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  1. Some people have mentioned how under whelmed they feel with the Kesler deal. I believe he potentially hit a home run under terrible circumstances. Bonino is a fantastic hockey player, 22 goals,27 assists and playing 16 minutes a game. Sbisa is a beast who loves to take the body, something this club has missed for years, expect 200 hits from this guy, expect a D-man who plays with edge who will bring out the best in guys like Bieksa and Edler. The 1st round pick McCann is a Patrice Bergeron clone this kid in 2-3 years is going to be a top 6 guy, no doubt. Virtanen although 2 years away will be the power forward we have all been waiting for, not as physically dominant as Lucic but a very quick version of Clowe. With Kassian hopefully taking a step forward and the Sedins rebounding from last year. To be totally honest the Sedin's first third of last years seasons looked like they were going to eclipse their best years, but Tort's completely bagged them. New coach new philosophy could be super solid year with Vrbata(legit goal scorer who is RH) and the twins. Now as far as I can see the top 6 is missing one thing a legit 2nd line LW, and please don't say Burrows because Burr on the left side in his own zone is God awful, we've all seen him tryin to pass out of his own zone to the middle or across the zone, it's like he has issues with his left eye...I'm just saying. This is why I believe Benning is very quitely putting together a deal which will see E.Kane land with the nucks prior to trainning camp. The Deal would be something like: Higgins, Markstom and N.Jensen and probably a 2nd 2015 for E.Kane. This might be considered slight overpayment but you have to fill the top 6 with REAL top six to compete in this division. NEW LOOK LINES: SEDIN SEDIN VRBATA E.KANE BONINO BURROWS HORVAT VEY KASSIAN MATTHAIS RICHARDSON HANSEN This team doesn't need a complete rebuild it needs a rework, a real shift in team philosphy, SIZE, SPEED, SKILL and EDGE. ALA the "Pacific Coast Bruins".
  2. Actually, I've been told that the Bruins have serious Cap issues and that they would love nothing more then to re-sign Iginla and Iggy would like nothing more then to remain a Bruin, So the solution that Benning wants is Eriksson. The Sedins would have a monster year with Loui riding shotgun. Bruins would want a player like Higgins and a prospect. The Canucks would still have cap room to really take a run at Stastny; 7.5 mil. per year x 4-5 years. Our top 6 is finally looking like a top 6. That Bonino trade was just the start. Love that Benning is rebuilding but still competing.
  3. LOL... glad the peanut gallery from Chi-town showed up. Guess what statements like that, you don't need him then. Good luck with your second line center...
  4. So Wrong, you couldn't be more wrong, your the Mayor of "Wrongsville". Kesler is a former Selke winner, Kesler hits, Kesler fights, Kesler plays a 200' game, Kesler is a god damn stud and that's why every bloody team in the NHL would cut off there left nut for him. People have to realize the value of Kesler. If Anaheim would balls up and give the Canucks Vatenen, Etem and their 10th overall pick, they win the cup next year. Where's the magic in that Ana.,pull the trigger!
  5. OK here's my final proposal prior to the draft, this is what I'm hoping for: New look lines are: CAPGEEK.COM ARMCHAIR GM ROSTER CapGeek Armchair GM Roster FORWARDS Daniel Sedin ($7.000m) / Henrik Sedin ($7.000m) / Emerson Etem ($0.870m) Chris Higgins ($2.500m) / Vincent Lecavalier ($4.500m) / Alexandre Burrows ($4.500m) Hunter Shinkaruk ($0.894m) / Sam Reinhart ($0.975m) / Zack Kassian ($1.750m) Shawn Matthias ($1.750m) / Bo Horvat ($0.894m) / Nicklas Jensen ($0.863m) Mike Santorelli ($1.250m) / Brad Richardson ($1.150m) / Zac Dalpe ($0.605m) DEFENSEMEN Alexander Edler ($5.000m) / Sami Vatanen ($0.851m) Dan Hamhuis ($4.500m) / Kevin Bieksa ($4.600m) Ryan Stanton ($0.550m) / Chris Tanev ($3.250m) Frank Corrado ($0.591m) / Yannick Weber ($0.715m) GOALTENDERS Jonas Hiller ($4.750m) Eddie Lack ($1.150m) BUYOUTS David Booth ($0.000m) Keith Ballard ($0.000m) BURIED Jacob Markstrom ($0.275m) RETAINED SALARIES (1.13% of upper limit) Roberto Luongo ($0.800m—15.00%) BONUS OVERAGE $0 ------ CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter) (estimations for 2014-15) SALARY CAP: $71,100,000; CAP PAYROLL: $63,533,278; BONUSES: $1,070,833 CAP SPACE (25-man roster): $7,566,722 Trade 1 To Anaheim: Kesler 2nd rd- 35th overall To Vancouver: Etem Vatanen 1st rd- 10th overall- Draft Virtanen Trade 2 To FLA: 1st rd- 6th overall Garrison Gaunce To Vancouver: 1st overall- Draft Reinhart Trade 3 To Philly: Schroeder Hansen To Vancouver: Lecavalier Anaheim does this in a heartbeat, if they had done this at the trade deadline they would have won the cup!!! Florida does this because their guy is Ehlers and he will be available at the 6th hole, and they reunite Garrison and Campbell plus they get what will be a good third line center. Philly does it because they have got to dump salary and Vinny makes 4.5 mill. they get Scroeder and Hansen 2 players that will fit nicely on their bottom 6 and cheap. This team will be able to compete next year but the big payoff is three years later when Jake Virtanen, Reinhart, Shink, Horvat, Jensen, Kassian, Etem, Vatenen and Tanev are the CORE! Talk about talented, bright future. Cmon Benning you can do it!
  6. Your gonna want to know how I guessed this one; Kesler is ok going to Ottawa because he will get to play with one of his besties- Bobby Ryan and what a line that will be, it will be a serious threat in the East. The Deal looks like Spezza, Stone and the rights to negotiate with Michalek for Kesler and a 4th. Just Guessing...
  7. If they take Schroeder then the line up is fine, otherwise Burrows moves up and Richardson moves in.
  8. He's nuts, weak draft year and what's he going to trade to get that first rounder- Hodgeson...
  9. Lindholm-Rookie, Etem can't crack roster and 10th===<Kesler
  10. He doesn't, sorry what I meant was Jensen or Schroeder.
  11. He's saying that, but if a team offers something he needs and can still pick up a great young player in the 6 hole why wouldn't he swing a deal. GM's say things all the time for different reasons...
  12. Oh Ya, take note team is very big, skates well, skilled and likes the contact(minus the twins).
  13. I've been hearing lot's of people talk about trading up to 1st overall, however, if the Canucks are targeting Reinhart then they need Buffalo's pick, 2nd overall. Ekblad goes 1st, that you can take to the bank. No way does Florida take Reinhart. So I propose we make a deal with Buffalo and it would have to be something like this; to Buffalo: Garrison, Jensen or Schroeder and the 6th overall-2014 to Vancouver: 2nd overall-2014 We select Reinhart and he might push for a spot this year? The other discussion were hearing is the fate of Kesler, count on him being dealt prior to the draft. I originally felt that Anaheim will not provide the pieces that the Canucks want. Will Anaheim make Lindholm available? He's only played one season he has lots to prove to be considered an elite defenceman and speaking of proving something so does Etem. The Canucks would need: to Anaheim: Kesler, Weber to Vancouver: Lindholm, Etem and 10th overall-2014 We select Jake Virtanen and he takes 1-2 years before he's ready. Etem cracks the lineup and at 6'1"-207 lbs he plays the LW centered by Matthais and Burrows. The Canucks have to sign to Wingers and I suggest they throw the bank at Michalek and Callahan. 5.25mil/year, for 3 years for Michalek and 6mil/year for 4 years at Callahan.We also attempt to sign Ryan Miller as Lakk needs to be back up a couple more years before he's completely ready. The Canucks have one more trade and that's Higgins, no one love Higgins more then AV. So Ranger bound will be Higgy. to New York: Higgins, 35th overall-2014 to Vancouver: Brassard New York does this because Higgins is the perfect winger for any team, he can do it all plus he gets at least 50 pts on that club and New York's first pick is 59th overall. Canucks already have some grade A prospects but boy did it ever get a whole lot brighter for the next few years... New look lines: CAPGEEK.COM ARMCHAIR GM ROSTER CapGeek Armchair GM Roster FORWARDS Daniel Sedin ($7.000m) / Henrik Sedin ($7.000m) / Nicklas Jensen ($0.863m) Milan Michalek ($5.250m) / Derrick Brassard(3.2m) / Ryan Callahan ($5.500m) Hunter Shinkaruk ($0.894m) / Bo Horvat($0.894m)/ Zack Kassian ($1.750m) Emerson Etem ($0.870m) / Shawn Matthias ($1.750m) / Alexandre Burrows ($4.500m) Brad Richardson ($1.150m) / DEFENSEMEN Alexander Edler ($5.000m) / Hampus Lindholm ($0.894m) Dan Hamhuis ($4.500m) / Kevin Bieksa ($4.600m) Ryan Stanton ($0.550m) / Chris Tanev ($2.750m) Frank Corrado ($0.591m) GOALTENDERS Ryan Miller ($6.250m) Eddie Lack ($1.150m) BUYOUTS David Booth ($0.000m) Keith Ballard ($0.000m) BURIED Jacob Markstrom ($0.275m) RETAINED SALARIES (1.13% of upper limit) Roberto Luongo ($0.800m—15.00%) ------ CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter) (estimations for 2014-15) SALARY CAP: $71,100,000; CAP PAYROLL: $67,756,944; BONUSES: $1,920,833 CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $1,322,223 FLAME AWAY!!!!