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  1. If we manage to get a second rounder for lack. It would be amazing to get white at 23 and bracco in the second round. They were linemates at the U-18, and are both going to Boston College. It will give them lots of time to develope chemistry and could be the makings of 2/3 of a great line.
  2. Cole Cassels | C

    He reminds me a bit of alex friesen. Although, I think he has a better chance of succeeding at the next level.
  3. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    I really like Gaunce as a prospect. I think a very underrated part of his game is his ability to win board battles. Sure he is winning board battles in the OHL when he is 6'2'' and 205, but what is really interesting is watching him make the smart play, or the right pass, immediately after. That skill should translate well into the NHL, or the AHL at least.
  4. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    The kid looks good. A lot of nice set-ups from his team-mates. It also looks like he battles hard in front of the net, which is nice to see.
  5. Ben Hutton Talk

    Here is a good article on Hutton's play for Maine: http://bangordailynews.com/2013/01/10/sports/ice-hockey-sports/freshman-defenseman-hutton-a-bright-spot-for-maine-hockey-team/ A quote from his defensive partner, Mike Cornell: “I’ve been really impressed with him,” said Maine senior defenseman Mike Cornell, who is Hutton’s defense partner. “He’s going to end up the best of all of us. He has a really, really high ceiling as to what he can become. Right now, he’s only scratching the surface of where he’ll be. He’s naturally gifted.”
  6. Alex Friesen Talk

    Any who watched the wolves pre-season game care to comment on how Alex played?
  7. Frank Corrado Talk

    I was thinking the other day that, if Corrado continues to improve at the rate he currently is, he might form a deadly partner with Connauton. - One shoots right, one shoots left - Corrado has a great first pass, Kevin is good at rushing the puck - They both have a bomb of a shot - Connauton has a bit of a edge to his game, while Corrado is a bit more heady They compliment each other very well, plus a PP with two cannons is never a bad thing
  8. Alexandre Grenier | RW

  9. Alexandre Grenier | RW

    Grenier was just rated as the 7th best winger in the QMJHL on the Hockeys Future main site. http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/14184/top10_qmjhl_wingers/ not bad for being a no-name just a year ago. I guess we'll see how he fares at the next level.
  10. Alex Friesen Talk

    To me he seems to resemble Darren Helm, while Friesen is not blazingly fast he has that same style as helm.
  11. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I think you under-estimate Labate and Freisen. They are still prospects, but I think those two have a great chance to make the NHL full time. Only time will tell I guess...
  12. Joseph LaBate | C/LW

    Labate they call him. What a piece of work.
  13. Alexandre Grenier | RW

    Alexandre Grenier is tied for 2nd on his team in points with 19G 31A. He is tied with Matthew Boudreau (who has played 4 more games). So essentially the only player who is ahead of him on their team is the young phenom Nathan MacKinnon. I know, I know, that he is an overager and just huge in general, that he should be dominating in the younger and smaller league. I still think that it is somewhat impressive, that in just his second year in the league he has already doubled his points from last year. If he keeps improving at this rate then he could become a very interesting prospect to follow. He also really turned it on in the playoffs last year. I am curious if he can do it again.