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  1. It's not dead yet. Rest of the countries trying to salvage it. Kinda like with TPP. China and EU nations set to discuss Iran on 25 May They are set to meet tomorrow to discuss on the Iran nuclear agreement The meeting will involve China, UK, France, Germany, Russia, and Iran themselves - according to the headlines on Bloomberg. Meanwhile, EU's foreign affairs representative Mogherini is out in Brussels saying that it is possible to keep the Iran deal without the US. Not sure how that will go down with Trump if it were to happen - but maybe that is what the autos tariffs are for.!/china-and-eu-nations-set-to-discuss-iran-on-25-may-20180524
  2. It gets better. Reports are South Korea was not given a heads up about this and are said to be shocked and bewildered. As I am sure are China and Japan. Yesterday North Korea destroyed their nuclear test facility in a planned demolition. Though it is suspected a large part of the site collapsed last September. So destroying it is probably not a genuine goodwill gesture. 34 foreign journalists were brought into North Korea to witness the demolition. Including some American journalists who were still in the country when Trump pulled the plug. Here's hoping they don't get detained.
  3. Ultimately bringing John Bolton aboard then having him go on tv and talk about the "Libyan Model", was probably not a good idea. The North Koreans really didn't like the talk of Ghadaffi, who gave up his weapons programs only to later be invaded by western forces and get shot in the head. NK didn't exactly handle the situation wisely after that. Stupidity all around as evidenced by the minting of this commemorative coin............
  4. Trump calls off summit with Kim Jong-Un planned for Singapore Was scheduled to take place June 12 The White House released a letter from the President to Kim: Says inappropriate at this point to have a summit Says he looks very much forward to meeting Kim someday Calls lack of summit a 'missed opportunity' and 'truly a sad moment in history' Says he cancelled it based 'on the tremendous anger and open hostility' in Kim's recent statement!/trump-calls-off-summit-with-kim-jong-un-planned-for-singapore-20180524
  5. You can rest assured that a private security company called "Crime Prevention Agency" does not have $1 billion and will file bankruptcy immediately. The judge knows this.
  6. North Korea Threatens to Call Off Summit, Calls Pence a ‘Political Dummy’ North Korean official to suggest reconsidering summit meeting with US The headline to this post (it was too good to resist) is from the Wall Street Journal, which has more detail on NK's threats: North Korea senior envoy (Choe Son Hui, the North's vice minister of foreign affairs) renewed a threat to call off a planned summit with President Donald Trump Warned that Pyongyang could "make the U.S. taste an appalling tragedy it has neither experienced nor even imagined." Ms. Choe's statement, issued through official state media, called out Vice President Mike Pence, who she referred to as "a political dummy." Article is here, may be gated!/north-korea-threatens-to-call-off-summit-calls-pence-a-political-dummy-20180524 *********************************** Anyone still think there's a Nobel Peace Prize in the offing?
  7. Sometimes the most obvious answer isn't so obvious.
  8. Hey, Look: More Evidence That Broidy May Have Been Covering for Trump in That Playmate Affair Saturday, December 2, 2017, was a big day for David Dennison. Dennison — as Donald Trump was called in his hush-money agreement with Stormy Daniels — was taking a break from the golfing trips that had dominated his weekends for that entire fall. Today there was no time for golf: He was traveling from the White House to New York City, where he would spend all day on Wall Street, fundraising for his 2020 reelection campaign, and for the Republican National Committee. Trump would not get back to the White House until 4:45 p.m., but he still found time in his busy schedule that day for one more meeting. That get-together was with a wealthy Republican fundraiser and lobbyist, Elliott Broidy. Broidy, who had been convicted in 2009 of bribing public officials, had spent all of 2017 investing enormous amounts of time and money to acquire what his business partner George Nader termed “this priceless asset” — a private meeting with the president of the United States. In fact this asset could be given a quite precise price. A remarkable investigative report from the Associated Press describes what appeared to be a particularly brazen quid pro quo: After a year spent carefully cultivating two princes from the Arabian Peninsula, Elliott Broidy, a top fundraiser for President Donald Trump, thought he was finally close to nailing more than $1 billion in business. He had ingratiated himself with crown princes from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who were seeking to alter U.S. foreign policy and punish Qatar, an archrival in the Gulf that he dubbed “the snake.” To do that, the California businessman had helped spearhead a secret campaign to influence the White House and Congress, flooding Washington with political donations. Broidy and his business partner, Lebanese-American George Nader, pitched themselves to the crown princes as a backchannel to the White House, passing the princes’ praise — and messaging — straight to the president’s ears. Now, in December 2017, Broidy was ready to be rewarded for all his hard work. It was time to cash in. In return for pushing anti-Qatar policies at the highest levels of America’s government, Broidy and Nader expected huge consulting contracts from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, according to an Associated Press investigation based on interviews with more than two dozen people and hundreds of pages of leaked emails between the two men. Those consulting contracts, according to Broidy’s own correspondence, were what the December 2 meeting was about. And, a few days later, Broidy got his payoff: The U.A.E. awarded his company a deal worth up to $600 million over the next five years. Here is some additional context that now seems especially noteworthy: Just two days before that meeting, on November 30, Broidy wired $200,000 from his Bank of America account to Real Estate Attorneys’ Group, a California firm. On December 5, REAG transferred that money to attorney Keith Davidson. Davidson was at the time supposedly representing the legal interests of Shera Bechard, a Playboy model with whom Broidy now claims to have had an affair. (Bechard fired Davidson shortly afterward, when she became convinced that Davidson was actually working in concert with Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, to protect Cohen’s client’s interests rather than hers.) That $200,000 was supposed to be the first of eight quarterly payments that “David Dennison” agreed to make to Bechard, in order to buy her silence about an affair and a subsequent abortion. All this was laid out in an NDA recovered from Michael Cohen’s office when it was raided last month. Four days after after the raid on Cohen’s office, on April 13, The Wall Street Journal published a story claiming that this David Dennison, in the NDA signed by Shera Bechard, was none other than Elliott Broidy — despite its being precisely the same pseudonym Trump had used in the Stormy Daniels NDA. The paper’s basis for its scoop was this: Whoever leaked the existence of the Bechard NDA to the Journal also asserted that the agreement was between Bechard and Broidy. The Journal’s reporters confronted Broidy, and Broidy immediately confessed to having had a long-running affair with Bechard, and subsequently agreeing to pay her $1.6 million to buy her silence about it. The first payment of the agreement was supposed to be due on December 1, 2017. That is the story Broidy told the Journal, and that story has, remarkably enough, become accepted as simple fact. Indeed, the AP concludes its bombshell exposé of Broidy’s machinations by observing that Broidy had gotten Shera Bechard pregnant, and had “agreed to pay her $1.6 million to help her out, as long as she never spoke about it.” But as I argued at length and in detail in this space two weeks ago, Broidy’s account raises a lot of questions — and I believe a more plausible explanation of all the facts at hand is that he agreed to pay Bechard seven figures as a favor to Donald Trump, who actually impregnated Bechard, and then needed to hush her up about their affair and her subsequent abortion. Trump, I pointed out, is exactly the kind of man who has affairs with women like Shera Bechard, while Broidy has a history of bribing public officials to further his business interests — indeed, he had even made payments to the mistress of a politician he was bribing. And it was clear Broidy had spent much of 2017 touting his connections to Trump to various foreign officials. The AP exposé only strengthens the evidence for my hypothesis: The first payment from Broidy came two days before the meeting that apparently helped him ink a nine-figure deal with a foreign country — a deal based in no small part on his access to, and influence on, Trump. If it’s difficult to imagine Broidy being willing to take the fall for Trump’s affair with Bechard and then paying her a seven-figure sum, it’s much simpler to imagine it simply as a perfectly timed and fantastically profitable bribe. It’s also important to keep in mind that the only hard evidence for Broidy’s claim that his payoff to Bechard wasn’t actually a straight-up bribe of the president of the United States continues to be Broidy’s own assertions. (My repeated attempts to get Bechard’s current attorney, Peter Stris, to comment on this matter have been unsuccessful.) Journalists — including those AP reporters who pulled together such a remarkable and important story — might want to be cautious about taking Broidy’s word on the matter at face value. ***************************************** Long story, short is ..... Michael Cohen had only 3 clients. Donald Trump, Elliot Broidy, a convicted Republican fundraiser for whom Cohen arranged a $1.6 million dollar payment and NDA to a former Playboy playmate with whom he had an affair and impregnated, and Sean Hannity Story is alleging Broidy did not have the affair with Shera Bechard and knock her up, but rather Trump did and Broidy took the fall for him. There's certainly some credence to this as it is well known Trump is a serial philanderer and makes frequent use of Non Disclosure agreements. And is not a big fan of contraception, as per Stormy Daniels. Why would Broidy ever engage Michael Cohen who only had 2 other clients to handle this matter for him? Why are both men Trump and Broidy called "David Dennison" in their respective NDA's? I suspect this is why Cohen's offices and home were raided as the feds were looking for evidence of payments to women. Lots more to come out about this. Stay tuned.
  9. ‘Too inconvenient’: Trump goes rogue on phone security The president has kept features at risk for hacking and resisted efforts by staff to inspect the phones he uses for tweeting. President Donald Trump uses a White House cellphone that isn’t equipped with sophisticated security features designed to shield his communications, according to two senior administration officials — a departure from the practice of his predecessors that potentially exposes him to hacking or surveillance. The president, who relies on cellphones to reach his friends and millions of Twitter followers, has rebuffed staff efforts to strengthen security around his phone use, according to the administration officials. The president uses at least two iPhones, according to one of the officials. The phones — one capable only of making calls, the other equipped only with the Twitter app and preloaded with a handful of news sites — are issued by White House Information Technology and the White House Communications Agency, an office staffed by military personnel that oversees White House telecommunications. While aides have urged the president to swap out the Twitter phone on a monthly basis, Trump has resisted their entreaties, telling them it was “too inconvenient,” the same administration official said. The president has gone as long as five months without having the phone checked by security experts. It is unclear how often Trump’s call-capable phones, which are essentially used as burner phones, are swapped out. President Barack Obama handed over his White House phones every 30 days to be examined by telecommunications staffers for hacking and other suspicious activity, according to an Obama administration official. more in the link ********************************************** But her emails.
  10. Cohen’s business partner strikes plea deal: report A longtime business associate of President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen has reportedly agreed to cooperate with government prosecutors as part of a plea deal. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Evgeny Freidman agreed to cooperate with state and federal prosecutors, potentially raising pressure on Cohen to assist in the special counsel investigation into Russia's 2016 election meddling. In return, Freidman got five years of probation for pleading guilty Tuesday to a single count of evading $50,000 worth of taxes. Freidman, who was reportedly disbarred earlier this month, had faced four counts of criminal tax fraud and one of grand larceny, each carrying a possible sentence of up to 25 years. Freidman, a Russian immigrant nicknamed the "Taxi King," has been partners with Cohen in the taxi business for years, the Times reported. Cohen is reportedly under investigation for bank fraud and campaign finance law violations. The FBI raided his home, office and hotel room last month, in part following a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, reportedly seizing financial records, communications between Cohen and his clients and documents related to nondisclosure payments to two women — including adult-film star Stormy Daniels — who alleged they had affairs with Trump. Multiple outlets reported federal investigators were also focused on Cohen's taxi business. After the search, Trump denied Cohen would "flip" amid reports the president's legal team was bracing for Cohen to cooperate with investigators. In recent weeks, Cohen has come under scrutiny for his efforts to solicit payments in exchange for access and insights into the Trump administration. Swiss drug company Novartis and AT&T have both acknowledged they paid Cohen for advice on how to approach the Trump administration on particular issues. Officials from both companies have called the arrangement "a mistake." In addition, Cohen reportedly offered Qatari government officials access to the president in exchange for at least $1 million. Qatar declined the offer. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who represents Trump in the Russia probe, has said the president "was unaware" Cohen solicited payments from those companies. Freidman's guilty plea came the same day that Michael Avenatti, Daniels's attorney, claimed in a court filing that Cohen has been selectively leaking recordings seized in the FBI raid. ******************************* Meanwhile Mueller just keeps chugging along. A few days ago he gets Manafort's former son in law to flip on Manafort. Now Cohen's business partner agrees to sing like a canary in exchange for avoiding prison. The noose is getting tighter.
  11. Sinkhole Growing Around White House

    That's OK, I understand it's "Infrastructure Week" again.
  12. Shopping for Clothes in Vancouver
  13. +1'd ya just for "Cocaine Mitch".