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  1.'s gonna be one of those games.
  2. That's why it looked like the Hawks player came on and just watched the puck go by him. Too many men is called when you come on and play the puck with all players still on the ice. Not when there's 7 pairs of skates on your team. Not like that.
  3. HOLY COW LOL What a terrible chain of plays by both teams!
  4. Booth really needs to work on his skating... It's also funny how it seems that the net is just a magnet for Booth. Every time he has the puck it's a beeline to the next. This one-dimensional playstyle would be so much better if he was better on his strides
  5. Wow. An OPEN shot. What a play!
  6. Apologies, I really phrased that ambiguously. The point I wanted to make to that poster was to give credit where it was due. I do agree that a good Edler would've made it more difficult to pass him, but that really was moreso a great move by Hossa than a shortcoming by Edler.
  7. Trading Edler, for example, to the Nashville Predators would probably make them a perennial contender. And would probably at least score 1 goal and injure 1 player every time we played them.. So as long as it's a bottom feeding East team............ But I do concede that Edler does not seem like he's fitting with the team.
  8. It's comments like these that show that you're probably not watching the game or don't know what's going on! Hossa's not some plug. That was a great move by a great, experienced, veteran player. The timing on that pass and how Hossa turned Edler was uncanny.
  9. That's a nice change of perspective on the first-shot goals!
  10. Relax guys and girls, we all know that one more failed playoff run means Aquilini will fire Gillis. Sure, it's still speculative, but for a market like Vancouver and a guy like Aquilini, and also considering rumors that have surfaced here and there during the "re-tool" and whatnot, we can be fairly certain that a short season ending coincides with Gillis' career here ending too. Else, we have a deep playoff run and something great happens. It's a win win. Now go do something sensible with your lives.
  11. If I consider that hockey players are human too, from that perspective, maybe the job stability of an NTC and an overpaid salary is just what I need to not call my agent every day telling him I want to be moved. For a thread like this to get so much support from "fans", the fact that the organization is winning less, and...the weather? That's the least of anyone's worries! Anyone would want out and maybe these ridiculous terms are the only way Gillis is keeping this team together as opposed to actually putting a bag of pucks on the ice. Who knows. Maybe Gilman and Gillis browse CDC daily. So be sure to leave all your armchair critiques for them.
  12. Burrows is a tough case to make as long as MG is GM. He's a guy that everyone knows has given blood and soul to the team while also being one of the faces of the organization. As for Hansen, even though Hansen has played for us for his career, his presence is much less, and he's likely to get flown out. MG will NOT trade away a core player as long as he is a GM that still puts the players' comfort levels as his modus operandi.
  13. I almost took you seriously. I can compromise. I'll take the first half of your post.