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  1. sbisa is going to have a great year. with the addition of big fellow dmen like gudbranson, and tryamkin backing him up physically and moving down to the bottom pairing will allow him to play within his game and i expect he will lay some guys out this year because he knows his teammates will have his back. im excited that our d corps has upgraded in size and physicality. edler,sbisa,trymakin,gudbranson,pedan can all lay guys out. tanev is solid defensively and hutton and larsson are the puck movers.
  2. i like that roster except i think the max players a tea, is allowed to carry is 23. this might mean Rodin starts the year on IR I would go with Sedin Sedin Eriksson Burrows Sutter Hansen Baer Horvat Virtanen Etem Granlund Gaunce Dorsett Rodin on conditioning stint Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Tryamkin Sbisa Larsson Pedan
  3. This is unfortunate. One of my favourite hockey memories was being at the world cup of hockey game at "gm place" in the mid 90s and watching canada go to war against Russia. Guys like Kasparitis were diving and blocking shots and I remember a bruhaha between him and Lindros I believe. That was an exciting game with lots of emotion and intensity. Pathetic now. This is what happens when money and guaranteed salary trumps everything.
  4. Great read. Not being sarcastic. I read the whole thing and thought it was entertaining but also had a lot of good points. I honestly don't understand how we rank 30th going into the season. Maybe this is the year to make some big bets. What kind of odds would you get to bet on them making playoffs?
  5. Low risk high reward. 2 year tryout. I'd take a flyer on him.
  6. Badges or "vages"? I'm out.
  7. I searched Louie Eriksson on YouTube and half of the clips are of him getting drilled... Should we be concerned? On a line with the Sedins, there is no deterrent to the opposing line abusing these guys... Is that when our D will jump in?
  8. That's the Rocky Balboa lookin mafia guy that sits behind the bench.
  9. Odjick vs Creighton (and the Blues including anderson) One of my faces not mentioned Scottie Walker vs Jason Arnott (oilers)
  10. I like JBs approach. Build from the net out and build the team with big tough players that wear out the opposition. I hated how the canucks were such a soft team. To have rats like Marchand speedbag the Sedins to Thornton mocking them with a face wash. This team was a complete embarrassment. The ultimate goal is the cup but I want a team that will scratch and claw and intimidate the opponent in an effort to win rather than turning the other check and hoping the refs make the proper calls. Dorsett and Prust shouldn't be our tough guys. I want players that can actually play that can also physically impose their will.
  11. Problem is, if it's not the right time to trade McCann when is? When he can't crack the roster beating out Horvat, Sedin and Sutter and is playing AHL? What if he has a so so season in Utica? What's his value at that point? I think it was a great move by JB
  12. Man I love this trade! Gudbranson has been on my wish list for years. I can't believe we got him. McCann was not going to displace Horvat, Sutter, or Sedin anytime soon. There was no room for him as he was not able to play wing. Huge win for the canucks
  13. No, they wanted people to continue buying tickets for as long as possible. They knew that this team was not going to make the playoffs but they wanted the players to play hard with playoffs in mind and trade them at the deadline. They also realized that they have now squeezed this fan base dry of potential ticket sales and see that the pendulum has swung the other way in which fans are angry and frustrated with the vets and are losing ticket sales because of it. Now is a great time to change it up, give the fans what they want and sell while introducing the hope of a better future by brining up guys like Gaunce. I see what you did there Francesco...
  14. I hope this move was an I owe you move after us fleecing them in the Baerstchi trade... Maybe a goodwill move?