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  1. Actually, I've been told that the Bruins have serious Cap issues and that they would love nothing more then to re-sign Iginla and Iggy would like nothing more then to remain a Bruin, So the solution that Benning wants is Eriksson. The Sedins would have a monster year with Loui riding shotgun. Bruins would want a player like Higgins and a prospect. The Canucks would still have cap room to really take a run at Stastny; 7.5 mil. per year x 4-5 years. Our top 6 is finally looking like a top 6. That Bonino trade was just the start. Love that Benning is rebuilding but still competing.
  2. The lack of secondary scoring is so glaring...

    Bring in a good playmaking center and move Kesler to the wing
  3. The lack of secondary scoring is so glaring...

    Sedins are top 10 players on the stats, so I think they're doing their job...
  4. The lack of secondary scoring is so glaring...

    Your kidding right, lets round up the posse and hang MG if he thinks he's made a bold move.
  5. The lack of secondary scoring is so glaring...

    MG has been fully aware of this for two years, in fact he's the one and only reason for this problem. You cannot trade away elite players for project players other teams don't want.Canucks will not make the playoffs this year in this confrence without a massive deal which will bolster the second line. Even if means moving Kesler to the LW position and bringing in a very good playmaking center. Booth is terrible, kassian looks stunned and has zero hockey IQ. Hansen, Santorelli and the Sedins look great and Kesler looks very average at best. Gonna be a long year if Gillis doesn't pull the trigger on something massive soon.
  6. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    Wow, time will tell, terrible rationalization for this massive mistake...every scout in the world knows that Nichushikin is a far more talented player, huge mistake by Gillis Nichy will be a superstar in this league and Bo's a third liner at best. Once again Canucks brass have their blinders on. Time will not tell... I'll tell you by the time Bo has a regular spot in the NHL Nichy will be a point a game player.