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  1. Well im a happy camper. GMMG out gmed. No reason for that last comment. Just felt like saying it because it's been a while
  2. Great comparison. Doesn't quite have the pedigree of naslund but both had a rough start to the nhl. Really hope Goldy pulls through. Such a likeable guy. I'm rooting for him.
  3. I would get one but I live in Cgy so I'd be worried my car would get keyed
  4. Especially with JP wanting a top 6 role. For what? What has he done outside of being drafted high that says he deserves top 6 minutes? Harder for a GM to trade for him now with those types of demands. If he said he wants a fresh start and will play whatever role to bring value to the team, i can understand a GM willing to take the risk. Not so much when he and his agent want a top 6 role when he couldn't even hack it on a team like the oilers
  5. Hogs and VP are still ways away. Ofcourse we want our own picks to turn out but wouldnt it be better to have more internal competition so that the best play rather than gifting new draft picks future roster spots? If JP out plays Hogs, I'd rather he take the roster spot.
  6. Maybe Im out of touch after seeing NBA free agency crazy but does Ferland's contract seem a bit low? I had expected him to sign for a lot higher? Did his stock drop for some reason or is this in line with what people were thinking?
  7. LOL the list goes on Burrows and the Auger issue Sami Salo pretty much spending the entire season on LTIR and making it back just in time for the cup run The main thing with Luongo's cap recapture is that Gillis was too smart for his own good and despite GMMG not being a part of this organization anymore,the league will not let him come out of this unscathed. Once this blows up, GMMG probably wont get the Seattle GM position or any other position in hockey.
  8. Yes it was clearly cap circumvention. The canucks exposed a loophole (like many other teams before them). The contract however was approved by the league. The league then changed the rules afterwards to punish those that circumvented the cap. An anology is that your kid wants to go out on a school night. He convinces you he'll be home by 9pm. You oblige. He comes home by 9 pm. The next day you say, there's a new house rule. in order to go out on a school night, you have to clean your room. He didn't clean his room before going out so he's grounded for a week. I get that cap circumvention occured. However to place a new rule AFTER the fact and then to backdate the rule and apply it sounds stupid. Here's another question then. How far should the league go back in retroactively penalizing any rule changes? Should the league go back and disqualify all of new jersey's Stanley cup because Brodeur played the puck outside of the trapezoid zone before they implemented the trapezoid? I mean the rule is in play now and clearly, brodeur played the puck out of the area and according to today's rule, he should have been assessed a 2 min penalty? How about icing? The whistle should have gone according to today's rule but we used to force players to race back and actually touch the puck. Im sure quite a few icings were negated which resulted in goals. Do we take those goals away, get in our DeLorean and run it back? Edit.. Lol someone used a bedtime reference.... So funny whay a coincidence
  9. Who knows, maybe Benn might have to retire in the final few years of his contract due to equipment allergy.
  10. Im still secretly hoping Goldy trains hard this summer and signs a one year one way deal. That is highly unlikely though....
  11. Welps, after watching Calgary Puck implode, I'd rather have small things Louie over James Neal. Watching their discussion / assassination of Neal is like deja vu. Year 1 of a lengthy contract. Time to grab some popcorn
  12. Trading the 2020 first is risky. I don't want to end up in the same situation as Ottawa. They had to sell at the deadline to get younger but that also meant tanking which only Colorado would have benefitted from...
  13. I'll jump in now making clucking chicken noises until Spook takes the bet. AND LOSES ALL HIS MONEY
  14. What if they ask for Quinn instead and they keep their number 1 pick to pick his bro? What would our asking price be? Would we do Quinn for Nico Hirschier and Sami Vatanen straight up? I would consider it... As a fellow Finn, Vatanen can mentor Juolevi and Hirschier might be better than Jack Hughes...
  15. NHL is such a bush league... Its unfortunate that i love hockey.