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  1. Is Jake Virtanen ready for the NHL?

    I would be concerned if WD was throwing out Jake every other shift and leaving a raw rookie exposed but he is sheltering him and putting him in controlled environments. That will be his key to success rather than sink or swim attitude that produced busts like Brule. 
  2. [PGT] Another 7-7-6

    I think we are already seeing this happen. Virtanen made a critical error with either the game tied or down by 1 by pretty much centring the puck to the opposition right in the slot. Normally he'd be stapled to the bench immediately but I saw Willie continuing to use him last night as he ended with 12+ minutes. He did miss some shifts but I don't know whether that was from getting hit by the puck. I think he also used him for the last or 2nd last shift when the game was out of reach and there was no pressure on Virtanen and that line had a good shift.  I think both he and management are starting to realize that the year will be best spent developing youth but maintaining a balance between staying competitive along with development. We don't want a losing culture and I think we are developing our players the right way. We are sheltering them in certain situations which is best for them at this point. 
  3. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    When the Canucks are top contenders again, I see Edler being a solid 2nd pairing D-man and the Sedins anchoring the 2nd line. 
  4. [PGT] Another 7-7-6

    Lol, you and I have had many battles regarding AV. What can I say, you were right and I was wrong. That being said, I've learned my lesson and have been less critical of WD. 
  5. [PGT] Another 7-7-6

    I was a HUGE AV critic and I can admit that I was wrong on many things. It wasn't that he didn't give young guys a chance. I was mad he didn't give Kassian a chance. But then again, who knew he was a coke head? I support his decision now.  AV didn't hold the vets accountable but neither does Willie. It made me realize that maybe micromanaging vets mistakes is a surefire way to destroy a team and perhaps that's why coaches don't do it openly. Maybe he does behind closed doors while watching game film.  I thought AV had lost the room but maybe the players just weren't capable of playing any better. They lost to LA despite being presidents champs and got swept by San jose. While we may realize now that the two teams are actually better than ours, at the time, it was a bitter pill to swallow and first option before dismantling the team is to try a new coach. That in hindsight was the wrong decision.  AV is one of the best coaches in the game and he was great with the canucks.i do wonder if he has what it takes to get NYR a cup but I wish him luck. 
  6. [PGT] Another 7-7-6

    Without any injuries, this team is a playoff team. Not a contender but still a team capable of making the playoffs and being bounced in the first round.  With injuries to Vrbata, Prust, Sbisa and Sutter, this team is at best a . 500 club. There just isn't enough depth to cover these missing parts. When you have a forward lineup that consists of Baerstchi playing his first full season in the (NHL), a 20 year old Sophomore (Horvat) and the likes of Virtanen, McCann, Grenier and a fringe NHLer like Cracknell (who could easily be replaced by another rookie (Gaunce),  that's just way too many holes.  On defence, we have a rookie logging huge minutes while our only physical D-man entered the season as our 4th best D-man (when he's realistically a 5D) is injured and as a result, our D coverage on spots 4-6 are absolute crap.    There's no need to be angry about anything right now. I'd rather we just get through the year and hope our young guys learn as much as possible while battling hard every game. With a healthy lineup, I'm more frightened that we will have a redo of last year's deadline where we sat on our hands and didn't unload Matthias, Richardson for some picks while still getting knocked out in the first by a crappy Calgary team.  I think with the injuries this year, it prevents management from any delusions about making aren't in the playoffs and forces their hands to be sellers at the deadline.   
  7. Yup.  I really liked his game tonight. He seems to be getting stronger on the puck. Maybe having strong gritty wingers is what he needed. 
  8. Who will be the next coach of the Vancouver Canucks

    If you guys are expecting contenders or expecting different results with a lineup of rookies, you are out to lunch.  WD has finally succumbed and is rolling the lines with rookies sprinkled throughout the lineup.  I'm finally ok with his coaching. 
  9. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I have to disagree with you. He did not outplay Gaunce and Gaunce should technically have his spot instead.  I think a really big factor that JB doesn't want to say is that while Jake has many tools in his tool belt, he is lacking one MAJOR one which could result in his career becoming a 3rd line grinder rather than a star which would seem like a Bust for such a high pick.  He either has poor hockey iq or has not been coached the right way as his on ice  decisions are very poor.  As a result, the first and common option is to send him back to junior to have him work on it. The problem is, the Hitmen does not give 2 craps about developing Jake so that he reaches his full potential. All they care about is winning games now and as a result, he was used in precarious ways last year where he was seeing limited ice time or playing in roles that did not help work on his deficiencies.  JB has identified that the situation will remain the same or even worse (as there will be even more scrutiny) on Virtanen if he disappoints again while playing Junior this year.  As a result, he has kept him up with the big club so that they can monitor his development closely and work with him as much as possible to reduce the chance that he busts. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the AHL next year if he doesn't make great gains this season as they can still control his development and the manner in which he is coached and deployed while playing in Utica under Green.  I realize that this does not seem "fair"  to players like Gaunce and Shink but I agree and support Benning for this decision. I don't really care about fairness. I want the canucks to win a cup. The chances of that happening will increase dramatically if Virtanen becomes a player who plays a pivotal role on the team rather than a 4th line grinder like an Oreskovich or Glass. This year and next year doesn't really matter as the canucks have no chance of winning the cup. I want this team to do everything they can to set themselves up for success in 3-5 years for a legitimate shot at the cup. This means developing Jake the right way in Vancouver and probably obtaining another high draft pick this year due to where we end in the standings along with additional draft picks we obtain by trading some vets at the deadline. 
  10. [PGT] VAN 2 TOR 4

    In the famous words of Todd Bertuzzi, "It is what it is". This team is missing who they had pencilled in as their 4th D-man who is also coincidentally the only one that is a physical threat (Sbisa). They entered the season with a pretty glaring weak defence.  They were missing Prust and Sutter who were 2 of their more dependable vet forwards.  They are rebuilding on the fly and are carrying a lot of young players on the team.  Most experts chose them to be terrible this season.  While amidst all that, we've had very good surprises in the play of Hutton and McCann.  Baerstchi is looking good. Horvat looks good for most of the game and shows that he is not quite there  yet but battling and improving. There's a lot of hope coming with Demko, Boesser, Shink, and Gaunce.  They are in every game and battling. That's all you can hope for.  I think things are working out nicely and going according to plan. We are not contenders so we should drop all expectations of dominating the previous doormats of the league like the Leafs going forward. No way will Benning sit still or buy at the deadline with this team. I expect we will sell and introduce even more youth into the lineup after the deadline.  This was always going to be our off year. The most we could hope for is to be in close games and having our youth develop by battling in every game and build up experience for next year.  I think the only concern is the play of Virtanen. For his speed and physical play, he doesn't know when to use it. He is normally the 2nd forechecker when the puck is dumped in. He should be taking a page out of Ferland and using his speed to launch himself into the defenders retrieving the puck but it always seems that another forward is beating him into the zone for the forecheck so Virtanen ends up staying high where he isn't very useful as he is neither in the right position to keep the puck in the zone by cutting it off at the halfwall  or intercepting an up ice pass. As a result, he is playing the role of a spectator. He would be much more useful if he used his speed to be the first man in and then use his physical play to lay the body.  I know he's just a raw rookie but I hope he has a lot more to show us as the season progresses. I feel like he's regressed during this road trip. If he had McCann's smarts and tenacity for the puck, he would be fantastic. I trust the organization to develop Jake the right way because what he does this year or even next year doesn't matter. However we need him to start making an impact in 3 years so I'm ok with him trying to figure things out this year despite costing us a couple of goals tonight.   
  11. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    He did but that's on WD. 
  12. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    If we are selling high, I wouldn't mind selling Rodin for a defence prospect. I think we could at least get someone similar to a clendenning or Corrado value. 
  13. For the "Lets Tank" Crowd

    I agree. Go the current course with mix of vets and youth and continue to work on drafting and development.  However, I do think wasted opportunities like letting Matthias and Richardson walk instead of making deadline deals is poor asset management. 
  14. As much as I like Demko, If it was for a future #1D Franchise D-man, yes I would. Teams have won the cup with aove average goaltending btu have always had a franchise #1 D-man. So for instance, I would trade Demko for Seth Jones in a heart beat and ride Markstrom to the cup.  
  15. We continually talk about selling at the deadline this year which got me thinking...Who do I absolutely want to see stay a Canuck post deadline? The only untouchables in the organization for me are Sedins, Burrows, Sutter, Horvat, McCann, Virtanen, Hutton, Tanev.  Sedins and Burrows stay because I want them to be Canucks for life from their very first to last game. Something about renting them out and trying to re-sign them later on cheapens their career as a Canuck for me. Sutter stays to help the transition to youth as he takes on the tougher match-ups during the transition. I also wanted to list the following prospects as untouchables but would only trade Baerstchi, Gaunce, Shinkaruk, Boeser, Cassels, Demko if it would be to obtain a young stud d-man (Ranges potential #1D-#4D depending on who is traded) Everyone else on this team is open season. Obviously I don't mean trade everyone else. I mean listen to offers and make trades if it improves the club. Just wondering what others thought regarding players deemed as keepers on this team?