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  1. As one of the biggest Todd Bertuzzi fans, I do see some similarities between him and Virtanen and I don't think the comparison is way off. The Isles gave up on Bertuzzi when we traded an over the hill Trevor Linden for both Bryan McCabe AND Todd Bertuzzi. I think he first rocked number 27 when he got here but it was a mediocre season at best. In his draft +5 year, between new York and Vancouver, he had 13 goals and 20 assists. It wasn't until draft +7 year that he broke 20 goals. People were questioning Bert's hockey IQ as well during that time. What I can say unequivocally is that Virtanen at the same age as Bert is faster, hits harder and has a better shot. Their hockey IQs are similar. It's honestly way too early to give up on Virtanen or put an artificial ceiling on him. I would be more likely to write him off if he was small and slow but that is not the case. There's too many tools in the tool belt to just walk away so quickly. This is Jake's draft plus 3 year. Let's give him minimum of draft + 5-7 years before writing him off. I'm positive in 4 more years, he'll hit 25 goals like Bert.
  2. Don't know why so many negatives. I agree with this. Both the Horvat line and Sutter line were doing better before the change. Yes there was pressure to do something because Megna being on the Sedin line wasn't right but to disrupt the other 2 lines to get the 1 line going doesn't make sense either.
  3. Quick question about NMC. If the entire team had NMCs what would the NHL have done?
  4. I'm a Canucks fan that is a proponent of selling our older assets. That being said, Benning and linden have done a good enough job of getting younger and not mortgaging the future that I am still happy when we win. I would only be upset if they went for it at the deadline and traded picks or prospects for immediate help. That being said, I'd also be ok if we were a bubble playoff team but still traded a dman and Hansen or burrows at the deadline along with Miller.
  5. Your English is awful but you make some great points. Lol
  6. Too funny. Six game winning streak where we were REALLY fortunate to win a couple of them and we have an anti tank post. The Canucks have been playing well especially with the d corps stepping up (Sbisa Tryamkin Stetcher, etc). Add to that that our goalies have bailed us out in some of the games. If the team personnel stays as is and hope for development within the system (the young guys getting better and adding in Boeser, Virtanen, Juolevi) and hoping our next 1st rounder pans out, is this a championship calibre team? ABSOLUTELY not. That team after reaching full potential would be at best winning 2 rounds tops (and that's with everything going their way) we need at least 2 more high end draft picks to do damage in the playoffs. We will not be getting that by picking 15-20 in the next 2 years. So yeah Aquaman wants playoff revenue which he will get by going this course. However the city will not have a cup. The Sedins glory years were great but I would trade all those amazing seasons for 1 cup.
  7. Has he turned the corner finally? If he keeps up this play and solidifies a top 4 position on D, the contract actually looks great. Tryamkin, Stecher, Juolevi are keepers. Edler has a NTC That leaves Tanev, Hutton, Sbisa, and Gudbranson. That's 8 really good d-men capable of playing in the top 4 role. I wonder who will be the odd man out.
  8. I'm happy with Virtanen and Juolevi. Every time I watch a game, I lament over the fact that we don't have any players that can make impact hits that change the complexion of the game. I haven't seen a big kid skate that fast and has the ability to lay huge hits like that. Add to that a lethal shot. I haven't given up on him. I would be ecstatic if he becomes a 1st liner in the league however, his lack of hockey IQ could be a problem of reaching that potential. However, even if he becomes a 3rd liner, I see him as a Raffi Torres but with more size and speed and the ability to chip in and score 15 goals. In a playoff series, if he can take one of their top players out of the playoffs with a huge hit while chipping in 2 goals, that's a win. We love Stetcher but he is a poor man's version of Juolevi. If we love the way Stech plays now, wait until Juolevi laces em up for the nucks in a couple of years. We're just really fortunate that Benning has hit some home runs with other picks such a Tryamkin, Boeser, and signing Stech.
  9. LOL like a "retool"?
  10. When you trade 2 firsts and a 2nd for Kessel, that isn't a rebuild. That's a win now move. Your example supports my argument more than yours.
  11. Who cares about that list? Who are all those prospects? It's substance over volume for me. The only thing that matters is how many blue chip players a team has. Boesser would have been in contention for US captain and Juolevi is Finland's captain. If we are able to grab 1 bonafide elite blue chip player per draft, and 1 good prospect that fit in the middle 6 or bottom pairing for dmen, that's a good draft. The rest can be filled by the plethora of players available.
  12. By that logic, the leafs are on year 2 of their rebuild currently as the rebuild didn't start until Lou took over. For people resisting rebuilds, maybe they should do it more often as it doesn't seem to take long at all. What seems to take longer is management's decision to rebuild (while toiling in mediocrity) rather than going with a swift Rebuild.
  13. The Canucks should be on year 5 of their rebuild starting the season after a first round knockout to the Kings in 2012. If we give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe even include the first round sweep to San Jose in 2013. After that point, surely the writing was on the wall. So at the very least, this should be the 4th year of rebuild meaning they had 4 seasons of drafts, offseason trades and signings. I think things could have been worse but it could also have been better. Like one of the above posters have posted, 2018 will be a good indicator as to whether the Canucks did well or not. I see Virtanen and Juolevi playing in Utica next year while Boesser makes the team out of camp. Tryamkin will continue to develop as well as Hutton and Stetcher. It'll be interesting to see which 3 vets will still be around to compliment these guys and what kind of return we will get for the ones we decide not to keep. If the returns are abysmal like some of our trade deadline deals, we would have set ourselves up to be a middle of the pack team. If Tryamkin, Hutton, Stetcher continue to develop and we throw Juolevi into the mix in 2018 and keep 2 really solid vets while trading the others for GREAT returns (top 6 help) along with drafting impact first line forwards, we will have a lot of hope moving forward from 2018. We can't have any misses with our first round picks. I'm ok with how this year has unfolded. We are battling every game and our young guys are stepping up. They are not playing above their heads and are steadily improving and gaining confidence. The only anxious piece is Virtanen but it looks like Green is sorting him out in Utica. Even the assist tonight was caused by him using his speed and attacking the net. I haven't given up on JV and I am still glad we picked him over Nylander and Ehlers. I want this team to be a big north south team that plays with edge and toughness. Virtanen laid some huge hits in his rookie year. I think he was either told to tone it down or is playing it safe because of his shoulder and he's working on learning to play the game the right way. When he has it all together, I expect him to ramp up his physicality again. JVs combination of size, speed, physicality and shot is high risk high reward. Once he has it all together and he's putting up 60 pts on the 2nd line while blowing up the opposition's defence with some nasty hits, we won't care that Nylander and Ehlers are putting up 90 pts because at that point, someone else from our team will be putting up 80 pts while no one from Toronto or Winnipeg will have a forward like Virtanen. Remember when Ferland was running around in the playoffs? Imagine our own Ferland but with more speed and skill and the ability to finish. I'll take that over a "skilled" player anyday. Anyway, the retool could have gone faster by just going rebuild but what's done is done and it's not like we completely shot ourselves in the foot. We got younger and have some really good kids coming up the system. We just need to hit a couple of homeruns the next 2 seasons and we can do that by leveraging our super stocked D as well as some timely poor finishes in the standings for 2016 and 2017
  14. Great read. Glad he's down there and giving it his all and learning under Green