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  1. Where's The Emotion?

    Ever notice that all the Canuck games that have lots of emotion and penalties happen on the road? Games that are played at Rogers arena seem very sterile. The fans make a lot of noise when the Canucks score but that’s about it. Playing in Boston or Chicago seems to have more emotion before and after goals, why is that? I feel that making noise has a direct effect on the way the game is been refereed, and has an effect on how the players perform, our fans sit on their hands most of the game. That game that was played earlier this year in Boston was fantastic because of the energy the fans where generating. It got the Bruins going and made them play their game. If that game was played here it would have been exciting no doubt, but I don't think we get 11 power plays, which was partly brought on by the emotion in the building. The game last night against Chicago was exciting because of the history between the two teams, but it seemed to be lacking any feeling, the game on March 21st in Chicago will have way more emotion, I guarantee it. (Think back to the game in Chicago earlier this year) So if you're lucky enough to be at the games, please show up ready, keep the energy up, not just after goals but throughout the whole game. We don't want to hear that recorded message (make some NOISE). So please go and enjoy yourself which will make the games better, plus more exciting for the rest of us who have to watch the games on TV. Regardless of the reason we are not at the game, you should feel privileged that you are. The game was important enough for you to purchase a ticket and go to the game, so make some noise at let our team know you are there to support them. |It will make a difference in the atmosphere of the building and encourage our team to play their best.
  2. Move the Sedins?

    Sedins are the better regular season players, but Getzlaf and Perry would suit us better in the playoffs.Please don't misunderstand me I like the Sedins very much this has everything to do about the playoffs when the checking gets tougher and the refs call the game different. You need bigger players who can withstand the punishment. The Sedins playoff numbers aren't that good.
  3. Move the Sedins?

    I think we're talking about 2 different eras, the Red Wings were able to spend more money on free agents back when there wasn't a salary cap. If you look back at those teams Stevie Y was the leader no argument there, but the Wings were able to go out and surround him with players that played a different kind of game that helped him. With the salary cap being the way it is know the Canucks will have a hard time fitting in the kind of players that would help take the Canucks to the next level.
  4. Move the Sedins?

    The Vancouver Canucks have reached a point in their history that just competing for the Staney Cup is not enough. It's time we made the moves that on first look might sound ridiculous , trading the Sedins know makes me sound like a nut job, scoring titles Hart trophies etc. Nicest guys you'd want to meet,friendly good to the media, fans and have done an amazing job with the charity's such as Canuck place. But great citizens don't win us Stanley cups, hard too play against players win in the grind it takes to win the cup. So my trade proposal is the Sedins to Anaheim for Perry and Getslaf. If you haven't fainted? Heres my reasons. We need size on this team, but not just big bodies that play 3rd and 4 th line minitues, that won't help when you play teams like Boston that have size on all four lines plus that defense. I would love to envision the Canucks Line up as such Getslaf Perry Borrows Kessler Higgins Booth Hodgson Raymond Hansen Manny Lappier Bitz Defense would likely stay the same unless Canucks ownership spends some of their profit on sending Ballard down tothe miners. Thanks for your time looking for feed back.