republican campaigns for nearly 2 decades become Campaign Chairman for the Trump Campaign? Who recommended him, anyone know? Also, who recommended Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State? He and Trump had never even met before he was considered for the post. He doesn't seem very thrilled to be SOS. Maybe because he isn't. ************** Rex Tillerson has said he did not want to be US secretary of state and only took the job because his wife convinced him to do it. The former ExxonMobil oil executive revealed his initial reluctance in an interview published after a controversial trip to Asia and hours before the biggest event of his two months at the state department, an international meeting on Wednesday about how to fight Islamic State (Isis). “I didn’t want this job. I didn’t seek this job,” Tillerson told the Independent Journal Review (IJR), in an interview conducted on his official plane during the three-nation Asia trip. “My wife told me I’m supposed to do this.” He said he had not met Donald Trump before being summoned to Trump Tower after the surprise election victory, ostensibly to talk to the president-elect “about the world” and his experiences as an oil company CEO. “When he asked me at the end of that conversation to be secretary of state, I was stunned,” he said, adding that at 65 years old, at the end of a four-decade career at ExxonMobil, he had expected to retire: “I was going to go to the ranch to be with my grandkids.” However, he said that when he returned to his Texas home after meeting Trump in New York, his wife, Renda St Clair, shook her finger in his face and said: “I told you God’s not through with you.” He better hope that last bolded part isn't true. LOL
  3. UK confirms four dead in terror attack including police officer and attacker Official statement from top anti-terrorism officer The official said at least 20 people have been injured and they believe only one person was responsible for the attack.!/uk-confirms-four-dead-in-terror-attack-including-police-officer-and-attacker-20170322
  4. UK Parliament shooting: 1 attacker killed, several injured Update from the incident surrounding Parliament Reports clarifying the incident say that one attacker was shot after attacking a policeman on Parliament grounds. The attacker is supposed to have driven on the pavement across Westminster bridge injuring several people before crashing into a gated section of Parliament. After attacking a policeman with a knife he was subsequently shot. Westminster tube station is shut and Parliament is on lockdown. Theresa May has been ushered out. Fortunately there's a hospital on the other side of the bridge opposite Parliament so the injured are being attended to quickly.!/uk-parliament-shooting-1-attacker-killed-several-injured-20170322
  5. He's this idiot.............. His idiocy starts at the 4 minute mark. "Merrill Lynch is an astonishingly well run company" - Ben Stein Not long after they would be sold off to Bank of America in a shot gun wedding orchestrated by the Federal Reserve to keep them from filing Chapter 11 and circling the bowl the same week Lehman Brothers went tits up. Stein is a putz.
  6. RIP Chuck. One of the people credited with inventing one of the best things ever created ... Rock and Roll.
  7. Burrows reminds me of Rich Sutter. I remember a story from one trade deadline way back when. Pat Quinn and Brian Burke were about to trade Sutter, when Quinn said "How can we trade this guy? We're trying to get 5 more just like him" Pure and simple, Burrows is a winner. Wish we had 5 more just like Burr.
  8. Dutch exit poll: Liberal party may get 31 seats. Freedom party 19 seats Soft performance for Wilders Wilders' Freedom party was expected to earn about 22 seats. It looks like they will finish in a three-way tie for second place with only 19. That way behind the Liberal party that will win 31 seats according to the first exit poll. The Freedom party will tie with the Christian Democrats and Democrats D66. The Christian Union will get 6 seats, Greens 16 seats and Socialists 14 seats. Here is how the percentages breakdown according to a separate Ipsos exit poll: VVD-ALDE: 21% CDA-EPP 13% PVV-ENF 13% D66-ALDE 13% GL-G/EFA 11% SP-LEFT 9% PvdA-S&D 6%!/exit-poll-liberal-party-may-get-31-seats-freedom-party-19-seats-20170315 Second exit poll has identical results.
  9. Maybe we can borrow Brandon Prust from the Nurnberg Ice Tigers for one game so he can spear the Rat again? And yes, that is where Prust is currently playing.
  10. It typically takes a minimum of 6-9 months for a new administration's policies to begin to show up in payroll data. The exception being immediate government hiring or shovel ready projects. Neither of which qualify during this reporting period. This report is a reflection of the previous administration. It should be noted that the wage component did not meet expectations.
  11. Don't worry. Willie will be set free shortly after our last game of the season.
  12. No recommendations for Thai food? Siam on lower Fort St. is good, as is Sook Jai Thai on upper Fort St.
  13. That's a great way to lose Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.
  14. In your sig you have Boeser wearing a Canuck jersey with number 16. Not sure how that's possible with number 16 hanging in the rafters. What's up?