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  1. Living the Life - SEP.07.07

    You looked great out there today and yesterday, caught my eye a few times. Keep it up! I hope to see you in the big boys camp, haha
  2. Day one - SEP.06.07

    haha I was just about to say about the Collwood crawl, but I got beat to it twice You looked good out there today, and you make us Islanders proud! And definetly take the Nucks to the inner harbour, or just downtown in general, Government street would be pretty cool too if your into touristy things
  3. Anxious Start - SEP.06.07

    You looked awesome out there, I kept having to look at my paper to make who made such a good play and more often than not, it was you So keep it up!
  4. whats happenin D?

  5. allrighty then. i'll add you up :P

  6. hm, seems like it cut off the rest of my comment, never knew there was a limit on the amount you could type lol. But hey, if you have msn add me:

  7. wow, you really are into your horses i think thats really cool. I've never really been able to ride a horse all that well, seeing as I've only tried it twice =P. My summer's looking kinda plain so far, just working and studying for my Mcat later in August. I'm taking the Kaplan courses for that so that takes up a good 3 days a week. Other than that I've got nothing nearly as ex

  8. haha yeah effing bandwagonners. Life's been good, I'm just mainly showing my horse in horse shows, which is fun. School's out, so I'm just working and riding my horse. How about you? Any exciting summer plans?

  9. I've been pretty good myself, other than the dissappointing finish to our season things have been going well for me. And true that with the bandwagoners, atleast now they're mostly all gone. Anyways, how's your life goin?

  10. heey, yeah I've been lurking more than posting lately. too many bandwagonners for my brain to handle.

    i'm pretty good, how about you?

  11. sup mc, havent seen you in a while, how goes it?