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  1. Lol well i need to get to 88 MPH and fix the flux capacitor to join you.
  2. Craig Janney? For the Grizzlies, Francis? Any other no shows?
  3. It'll be interesting how the NHL rules on these trades because none of the buyers at the deadline will be happy...
  4. I thought it was Regulation Wins... Lol what a bush league... How do they not have tie breaker rules in place where every team is aware / on the same page?
  5. Lol Worst rental ever. Could we get a refund? The airlines are doing it....
  6. Crazy to watch Canucks hockey lol. Ive been super excited for this stretch drive into the playoffs. What happens when one player on our team catches it? What if its an impact player? Players miss games sometimes due to illness and im sure healthy athletes won't die of covid19 but it could render then unplayable (illness and quarantine). What if Quinn and Miller catch it and they sit out and we miss the playoffs? Getring cleared from testing doesn't mean they might not get it tomorrow and show no symptoms for a week while thry spread it. I just dont think its worth it.
  7. Are you more concerned with trying to be right rather than taking every precaution on what is seemingly the fastest spreading virus we have witnessed (and now labelled a pandemic)?
  8. Can the Nucks go 7-5-1? That would put them at 93 pts which I think is good enough. If they play with the same intensity they have shown the last few game 4 games, I dont see why they couldnt go 7-5-1 or even better.
  9. Personally, I think they want Isles to make the playoffs. Way more revenue when a big market team makes it. That last interference should be an automatic call. D man took 2 steps to the inside and was draped all over (Motte?) when he was going in on the forecheck. Much more blatant than the Gaudette slash
  10. What was up with our centres in OT? We lost like every draw. The boys brought it tonight. I was proud of them win or lose as long as they play hard like this. Our first goal immediately after the Isles scored was a statement saying we came to play today.
  11. I don't know what to make of the situation. I was pro Green throughout this season. Even now, you look at yesterday's game. 2 posts and a cross bar. Score could have been 4-2 and perhaps even an empty netter to make it 5-2. At that point, everyone would be happy and already looking forward to potential first round matchups. Even during the losing strech, we were getting some really unlucky bounces. As a long time Canuck fan, I've seen my fair share of bad "puck luck" but not in a series of games like this. Stecher alone was responsible for like 4-5 bad bounce goals against. However, I am curious whether Green is taking the right approach in being calm and relaxed throughout the entire season. If we miss the playoffs by 2-3 pts or even 1 point, I would look back at all the no shows against the bottom tier teams this season where the team didn't come out with jump. That I believe is on Green. (As well as the players) . Maybe this will be a big learning point for him this year and next year, every game will matter. For the first time in a long time, we've seen Canucks pull off victories in games that they should have lost. I took this as a sign that this team has moved forward in their abilities as the old mantra of "good teams find ways to win even when they shouldn't" . Perhaps the young core is too immature still to realize every game matters and missing the playoffs this year despite all the talent will help them take a step forward next season. Missing the playoffs (if we miss) this season however is on Green. This is the same team that spanked the Bruins 9-3. This is the same team that beat the Pens 4-1. When this team gets up for games, they can run with any team in the league. The team is Jeckyl and Hyde. My hope is that the Canucks play "playoff" hockey for the rest of the season and let the chips fall where they may. They then should realize that they need to play with that same intensity and drive the entire 82 games next season. I am in favor of Green coming back next season but after 3-5 losses against lower tiered teams where our guys don't show up, I would then propose a coaching change. So basically a super short leash next season. If we lose to lower tiered teams but play inspired hockey and ice is tiled in our favor but lose due to sheer bad luck or a goalie standing on his head, I would not count those. I just don't want the no show efforts because this team is not yet good enough to make the playoffs with that mentality.
  12. I think lineup would be awesome if they switched spots. Louie is solid defensively. Why not putt Motte, Sutter and Eriksson against the tough matchups and free up Bo, Tanner and Jake. That line would also be solid defensively
  13. The canucks certainly make it hard on themselves. We've beaten the best teams in the league (Caps, Bruins, Pens, Blues) and then no showed on basement teams and lost the gimmes. If we don't make the playoffs, I would say lack of motivation and effort during those games cost us the playoffs (and perhaps Green's job) . That being said, I don't see this team missing the playoffs. They've played with urgency the last 3 games. Beat the AVs in a must win and lost the 2 before that due to sheer bad luck and bounces. It's March and they are playing meaningful games. They've ratcheted up their intensity and will be playing some of their best hockey heading into the playoffs. They will also get some key pieces back for the playoffs. During this anxious couple of weeks, we've seen Roussel and Gaudette go from zero to hero. We've seen Big Mac emerge. We've seen Demko start off shakey to making out of this world saves. Id say these improvements alone is a blessing in disguise heading into the playoffs. Macewan, Roussel and Gaudette combined for 6 pts last game. Imagine if they can even just contribute one goal per game heading into the playoffs? You can then add in BB and Markstrom. Although we may lose in the first round this year, i think we have a 50/50 chance against any team in the West amd will give any team a run for their money. This again leads to great experience for our young core.
  14. The setting is perfect for the Nucks to run the Bluejackets out of their building tomorrow. Canucks blew a lead in the 3rd and lost one that stings to them last week. Jackets are on the 2nd night of a back to back. I hate putting this kind of pressure on our team but if they lose tomorrow due to lack of effort / intensity, I dont think we deserve the playoffs.
  15. Lol who the hell are you? Why don't you leave already