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  1. Shouldn't it be Green? Who had the next highest win percentage at 41 games?
  2. Great points. I was on the fire Newell wagon but have stepped back lol. I also thought Bo wasnt playing well and quietly questioned to myself whether he was the right choice for captain (even though i was a huge advocate for his captaincy previous to that). I'm glad i didnt verbalize any of this until now lol. Looks like all is well again
  3. Lol but I want too eat my soggy sandwich! Grrrr Heyyyy its soggy. I hate soggy sandwiches.
  4. Sign of a good team is their ability to stay in games and win games they don't deserve sometimes. I was thinking if they pulled it off tonight, it's more reassurance that our team is a good team going in the right direction.
  5. I think more than Tkachuk being inferior, he would actually play the same and make the canucks better which means we might be drafting 8th or 9th instead of 5th to get Petey. We might then draft 10th the following year and have Bouchard instead of Hughes. So yes, in hindsight, i world not change a single thing.
  6. I still cant believe we got Petterson and Hughes back to back. Just when the league screwed us some more with the draft lottery, we end up with the top player in 2017 and a bonafide top 3 player and arguably the best d-man in 2018. I think that's the Hockey Gods sorting out Bettman and his cronies. Glad we weren't in a position where we had to choose between a clear cut highly ranked player vs petterson or Hughes. That's the pitfall of Detroit having to pick Zadina because they didnt want to be the team that passed on a potential 50 goal scorer. Lucky for us, that meant we got Hughes.
  7. I think the Ferland signing was great. The team plays bigger with him in the line up. Who knew he would have 2 concussions this season. A healthy Ferland makes this team better. It's more unfortunate than anything.
  8. I gotta say, aquaman took a lot of flack earlier into his ownership. I think it was based on his business practices outside of hockey (but even that's unsubstantiated) as i have no idea what he did or didn't do. There was also rumours that he maximized the team value and then was looking to sell the team. That was also coupled with sky high ticket prices that the average fan couldn't afford. Many years later (almost a full decade after the cup run) we can see that we are pretty lucky as fans to have such a passionate and supportive owner. I gotta say, i was wrong about him and he has been great. There may have been some moves or non moves by GMMG and JB that Aquaman forced but i think he's learned from that and are letting his GMs do their job now.
  9. I believe he has turned the corner. His play was a bit sloppy in the 2nd but he has played well this year when the team has needed him
  10. Im on the fence with Boeser. When the going gets tough, and the intensity / tight checking goes up in the playoffs, I'd rather have another Miller than Boeser. Its more so the drive and aggression he needs on both sides of the puck. Petey is small but he's a puck hound. Boeser to be successful needs a higher motor on his back checks. Hes like Virtanen without the size or speed on the defensice end. JV used to look lost in his end and has become much better. His size and speed helps. Boeser still looks lost at times. Goals are great but when the play intensifies and the scoring goes down, will he become a liability on the ice? If I was JB and Green, I would focus on that part of his game amd see he has what it takes before shelling out the dough.
  11. Yeah I've seen his name for numerous years so I thought hed be over the max age for world juniors. Didn't realize he did so much as an underager. Excited for him too. I think henscored the winning goal against canada last year?
  12. Utunen? I feel like this guy has been around for several years. That's a surprise. Don't know much about plasek
  13. Virtanen played well. I didn't realize he played so little. He replaced Brock on the top line with Elias and Miller on a few shifts and looked good. Had a great chance that he missed (didn't put the puck high enough) and missed a back hand by about a foot on another good chance) Green looks like he's giving him more opportunities and Jake hasn't done anything to ruin that trust. I'm very happy with his progression this year and today was in the same trajectory. Definitely not one of those one step back games
  14. Is it just Pods and Hogs repping canucks this year or do we have anyone else in the world juniors?