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  1. NFL thread

    Someone +1'd me before I even edited it You were wrong, move along little sonny.
  2. Greatest Hockey Player Ever

    SOTW: Feet Only Edition LOOOOOL
  3. How to be popular/not a loner¿?

    Thanks Em
  4. Greatest Hockey Player Ever

    I think I could make a better sig with my feet
  5. How to be popular/not a loner¿?

    Seriously though, how to be cool: only shop at Zumiez (wear tons of Obey/Stussy) and you have to own one of these
  6. NFL thread

    Being completely honest, I didn't understand a word you said or the pic. EDIT: Obviously I was talking about you. Tack 1 up for The Magician.
  7. Greatest Hockey Player Ever

    I saw you're status update, hopefully you aren't crying irl
  8. How to be popular/not a loner¿?

    I laughed so hard at this. Just walk up to some kids you know and join in on the conversation. I've never seen anybody ask someone why they were trying to hang with them.
  9. sup

    Why do you think I cropped it No one ever posts there
  10. sup

    I win
  11. sup

    NO STOP!!!!!
  12. Cole Cassels | C

    Outgunning McDavid so far wow
  13. sup

  14. CDC STHS Hockey League (Season 5)

    He definitely went to NJ
  15. Kelowna Rockets (WHL)

    I own every thread on CDC rn