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  1. Yeah I would have put prust in between dorsett and virts it is what it is though
  2. Two completely different players. I'll take the OX though 100 out of 100 times every time, all the time.
  3. So many negative, impatient people in the world. Instant gratification is the only remedy.
  4. Idk if we suck this year I want Austin Matthews!!!
  5. Hey guys I have a question maybe somebody can help me please. I live in T.O and want to order game enter for ps4 so I can watch Canucks games. How do I go about doing this and are preseason games available?
  6. That looks like the most realistic lineup as of right now imo
  7. I'm currently watching the Indians/Yankee game and I'm pleasantly surprised how Cleveland is pounding out base hits, doubles scoring runs and keeping it simple. I'm not complaing about our bluejays by any means but watching the past few jays games it seems like everyone on the team is only looking to blow the cover off the ball and snag it out of the park.
  8. Ryan johanson
  9. Even though we get the best ss in baseball for the next 5 years?
  10. Old news thanks again for being a voice of reason on here. Your factual and situational offerings are always informative, welcome, and appreciated.
  11. I understand what you're saying minister. I respect you and you're one of my favourite posters on here as I've mentioned before. I was a huge Kassian supporter from the moment he was traded here. I wanted him to succeed so badly. We all saw the potential, but he lacked the consistency. I was hoping to see what he could bring this year considering that he has the potential and is still young, but I also understand that this is a business and you only get so many chances. In the end if JB feels that it was best to trade him so be it, but I was a little disappointed with the return. It's not that fact that I don't like prust as a player because I actually do. It's just that I thought we were trying to get younger and was hoping for either a draft pick, or a prospect with potential in return. I guess Prust will bring some important intangibles to the table, but I really like Kass as a player too. Also with respect to your comment on dean yes he made some questionable moves that may, or may not work out, but they have also won two SC in the past 5 years and we still don't have one. I guess I'm just a little frustrated overall with the team and probably will continue to be until we actually win it all lol..